Dressed as the Cannon Fodder Ex-Wife of the Regent Chapter 57 – The Conflict In Wen Qi Qi’s Heart

But such a person with good character, face and ability did not end up well.

Thinking about the original book and Gu Lin Chao’s downfall, Wen Qi Qi sighed.

Should she warn him?

Or should she distance herself from him, or ask him to divorce her?

Wen Qi Qi touched the jade bracelet given by the Grand Empress Dowager on her wrist, and felt a little conflicted in her heart.

In the study.

On Gu Lin Chao’s bookcase, there were two stacks of volumes.

On one side was the political affairs of the court, and on the other side was the military affairs.

After he finished dealing with the government affairs of the court, he was ready to deal with the military affairs.


At this time, Si Yi walked in with hurried steps.

“What is it?” Gu Ling Chao was reading furiously, and he did not raise his head.

“News came from the palace, the Emperor left the palace today behind everyone’s back, and now no one knows where he is, nor has he returned to the Palace. Moreover, he only has a junior Duzi with him. Seeing that it is getting dark, the Empress Dowager is extremely worried and has sent someone out of the Palace to ask for your help in finding him.” Si Yi replied.

Gu Lin Chao smiled, raised his head, reached out and rubbed his brow, “He is no longer a child, why is he still so inconsiderate?”

Si Yi hung his head, not daring to answer.

Gu Lin Chao threw down his brush, “Pass on this King’s order, let the Iron Armor Guards search the whole city. Remember, do not let the news slip.”

“I’ll go now.” Si Yi immediately left.

Gu Lin Chao thought about it, stood up, took his cloak, and went outside.

“Master is going to find the Emperor personally?” Wang Hou De hurriedly followed and asked in a low voice.

“This King will go and see.” Gu Lin Chao said in a low voice, and walked away quickly.


In a manor on the outskirts of the capital.

The last few days for Wen Ruyi had felt like day were the length of years and were unusually torturous.

Since she was sent to this village, she was surrounded by people who watched her and she was kept under guard.

They were spying on her under the pretext of taking care of her.

Wherever she went, someone was always following her, watching her every move.

She couldn’t go anywhere, let alone leave the village and go back to the capital.

She was going crazy, but she couldn’t reveal that she didn’t have memory loss.

The torment of a few days made her whole body thin and haggard, and she was no longer as bright and shiny as she used to be in the Wen Mansion.

Now she is like a prisoner, isolated from the outside world, without a bit of freedom.

But she was not willing to be trapped here like this.

She had to find a way to get out of here.

As long as she left here and met the Old Lady, and let her see her miserable state, she would surely be inconsolable and help her.

But only if she could get out of here.

Thinking about things, without realizing it, she walked to the back door of the manor.

The back door opened to a barren meadow, the grass grew as tall as a man, and a little further away, there was a pond in which the farmer kept a lot of fish. Next to it was a path leading down the hill.

As long as she could go down that path, she could return to the capital.

“Third Miss, you are not well. It’s windy outside, so don’t catch a cold, it’s better to go back.”

Just when Wen Ruyi’s hand was about to touch the door bolt, the granny who was following behind her, suddenly spoke out.

Wen Ruyi looked back at her and said timidly, “I’m a little bored …….”

The woman saw this, and said with some contempt, “Third Young Lady is really valuable, all day long, you’re served with good food and drink, but you still think you’re bored.”

Wen Ruyi took advantage of the time she was talking, and her hand had already pulled open the door bolt.

“I’ll just go out to get some air, I’ll be back soon.” She said quickly, pulling open the door with force and running out.

The granny’s face changed and she hurriedly chased after her.

Translators Note: What a stupid Emperor

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