Dressed as the Cannon Fodder Ex-Wife of the Regent Chapter 145 – Seems To Be Hiding Something Sharp

The more Old Madam Wen listened, the more ugly her face became. Her lips moved, as if she wanted to reprimand her for something, but she couldn’t say a word.

It was obvious that the meaning of this brat’s words was to say that Ruyi had forgotten her roots and was selfish, but her words did not directly say that Ruyi was that kind of person. She also said that she did not believe it either and acted as if she had a deep sisterly love.

For a time, Old Madam Wen’s face turned a pig’s liver color.

Today, after she learned from Madam Chen that Wen Ruyi was promoted to Jie Yu, she couldn’t say how happy she was. She was finally feeling like she could raise her head, because it proved that she was right about Ruyi, and that Ruyi was indeed a capable girl.

After all, in just a few days, she had been promoted from a Chang Zai to a Jie Yu, and if this trend continued, Ruyi would definitely be able to take a higher position in the future.

She had a vague hope in her heart.

If one day Ruyi sat in that position, then the world would definitely praise her for raising a good girl.

However, when the three women came over, she wanted to show off in front of them, but she didn’t think that she couldn’t, and her old face was still a bit hot as she became a joke.

Although Madam Chen often came to talk to her, she was still an outsider.

But Wen Qi Qi was talking about these things in front of outsiders, making her lose face, and she was even more annoyed with this stinky girl.

Madam Chen’s eyes flashed and she sat there a little awkwardly.

Just now, after hearing the news she brought, Old Madam Wen was so happy that she couldn’t keep her mouth shut, but now, because of a few words from Wen Qi Qi, she immediately wilted like a frosted eggplant.

This Wen Qi Qi, she had never heard it before, had such a sharp tongue.

She was about to take a look at her, but she was hit by her gaze.

That pair of eyes are really beautiful, but when they suddenly looked over like this, they seemed to be hiding something sharp.

Madam Chen seems to have been stabbed. Her ass seems to be on fire and she can’t sit down anymore.

She got up and said goodbye, “I’ve been harassing you for a long time today, so I’ll come back another day to talk to you.”

The Old Madam was in no mood to entertain her, so she nodded her head, “Fine.” After a pause, she gave the three of them a glance, and then sighed in a pretentious manner, “Only you don’t mind me as an old woman and are willing to talk with me.”

When she said this in front of Xu Shi and the others, Madam Chen was even more embarrassed and didn’t know how to answer the question.

Wen Qi Qi looked at Lu Xiao.

Lu Qiao understood and followed her out without making a sound.

When she left Madam Wen’s Fu An Hall, Madam Chen finally breathed a sigh of relief.

If she had known that Wen Qi Qi would return to the house today, she would not have picked today to come here.

The Old Madam, who is used to seeing the world, was so upset that she couldn’t say anything and could only sit there and sulk.

That girl, Wen Qi Qi, is really something.

She was secretly thinking, when suddenly there was a sound of footsteps behind her.

She turned around and saw a maid in a green dress walking over.

She recognized her. This maid was none other than the maid serving beside Wen Qi Qi.

“Madam Chen.” Lu Qiao smiled and walked forward.

Madam Chen froze, “Miss this is ……”

Lu Xiao smiled and said, “Actually, it’s nothing… I just came over to have a few words with Madam on the order of the Regent Princess of my family.”

Madam Chen listened in shock and the smile on her face almost couldn’t be held, “Then I don’t know what the Regent Princess has to say ……”

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