Dressed as the Cannon Fodder Ex-Wife of the Regent Chapter 58 – Don’t You Think This Is Too Casual?

Wen Ruyi thought that since she wanted to escape, now was an opportunity.

If she couldn’t escape this time, she wouldn’t have a chance next time.

Therefore, she ran forward with all her might.

Unfortunately, the grass was too high, her vision was obstructed, and she was running too fast, so she accidentally caught her foot on something and fell heavily to the ground.


She struggled to get up and continue running, but was startled when she saw clearly that it was a person who had tripped over her.

She moved back in a panic, and her eyes inadvertently fell on the person’s face. The next moment, the whole person shook hard, how could it be him?

“Save, save me……” The man suddenly opened his eyes and tugged at her skirt.

When Wen Ruyi saw this, she hurriedly showed a kind smile, “Don’t worry, I will save you.”

The man fixedly looked at her, and finally, closed his eyes and completely fainted.

Wen Ruyi looked at the man, and the corners of her mouth curled up in a smile.

The sky has no limits, she has met such a noble man.

At this time, the granny panted and caught up with her, and stretched out her sturdy arm, and dragged her up.

“If Third Miss runs away like this again, don’t blame this old lady for being rude.” The granny was annoyed.

“Mama Chen, I didn’t want to run, I just came out to get some air.” Wen Ruyi immediately lowered her posture and begged in a soft voice.

When Granny Chen saw her lower her posture so much, she was quite flattered in her heart.

“Then Third Miss has already gotten some air, can you go back now?”

“ Granny Chen, there is a person here. He seems to be injured, since we bumped into him, let’s do a good deed and bring him back to the village.” Wen Ruyi pointed to the injured man in the grass and shook Granny Chen’s arm, softly pleading.

Granny Chen followed her gaze and only then did she see that there was a man lying in the grass. When she first saw it, she was shocked and thought it was a dead man, but when she heard that he was only wounded, she put her mind at ease.

She was impatient about finding these troubles.

But at the same time she is also a person with eyesight. Looking at the rich fabric on the man, it is clear that this person’s identity is extraordinary.

If she saves the man now, when he wakes up, he may thank her heavily?

As she was thinking this, she heard Wen Ruyi say, “This man seems to be of extraordinary status, how could he have fallen here?”

At these words, Granny Chen had no more scruples and boldly went forward to check the man’s nostrils to make sure he was still breathing, then she said, “Third Miss is kind-hearted, so let’s take him back, it’s also a kindness.”

“Granny is right.” Wen Ruyi’s gaze flashed, and together with Granny Chen, they helped the man up and brought him back to the manor.

When the man woke up again, it was already dark.

He woke up with a start, his bare forehead covered with sweat.

He looked around at the unfamiliar surroundings and sat up alertly.

“You’re awake?” At this time, Wen Ruyi walked in with a medicine bowl.

The man looked sideways, only to see a young girl in a white dress, gracefully walking over under the lamp light.

“You’re sweating a lot.” As if she didn’t see him staring at her, Wen Ruyi put the medicine bowl on the low table beside the bed, then took out a handkerchief from her sleeve, and leaned over to wipe his sweat.

The man was stunned and turned his head away.

Wen Ruyi explained, “I just want to help you wipe your sweat.”

The man gave her a cold look, “Don’t you think it’s too casual to wipe the sweat of a man you’ve never met?”

Wen Ruyi hesitated, and her heart grew annoyed, but on the surface she said, “Usually I can’t see outside men.” Saying that, she handed him the medicine bowl, “This is the wound medicine I boiled for you. Drink it quickly, maybe the wound can heal faster.”

Only then did the man remember something and looked down to examine the wound.

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