Dressed as the Cannon Fodder Ex-Wife of the Regent Chapter 52 – He is the one who should be nourishing blood and qi, right?

The next day.

Mama Zeng came early in the morning.

She went directly to the West Garden.

Gu Lin Chao didn’t sleep much last night and was only up now.

Wang Hou De went in to wait for him to wash and dress.

Only after he was dressed did the sound of Si Yi’s report come from outside the door.

“Master, Mama Zeng is here.”

Gu Lin Chao heard this and his forehead veins throbbed.

What was Mama Zeng doing here again?

“What is the matter?”

“Your Majesty, this old slave has come to collect the Handkerchief by the order of the Grand Empress Dowager.” Mama Zeng said respectfully at the door. She paused, and then asked, “Is Her Highness up yet? This old slave has not disturbed Her Highness’s sleep, has she?”

Even through the door of the house, Gu Lin Chao could hear the smile in Mama Zeng’s voice.


“Handkerchief?” He inquired to Wang Hou De.

Wang Hou De hurriedly whispered an explanation.

After saying that, he didn’t dare to raise his head.

Last night, the Princess did not stay in the West Garden, where would the handkerchief come from?

Gu Lin Chao understood and a layer of gloom covered his brows and eyes. He said to Wang Hou De: “Go to the bed.”

Wang Hou De looked at him blankly for a long time before he reacted and hurriedly went to fetch a white cloth and spread it on the bed.

As soon as he turned around, his master handed over a sharp dagger.

Wang Hou De was shocked, “Master, Master wants to give death to the servant?”

“Stretch out your hand!” Gu Lin Chao ordered.

Wang Hou De tremblingly stretched out his hand.


There was a flash of blade light, and in the next moment, a thin slice was cut in his index finger, and crimson blood flowed out.

“Drip onto the handkerchief.” Gu Lin Chao ordered again.

Wang Hou De looked at the blood on his finger. He was somewhat dizzy and his brain was already muddled, so he could only obediently do as he was told.

Mama Zeng waited outside the door for a moment, but did not see Gu Lin Chao come out, and was just about to go up to inquire, when she saw the door of the house opened in front of her eyes.

Wang Hou De came out with a miserable white face and shoved a white handkerchief into her hand.

“The handkerchief you asked for.”

Mama Zeng had wondered why he looked so pale, but in the next moment she was distracted by the Yuanpa.

She hurriedly unfolded it and looked at it. When she saw the plum red on it, she was satisfied and said with a smile, “Your Majesty worked hard last night, remember to ask the kitchen to stew more soup for Her Highness to nourish her qi and blood, I have to go back to the Palace to turn it in first.”

Wang Hou De said in his heart: the person who should nourish the blood is him, right?

“Understood, Mama Zeng take care.” He was polite and courteous.

Mama Zeng went away happily.

A few minutes later, Gu Lin Chao came out, wearing a purple court attire. He was prepared to go to court, and his face was still cool, as if nothing had just happened.

Wang Hou De wanted to say something but stopped.

He wanted to say, why should His Majesty be so troubled. Just go straight to consummate the wedding with the Princess.

But these words, he only dared to think in his heart, and did not dare to say out.

Mama Zeng took the handkerchief and went straight back to the palace.

The Grand Empress Dowager was already up and when she saw her return, she asked urgently, “How is it, did you get it?”

“I got it, I got it.” Mama Zeng smiled and nodded her head, and busily took out the handkerchief and gave it to her for inspection.

The Grand Empress Dowager took it and looked at it, smiling from ear to ear, “Good, good, at last I have been released from my worries.”

“If things go on like this, I’m certain you will soon be able to hold another grandchild.” Mama Zeng laughed.

The Grand Empress Dowager’s face was full of smiles and longing, “Actually, I like both grandsons and granddaughters. If it’s a boy, it will be like Chao’er, if it’s a girl, it will be like Qi Qi. They are both good children, and it’s good for the children to be like either of them.”

Ellie Note: If the Author dares do anything to put this sweet old lady at risk, hands WILL be thrown.

Edited by EllieKit

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