Dressed as the Cannon Fodder Ex-Wife of the Regent Chapter 56 – Gu Lin Chao’s Heart Surged With A Strange Feeling

Wen Qi Qi breathed a sigh of relief and her face lit up with a smile as she said from the bottom of her heart, “You are so kind, Your Majesty…… hiccup!”

She touched the corner of her forehead with remorse and smiled at him with embarrassment.

Gu Lin Chao was stunned to see her brightly looking at himself. Her beautiful peach blossom eyes seemed to be filled with spring water. It felt like he was going to drown in it if he looked at it for one more moment. His eyes narrowed and he coughed a little uncomfortably, got up and said, “This King is going to the study.”

“Take your time, Your Highness……. hiccup.” Wen Qi Qi immediately got up to see him off.

Gu Lin Chao turned around and saw her following him to the door, and a peculiar feeling leapt through his heart.

He pursed his lips, did not say anything, and left on his own.

Once he left, Wen Qi Qi did not stay much longer. She hiccuped and went back to her own Shen Xiang Courtyard.

She hurriedly poured herself a glass of water and drank it.

The hiccups finally stopped.

She sat down as if she was a bit deflated.

When Lu Qiao saw her return, she immediately said, “Miss wait a moment, this servant will go and bring out the hot and sour fish.”

“No, no, I can’t eat now.” Wen Qi Qi hurriedly stopped her.

Lu Qiao was surprised, “Didn’t Miss want to eat the hot and sour fish?”

“I wanted to eat it, but now I don’t want to.” Wen Qi Qi said, thinking of what Gu Lin Chao said, she couldn’t help but explain, “Don’t pour it out, save it for tonight.”

Lu Qiao understood now and said with surprise, “It’s the Regent who kept you together for lunch?”

“That is technically……correct.” Wen Qi Qi was a little confused as to what medicine Gu Lin Chao was selling in his gourd.

Because the subordinate he sent over to deliver the message said that she was told to go over and serve.

But when she arrived at the West Garden, Gu Lin Chao actually did not ask her to serve. Instead, she was the one who self-righteously wanted to tease him and gave him a bowl full of dishes, but ended up eating them all into her stomach.

Lu Qiao was now a bit confused, “Then did Miss eat or not eat ah?”

“Yes, I ate all of it.” Wen Qi Qi touched her round stomach in distress. She stood up and went to the wall and stood against it.

“Miss this is ……” Lu Qiao was puzzled.

“I’ve eaten so much that I’m digesting.” Wen Qi Qi said.

Thinking of something, she added, “Lu Qiao, what kind of person do you think His Majesty is?”

“The Regent? He was able to rule the country in peace and protect the country in war. When he was young, he was able to lead the army on the battlefield and was the God of War of our Great Daye Empire. The reason why the people of Daye Empire can live and work in peace and happiness is because of the Regent. The Emperor ascended the throne when he was young, and thanks to the Regent’s support, we have a stable situation today.”

She nodded her head and asked, “Is there more?”

Lu Qiao was stunned, “What more?”

Wen Qi Qi paused, “Forget it, it’s okay, you go get to work.”

“Oh.” Lu Qiao did not know what to do, so she retreated.

Wen Qi Qi stood against the wall for a while. She didn’t feel so full anymore, so she went to the window.

On the windowsill were the peach flower petals she had picked from Jing Ci Palace last time.

It had been drying for two days, and the petals were already curled up and slightly yellowed, so after a few more days of drying, they would probably be ready for use.

She propped her hand on the windowsill and her thoughts drifted away.

What kind of person is Gu Lin Chao?

Although he holds a lot of power, he is not an unreasonable person.

Today in the West Garden, she thought that he would not easily spare her.

She didn’t expect that although he looked cold and unsympathetic, he wasn’t that bad to talk to.

Moreover, he is concerned about the people outside who do not have enough to eat, and he said he hates wasting food.

When she thought about it, his character is actually very good, but he is too cold. Coupled with the power in his hands, that’s why he makes people fearful and reluctant.

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