Dressed as the Cannon Fodder Ex-Wife of the Regent Chapter 146 – I Always Thought She Was A Bit Suspicious

“Madam, don’t be nervous, our Princess just asked me to tell you that the Regent has made a cold prison recently, in which there are all kinds of tongue torture devices, but only there is no tongue to torture yet.” Lu Qiao said without much concern.

Hearing the words cold prison, Madam Chen seemed to be seeing a bloody torture chamber in front of her eyes, with all kinds of torture tools inside ……

She turned pale and her voice trembled, “Tongue, tongue torture?”

Lu Qiao nodded, “It is a special iron. After heating it red with fire, you then stick it into the mouth and yank out the tongue directly. That red-hot iron can yank out a person’s tongue in one go, and there should be no pain.”

Madam Chen’s feet went weak and she almost fell to the ground, “Why, why did Her Highness, the Regent Princess, set up such a punishment?”

“Because Her Highness hates people with broken mouths and long tongues. Although she has not yet mentioned the idea of adding tongue punishment to the Regent, the Regent has recently favored her. If she mentions it, she will definitely add this punishment to the list, and then, someone with a long tongue can be caught to test this punishment.” Lu Qiao said without blushing or taking a breath.

Madam Chen was so frightened that she almost fainted, “This idea of Her Highness, is really, really …… I still have things to do at home, I’ll go first.” Saying that, she took her legs and ran for her life, as if there was a ghost chasing behind her.

Seeing this, Lu Qiao smilingly turned around and went back.

After today’s scare, this Madam Chen will definitely not dare to gossip in front of the Old Madam again.

Not long after Madam Chen left, Wen Qi Qi also found an excuse and came out of Fu An Hall.

Old Madam Wen didn’t want to see her anymore, she wanted her to leave.

She took the initiative to mention it, which saved her the trouble from having to find an excuse to get rid of her.

But even though she had left, the depression in her heart was still there.

Wen Qi Qi, this brat, must have come back to piss her off.

She slapped her chest with irritation.

Later, after Wen Qi Qi, Xu Shi and Lu Ying Ying came out of Fu An Hall, they sat down in the garden pavilion to drink tea and talk.

Thinking of what had just happened at Fu An Hall, Xu Shi reached out and poked Wen Qi Qi’s head helplessly, “You girl, just now your grandmother’s face changed. If she really got angry ……”

Wen Qi Qi hugged her arm and said with a smile, “Grandma is in good health, she won’t be angry by my few words. She has to wait for Wen Ruyi to come back to pay her filial respects.”

Speaking of Wen Ruyi, Xu Shi’s face looked a bit bad.

After what happened to Qi Qi last time, she now disliked Wen Ruyi very much, and when she thought of this person, she felt a lump in her throat.

Although Wen Ruyi is only an adopted daughter, the Wen family has treated her well, and the Old Madam has always been partial to her, so she should know her blessings and appreciate them.

However, that young woman could come up with such a devious and vicious scheme. She always felt that Wen Ruyi was a bit evil.

Only the Old Madam still has expectations for her, full of hope that she can be filial to her in the future.

But she didn’t think about it. How could Wen Ruyi have a conscience if she had such a vicious mind towards them?

The Old Madam is really delusional.

Xu Shi sighed, “But I don’t know what kind of luck that girl has has. She has climbed up to the Emperor, and she was promoted from a Chang Zai to a Jie Yu at once. Her promotion speed is really fast. And it is rumored outside that the Emperor favors her, so it’s no wonder that your grandmother’s heart is excited again.”

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