Dressed as the Cannon Fodder Ex-Wife of the Regent Chapter 147 – The Heroine’s Aura Is Not A Joke

“It is true that there is some luck, but it is also inseparable from those means of a concubine.” Wen Qi Qi said indifferently. But she had to admit that Wen Ruyi was a person who was able to give in and take advantage of opportunities.

But she was too unscrupulous in order to achieve her goal.

She first saved Gu Heng outside the other village, and then was brought back to the Palace.

But unexpectedly, Gu Heng was provoked by her and gave her the cold shoulder, she still has the ability to turn around.

If you think about it, Wen Ruyi is indeed blessed with good fortune, that’s why things went so well.

However, Wen Ruyi is the heroine of the original book, the heroine’s halo is not a joke.

Therefore, her guard against Wen Ruyi in her heart had never dared to slacken.

“No matter what she did to gain favor, we won’t care, as long as she doesn’t turn around and bite us.” Xu Shi said.

Lu Ying Ying frowned, “Yes, but with Grandmother, I’m afraid she won’t give up her heart easily.” The Old Madam was so happy when she mentioned that Wen Ruyi had been made a Jie Yu, that she couldn’t even keep her mouth shut. It was only when Qi Qi splashed a pot of cold water on her, otherwise she wouldn’t have known how pleased she would be.

Seeing that Xu Shi and Lu Ying Ying had thought of the same thing as herself, Wen Qi Qi was a little relieved that they had such a sense of crisis.

After thinking about it, she took their hands and reminded them, “Although Wen Ruyi is favored now, she has only become a Jie Yu after all. She is very ambitious and will not stop here, but if she wants to go to a higher position, she will have to use external forces. “

The two are not stupid, once they heard her words, they understood what she meant, and their hearts were all aghast.

Now Wen Ruyi used memory loss as an excuse to clear the relationship with their house, but when the time comes and she wanted to use their family, she will certainly “remember” everything in due course.

When the time comes, she only has to come back and cry. The Old Madam will be soft-hearted and will ask the Duke and Shizi to give her a hand.

If Wen Ruyi’s heart was not right, and if the Wen House is involved with her, there is no telling what calamities will come in the future.

“Don’t worry, we will pay attention.” Xu Shi said.

Lu Ying Ying also nodded along, “We will keep an eye on Grandmother.”

Wen Qi Qi saw this, but her heart was still vaguely uneasy. It was mainly because of the unreliability of that boy, Wen Ting Xuan, that things had come to such a pass.

She was afraid that Xu Shi and Lu Ying Ying would not take it seriously and that an oversight would allow the Old Madam and Wen Ruyi to get involved again.

But she couldn’t say anything now.

After sitting for a while, and seeing that Wen Ting Xuan had not yet returned, Wen Qi Qi decided to go back to her residence first.

“Mother, you tell Second Brother to come to the Royal Residence tomorrow to look for me.”

“I don’t know what your Second Brother has been doing lately. He leaves early and returns late and I haven’t even seen him more than a few times. But when he comes back, I will talk to him.” Xu Shi said.

“Good, then I will go back first. Sister-in-law, don’t worry about those things, just let Mother take care of them.” When she thought of Lu Ying Ying’s pregnancy, she was afraid that she would think about it and affect the fetus in her belly, so when she left, she couldn’t help but admonish her.

“I know, you can rest assured.” Lu Ying Ying nodded her head gently.

Xu Shi looked at her daughter’s sensible appearance, and her heart was both relieved and amused, “You girl, now you are becoming more and more like an adult.”

“When did I not look like a grown-up?” Wen Qi Qi stuck her tongue out.

The love in Xu Shi’s eyes seemed to be overflowing, and she scolded with a smile, “Come on, let’s go.”

Wen Qi Qi did not delay any longer and got into the carriage.

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