Dressed as the Cannon Fodder Ex-Wife of the Regent Chapter 49 – Can’t Wait To Consummate The Marriage With Him

“Mama Zeng, what kind of soup is this, it’s quite delicious.” Wen Qi Qi smacked her lips, somewhat satisfied with the taste.

Mama Zeng grinned from ear to ear, “If you think it’s good, you might as well have another bowl. I will help serve you another bowl.” With that, she took the empty bowl away from Wen Qi Qi’s hand.

Wen Qi Qi wanted to say no, but then she thought, ‘The soup tastes good anyway, so it’s okay to drink one more bowl.’

But when she turned her head, she met Gu Lin Chao’s odd look.

“What’s wrong?” She asked suspiciously.

“Nothing.” Gu Lin Chao shook his head, then stood up, “This King is going to the study.”

“Oh.” Wen Qi Qi was a bit flattered, she did not expect Gu Lin Chao to explain to her where he was going.

Mama Zeng was busy saying, “Your Majesty, please have another bowl as well.”

“No need.” Gu Lin Chao refused. Only that fool Wen Qi Qi did not know the purpose of the soup and drank it with great relish.

Although Mama Zeng was an old figure by the Grand Empress Dowager’s side, she was still under pressure when facing Gu Lin Chao and did not dare to push. Instead, she said politely, “Then, Your Majesty don’t stay up late at night and rest early with Princess Consort.”

On hearing that, Gu Lin Chao looked back at Wen Qi Qi, did not say anything, and walked away.

Wen Qi Qi was a bit puzzled.

Why was Gu Lin Chao’s look towards her so strange?

“Your Highness, drink it while it’s hot.” Mama Zeng had already re-served the soup and held it in front of her.

Wen Qi Qi did not doubt it. She took the bowl and finished it once again.

Mama Zeng was satisfied and suddenly clapped her hands.

Immediately, a group of palace maids walked in.

Before Wen Qi Qi could react, she was picked up by a group of palace maids and taken out of the front hall.

“Mama Zeng, what are you doing?”

Mama Zeng said in a gentle and soothing voice: “Your Highness, don’t panic, the servants just want to serve Your Highness in bathing and dressing.”

Wen Qi Qi smiled, and her clenched fist loosened.

These palace maids were no match for her, and it would not be difficult for her to break away.

Only, these people were sent by the Grand Empress Dowager and had no malice towards her.

“It’s still early, I don’t want to bathe yet.” She turned her head to look at Mama Zeng, who was walking next to her.

Mama Zeng said meaningfully, “It takes time to bathe, and when the bath is finished, it will be late.”

Hearing this, what else did Wen Qi Qi not understand.

So, the Grand Empress Dowager created this scene today to let her and Gu Lin Chao have a successful consummation?

Then the tonic soup she just drank ……

Her eyes were wide.

Her stomach suddenly turned over a bit.

No wonder Gu Lin Chao looked at her so strangely just now.

He couldn’t have thought that she couldn’t wait to consummate her marriage with him, could he?

Heavens ……

This is the first time Wen Qi Qi set foot in the West Garden.

But she didn’t have time to look around at this time, and she was inwardly resistant.

She did not want to set foot in Gu Lin Chao’s private domain.

But no matter how much she refused inwardly, she was still taken by Mama Zeng’s group of people into the hot spring pool on the south side of the West Garden.

This hot spring pond was specially ordered by the Grand Empress Dowager to be built for Gu Ling Chao when the mansion was built.

After entering the hot spring pool, Wen Qi Qi was released.

But before she could catch her breath, the palace maids reached out to undo her clothes.

She was startled and stepped back, “I can do it myself.”

Mama Zeng laughed, “Don’t be shy, Your Highness, we are all women, it doesn’t matter.”

“No, no, no, I’m not used to it, you guys go out first, I’ll wash myself.” Wen Qi Qi wanted to cry without tears.

Translators Note: Our babes is a bit stupid innit?😂

Ellie Note: And she claims to be someone who had watched palace dramas before. SMH

Edited by EllieKit

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