Dressed as the Cannon Fodder Ex-Wife of the Regent Chapter 50 – Gu Lin Chao Had A Hint Of Fire

Mama Zeng said, “How can we let Your Highness do it on your own? These maids were specially sent by the Grand Empress Dowager to serve you.”

Seeing that she couldn’t talk to them, and not wanting to be surrounded by so many of them, Wen Qi Qi had to turn around and jump into the pool.

“Flop!” The water splashed everywhere.

Mama Zeng and the others were dumbfounded.

Wen Qi Qi swam directly to the middle of the pool, untied her dress and threw it to the shore while saying, “Mama Zeng, please ask Lu Qiao to send me clean robes and dresses for me.”

When Mama Zeng came back to her senses, she saw that things had come to this point and had to give up.

“Your Highness, don’t worry. This servant has already prepared the clothes for you and put them on the small table nearby. Later, when you have finished washing, you can wear them directly.”

“Many thanks, Mama.” Wen Qi Qi saw that on the low table not far away, there were indeed dresses and robes folded, so she said thank you.

“Then this servant will take them to leave first.” Mama Zeng said.

“Good.” Wen Qi Qi could not wait for them to leave and nodded her head.

Soon, Mama Zeng led the people to exit.

In the large hot spring pool, only Wen Qi Qi was left alone.

After relaxing and soaking in the warm water, it was still quite comfortable.

After swimming around in the pool, Wen Qi Qi sat down against the wall of the pool.

But she didn’t relax for long before she remembered the purpose of the Grand Empress Dowager and her whole body immediately felt bad.

Mama Zeng was not wait outside, planning to send her to Gu Lin Chao’s courtyard after she finished washing, right?

How could this be?

Her face changed and she immediately stood up and climbed up the pool bank in a flash.

She had to get out of here immediately.

Just now, in order to dissuade Mama Zeng, she threw her clothes on the shore.

At this moment, she is wearing her inner blouse and pants.

After being wet by the water, it stuck tightly to the body.

The good thing is that on the long table on the shore, there were clothes.

She quickly walked over and just when she was about to approach the bench, a tall figure, from behind the fake mountain in front of her, came out.

When their eyes met, both of them froze.

In reaction, Wen Qi Qi screamed. Her arms shielded in front of her body, and said angrily, “Why are you here?”

Gu Lin Chao froze. His gaze moved away from her smooth white arms and he quickly turned around, his voice was a little dark, “This is something that this King should be asking you.”

Only then did Wen Qi Qi remember that this hot spring pool was exclusively for Gu Lin Chao, and no one else was allowed to use it.

“It’s, it’s Mama Zeng who brought me here, I didn’t want to come.”” Wen Qi Qi said in exasperation.

Gu Lin Chao pulled down his collar. The girl’s smooth and delicate skin flashed in his mind inappropriately, and he said with some impatience, “Then put on your clothes and hurry up and leave here.”

Wen Qi Qi heard a hint of fire from his words, and was immediately also a little upset, “I would like to leave, but how can I change my clothes when His Majesty is stiffly standing here?”

Gu Lin Chao was stunned, his phoenix eyes narrowed and he walked towards the false mountain.

Seeing this, Wen Qi Qi didn’t care about the wet clothes on her body. She hurriedly picked up the dress from the long table and quickly put it on her body.

After putting on the dress, she looked in the direction of the exit. At this time, Mama Zeng and others were still guarding there, so if she went out from here, she would never be able to get away.

Thinking, she walked towards the direction Gu Lin Chao had just taken.

Sure enough, behind the false mountain was vacant, and there was a path leading outside.

When she walked out along the path, she saw Gu Lin Chao leaning on the vine covered rockery.

Translators Note: A lil bit spicy🥵

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