Dressed as the Cannon Fodder Ex-Wife of the Regent Chapter 60 – Unsmiling, Cool And Reserved

It didn’t take long for the subordinate to return, “Your Majesty, the Emperor has been found, and is in the manor.”

“Go knock on the door.” Gu Lin Chao commanded.

“Yes.” The subordinate acted as ordered and knocked on the door of the manor.

The manor.

The man had just laid down when he heard movement coming from outside the door.

Thinking that the assassin was undeterred and had tracked him here, he immediately sat up alertly.

The next moment, the door was pushed open.

Several guards, dressed in black and strong clothes, walked in.

“Your Majesty.” Several people knelt down on one knee.

The man froze and breathed a sigh of relief when he saw the emblem of the Regent’s Residence embroidered on their shirts.

So it was his Imperial Uncle’s men.

He didn’t expect them to find him so quickly.

“How did you find me?” The man opened his mouth and asked.

The man at the head of the group watched his face and turned to say, “The Regent himself came.”

“Imperial Uncle?” Gu Heng froze for a moment, and then, pursed his lips.

Almost as soon as his words left his mouth, Gu Lin Chao’s voice, sounded outside the door, “Since Your Majesty is fine, get up and go back to the palace.”

Gu Heng looked up, and saw his divinely powerful imperial uncle, draped in the darkness of the night, walking in, with his entourage behind him.

He was still unsmiling, cool and reserved.

It seems that no matter what time, his imperial uncle, is calm and unhurried, invincible. He has never seen his imperial uncle panic, but on the contrary, he the Emperor ……

He looked down at his own wretched appearance at this time, and the fist in his sleeve clenched.

He has both respect and fear for this imperial uncle in his heart, however the truth is that the two are only a few years apart.

He lowered his eyes and said guiltily, “It’s Gu Heng’s fault for making Imperial Uncle go out of his way to find me.”

Gu Lin Chao took a look at him, saw that he was not seriously hurt, and said in a light voice: “It’s good that you are fine, let’s go.”

“Okay.” Gu Heng got off the bed as he was told.

Immediately, some guards came up with clean robes and served him to change his clothes.

Wen Ruyi, who had not yet rested, naturally heard the commotion here.

When she ran out of the house, she saw in the courtyard that the fire was blazing.

The housekeeper and a group of servants of the manor were all hanging their heads to one side.

She froze, and soon saw Gu Heng walking out behind a man, with many guards clustered behind him.

Seeing him leaving, Wen Ruyi’s heart sank, and she took two steps forward, calling softly, “Gongzi ……”

She seemed to want to say something, but soon, two stout women came behind her and tugged her arm tightly.

Wen Ruyi struggled, but could not break free. Her face was ashen and she hung her head.

Although the movement is very small, but Gu Heng has long been paying attention to this side, naturally saw.

Looking at Wen Ruyi, who seemed to have given up struggling and looked resigned to her fate, he pursed his lips and swept his gaze at the guards around him.

The guards understood and went forward to push the women away and rebuked: “How can you be reckless in front of the Emperor?”

When the two women heard this, they were so scared that they knelt down on the spot.

When Wen Ruyi saw this, she felt a slight pleasure in her heart.

During this period of time in the village, she had had enough of their poor treatment. Now when she saw them crouching on the ground like dogs, she could not mention how happy she was.

As a matter of fact, power is the best thing to use.

As she thought that, she was even more reluctant to give up the opportunity at hand.

She raised her head, with tearful eyes, and looked at Gu Heng with misery.

Under the firelight, in a plain dress, she looked so slender and fragile. There was a vague hope in her eyes, which made Gu Heng’s heart move and gave rise to pity.

“This girl saved me, I should repay her, and let her go back to the palace with me.”

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