Dressed as the Cannon Fodder Ex-Wife of the Regent Chapter 61 – I Fell In Love Many Years Ago

Gu Lin Chao, who was walking in front, heard the sound and looked back.

Wen Ruyi was startled and hastily lowered her head, her heart set off in shock.

How come Gu Lin Chao is here?

When she thought of what Gu Lin Chao had done at the Wen Mansion, she was busy lowering her head a few more points.

She must not be seen by Gu Lin Chao, otherwise her goal of leaving this village will be a failure.

As she thought about it, she timidly hid behind Gu Heng, as if she was afraid of the situation in front of her.

Gu Heng saw her like this, and thinking of her situation, he felt pity in his heart and turned his head to Gu Lin Chao and explained, “Imperial Uncle, this girl saved me, and I want to take her back to the palace.”

Gu Lin Chao saw a woman standing behind him, as if she was afraid of life, so he did not take more than a glance, before quickly averting his gaze.

“Since she saved the Emperor, the Emperor can take care of it himself.”

“Thank you, Imperial Uncle.” Gu Heng said respectfully.

Gu Lin Chao did not say anything more and took the lead in walking towards the outside of the manor.

When Wen Ruyi saw this, her heart heaved a sigh of relief.

Fortunately, Gu Lin Chao did not notice her.

She was happy and a little lost in her heart.

She was fond of Gu Lin Chao, and she had fallen in love with him many years ago.

But she didn’t expect that Gu Lin Chao would marry that fool Wen Qi Qi.

How could she stand by and watch Wen Qi Qi sit on the throne of the Regent Consort and enjoy supreme glory?

So she kept smearing Gu Lin Chao in front of Wen Qi Qi.

That fool Wen Qi Qi is not only self-absorbed and beautiful, but also likes good-looking people.

When she learned that Gu Lin Chao was ugly, tyrannical and cruel, how could she stand it?

She was easily urged by her to elope with Xue Zi Yu.

But to her surprise, she had arranged everything properly, but something went wrong at the last moment.

Wen Qi Qi removed herself cleanly, but she herself was caught in the quagmire and ended up in the current situation.

But fortunately, God treated her well and let her meet Gu Heng and save him.

She finally looked at the man walking in the forefront again, and swore in her heart that since Wen Qi Qi had harmed her, she would not let her get away with it either.

The servants in the village did not dare to take a breath.

They had never seen such a big man before, and they were already scared to death.

The Emperor wanted to take away Wen Ruyi, they naturally did not dare to stop him.

The group soon left the manor.

When they crossed the threshold of the manor, the light was too dim and Wen Ruyi didn’t notice the road and accidentally tripped.

She cried out in panic and grabbed the hand of the person in front of her.

The woman’s hand was soft and warm, and when it suddenly held him, Gu Heng froze and looked sideways.

“Sorry ……” Wen Ruyi said in a panic as she held his arm to stand firm.

“No harm.” Gu Heng said lightly, thought for a moment, and then asked, “You’re not hurt, are you?”

“No.” Wen Ruyi shook her head, timidly, and somewhat apologetically.

“You saved me, no need to be so formal.” Gu Heng saw this and said in a warm voice.

“Okay.” Wen Ruyi hung her head down, her face properly showing shyness.

Gu Heng looked at her with a deeper gaze.

Si Yi led a large jujube red horse over, “Your Imperial Majesty, please get on the horse.”

“Good.” Gu Heng nodded his head, and with the help of the guards, got on the horse. He turned around and saw Wen Ruyi standing there with her head hanging alone, and without thinking, he extended his hand towards her, “Come up, I’ll take you.”

Wen Ruyi seemed to hesitate, but finally bit her lip and timidly handed her hand over.

Gu Heng held her hand and pulled her onto the back of the horse. Seeing that she was thinly dressed, he pulled the cloak from his body and wrapped it around her.

Translators Note: 🤢 disgusted by the Emperor and Wen Ruyi

Edited by EllieKit

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