Dressed as the Cannon Fodder Ex-Wife of the Regent Chapter 59 – More Anxious And Worried Than Anyone Else

He was ambushed by assassins. In order to cover his escape, the small eunuch beside him was killed by the assassins. And although he managed to escape from the circle of assassins, his shoulder was stabbed. If the assassins’ swords were off by a little, his life would be ……

Thinking about this, he has some regrets.

Today he should not have been capricious and snuck out of the palace.

He thought it was no big deal, but he was ambushed by assassins.

He pursed his lips, touched the wound at his shoulder and found that it had been treated and bandaged.

Looking at the neatly bandaged wound, he wrinkled his brows, “Did you bandage it for me?”

Wen Ruyi turned to the side and nodded, “Mm. You quickly drink the medicine while it’s hot. Then in the morning, hurry up and leave this place, I can’t stay much longer, I have to go first.” Wen Ruyi said, then left.

The man saw this, and quickly called her, “Miss saved my life, I should repay you. I wonder what your name is?”

Wen Ruyi did not turn around and said indifferently, “You don’t need to know my name, I’m just a person who lost my freedom.” After saying that, she walked out.

The man was not stupid, and immediately understood her situation from her words.

It turned out that she was trapped here, lost her freedom, and could not go anywhere.

She had just urged him to leave in the morning, as if there was some kind of trouble with her.

But even so, she lent him a helping hand and saved him.

The man touched the bandaged wound on his shoulder, and his thick black eyebrows were tightly furrowed.

After Wen Ruyi returned to her room, she did not rest immediately.

She sat by the window, thinking about what happened today, and the man next door. The corners of her mouth curled up in a smile that she couldn’t hide.

The sky is the limit, she met him.

The man did not know her, but she had the pleasure of seeing his face.

That’s why at that time in the grass, when he pulled her skirt and asked her to save him, she did not even think about it and agreed.

She saved him, is his life saver, so there is no more useful shield than this.

When Wen Ruyi was thinking about how to use this favor to achieve her purpose, outside the village, a group of unexpected guests came.

They were well-trained and skilled, with torches lit and were searching for something in the grass.

In a short time, two horses came in the distance.

The first one, it is Gu Lin Chao.

The cold moonlight, sprinkled on his body, seems to have dropped a layer of frost and snow, bringing a bone-chilling coldness.

After arriving outside the village, he stopped his horse.

Si Yi followed him, frowned and said: “We tracked him all the way to here, but there is no clue. If we can’t find……”

Gu Lin Chao’s expression was clear and cold, and the words that came out were cool, “If a few assassins can harm him, then it means that he deserves it.”

Si Yi heard the words and closed his mouth.

The master said this kind of cold and heartless thing, but in fact, his heart is more anxious and worried than anyone else, otherwise he would not personally come to look.

A few moments later, a subordinate found something and quickly came forward to report, “Your Majesty, blood was found over there, but it disappeared by the gate of the manor.” Saying that, the man also pointed to the manor behind him.

Gu Lin Chao smiled, gaze to the not far from the manor, asked: “Which family owns this manor?”

“The subordinate has heard that this manor belongs to the DingGuo Gongfu.” The subordinate replied.

Gu Lin Chao was stunned, and said in a deep voice: “Since the bloodstain disappeared when it reached the gate of the manor, it is very likely that the person was saved by the people inside. Pass on this King’s order to enter the manor and search. But do not disturb the people inside, and do not destroy their things at will.”

“Yes.” The subordinate clasped his fist, bowed, and ordered a few people. He then bounded into the manor.

Si Yi looked at his master in surprise.

The master’s attitude was obviously a bit different after hearing that the estate belonged to the Wen family.

Although in the past when the army was out, the master also had such an order not to disturb the people, not to destroy the people’s things, not to take a single stitch from the people. But this time, he always felt that the master treated the Wen family somewhat differently. This was probably because of Wang Fei, right?

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