Dressed as the Cannon Fodder Ex-Wife of the Regent Chapter 51 – Gu Lin Chao’s Nosebleed

The green and flourishing branches covered him, setting off his side profile to perfection. His black hair was like ink, draped over his shoulders, making it less severe, and more elegant.

Such a beauty, people can’t help but stop and want to look at it a few more times.

But right now, it was not a good time to appreciate it.

Wen Qi Qi only blinked, then recovered her senses and moved over step by step.

Only when she got close did she see clearly that Gu Lin Chao was wiping his bloody nose.

The red blood leaked out from between his fingers, which was very shocking to the eyes.

“Your Majesty?” She looked at him in surprise.

Gu Lin Chao’s head turned sideways to meet her wide-eyed peach blossom eyes. A trace of distress flashed across his handsome face, his eyebrows knitted, and he did not say a word. He turned around and walked towards the hot spring pool.

Wen Qi Qi froze for half a quarter of an hour before she came back to her senses.

Oh my God, Gu Lin Chao had a nosebleed.

Of course she would not be so narcissistic as to think that Gu Lin Chao had a nosebleed because he saw her.

It must be that tonic soup, right?

The Grand Empress Dowager thought that Gu Lin Chao was not able to do it, so she ordered the Imperial Physician to prepare herbs and have them boiled to make a tonic soup then had it sent to the Royal Residence for Gu Lin Chao to drink?

It’s not like it’s some kind of all-in-one tonic soup, right?

If this is really the case, then Gu Lin Chao, an already vigorous man, will he be able to withstand it?

When she thought of the Grand Empress Dowager’s purpose, she shivered.

Fortunately, Gu Lin Chao is not a messy person, otherwise she would have been in trouble tonight.

She didn’t dare to stay any longer and left the place in a hurry.

After Wen Qi Qi left, Mama Zeng led people into the hot spring pool.

But in the large hot spring pool, the person who was supposed to be bathing in it had become Gu Lin Chao.

Mama Zeng was surprised, “When did His Majesty come here, where is Princess Consort?”

Gu Lin Chao leaned against the pool wall and had not undone his robe. He was using his energy to suppress the agitation in his body, while taking time to say, “The grand Empress Dowager’s intention, this King understands, Mama Zeng take the people back to the Palace.”

Mama Zeng was now in a difficult position.

She was ordered to go out of the Palace today and had to wait for the Regent and the Princess to complete their marriage before she could return.

But His Majesty had always been a man of his word, and she didn’t have the guts to disobey him.

After thinking about it, she compromised and said, “Your Majesty, the Grand Empress Dowager’s intention is to let you and the Princess consummate your marriage as soon as possible.”

“This King knows, you go back and report back to the Grand Empress Dowager, this King will not disappoint her intentions.”

Mama Zeng smiled and looked relieved, “Then this old slave will go back to the Palace first.”

Once Mama Zeng had left with the others, Gu Lin Chao took off his robe.

In the dense fog, the man’s figure was long and straight. With distinct lines and well-proportioned and firm muscles, every part is just right, as if he was the creator’s favored.

However, at this moment, Gu Lin Chao did not feel good, his smooth forehead was covered with a thin layer of sweat.

It took a long time to suppress the restlessness in the body.

At the same time, Shen Xiang courtyard.

Wen Qi Qi went back to her courtyard and drank a large cup of herbal tea.

However, when she lay down on the couch to sleep, she started to get hot all over, and her mind was filled with the scene she saw outside the hot spring pool just now.

The man’s handsome side profile and upright figure kept tantalizing her nerves ……

She tossed and turned and couldn’t sleep.

It must be caused by that tonic soup.

Although the tonic soup is mainly for men, but when women drink it, it will also have an effect. Not to mention, she also drank two bowls down.

She regretted it, she should have known better than to drink that soup.

She got up and washed her face with cold water, opened the window and blew the cold breeze for a while, before the heat in her body dispersed.

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