Dressed as the Cannon Fodder Ex-Wife of the Regent Chapter 156 – Who is thinking about Gu Lin Chao

Wen Qi Qi was prepared for this. When she saw her hand was raised, she slightly tilted her head away, so she was only lightly caught by her fingertips.

She let her hit her on purpose.

Almost as soon as she was swept by her fingertips, she immediately covered her face, then took two steps back in panic, and shouted in surprise: “Liu Jieyu, it’s none of your business if I am in love with Wang Ye. Why do you have the right to hit me in anger?”

Wen Ruyi had not yet recovered from her anger, but when she heard what she said, her face turned white as paper and she looked behind her with wide eyes.

Just now, Wen Qi Qi had blocked her view, so she did not see Empress Dowager Guo coming from behind ……

As long as one is not stupid, if one thinks about what Wen Qi Qi said a little, one can easily understand what it means.

She was implying that she was thinking about Gu Lin Chao ……

As a matter of fact, Empress Dowager Guo already had a gloomy face and suddenly rushed over with a quick step. Without saying a word, she raised her hand and gave her a heavy slap.

“Shameless bitch!”

Wen Ruyi’s head was buzzing as she was hit, and she did not react for several seconds.

Wen Qi Qi, who was standing at the side, looked stunned.

She didn’t expect Empress Dowager Guo to be so forceful ah, this slap was really hard enough.

“The Regent’s character is high and pure. How can a shameless bitch like you think of him?” Empress Dowager Guo clenched her fingers and looked at Wen Ruyi. Wen Ruyi had turned her head away and blood was still flowing from the corner of her mouth, but her anger was still lingering.

Wen Qi Qi took a look at her thinking. Was she overreacting?

Moreover, her praise for Gu Lin Chao is very high ah.

Wen Ruyi didn’t bother to wipe the blood from the corner of her mouth, and with a pale face, she knelt down on the ground with a sob: “Your Majesty, don’t be angry. Please be understanding, Empress Dowager.”

Empress Dowager Guo said coldly, “Just now I saw with my own eyes that you were jealous of the Regent’s love and respect, so you were annoyed and tried to make a move on her.”

Hearing this, Wen Qi Qi lowered her hand to reveal the left side of her face with a finger mark, and then said in an aggrieved voice: “This Princess Consort was about to leave the Palace, but Liu Jieyu waited here and said some inexplicable words to me. Saying that wasn’t I a toad? A toad who wants to eat swan meat and that I will be divorced by Wang Ye sooner or later.

And that she is now staying by the Emperor’s side as a stopgap measure. When the time is ripe in the future, she will definitely be able to take my place ……”

She paused here and looked at Dowager Empress Guo with pity, ” Empress Dowager, what does she mean by that? What does she mean by taking my place? Who is she to beat me?”

Empress Dowager Guo gave her an annoyed look.

This person had a pretty face for nothing, but her brain was so stupid.

She couldn’t even understand her obvious purpose, how stupid!

She didn’t bother to pay attention to her, and her eyes were coldly staring at Wen Ruyi on the ground, “Liu Jieyu, thanks to the Emperor treating you so well, I didn’t expect you to harbor evil intentions. You are really shameless to think of a person you shouldn’t think of. Someone come, Liu Jieyu has violated the rules of the Palace and even dared to hurt the Regent Princess, arrest her and send her to the Cold Palace.”

Wen Ruyi was so shocked that she clung to her leg in panic, “Your Majesty, I have done nothing, you can’t send me to the Cold Palace ……”

Authors Note: 

? Gu Lin Chao: No one can replace you.

Wen Qi Qi replied with aggravation: But others say I am a toad? I want to eat swan meat.

Gu Lin Chao: This King is not swan meat, and you are naturally not a toad.


Author: Gu Lin Chao is really a good husband who loves his wife ~

Edited by EllieKit

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