Dressed as the Cannon Fodder Ex-Wife of the Regent Chapter 53 – Sacrificing A Little Blood Is Really A Good Deal

“That’s true.” Mama Zeng concurred.

“It seems that the prescription prescribed by Imperial Physician Lin yesterday is still very effective. Remember to boil a cup of soup every third day and send it to the Regent and Princess Consort.” The Grand Empress Dowager explained.

“The Grand Empress Dowager can rest assured, this old slave knows.” Mama Zeng nodded her head.

The Grand Empress Dowager was in a good mood. Thinking that she would soon have more grandchildren, she had a good appetite in the morning and drank two bowls of porridge for the first time.

The Regent’s Residence.

Wen Qi Qi did not sleep well last night and did not get up until after sunrise.

She did not have much appetite, so she ate some breakfast hastily and strolled around the garden of the Royal Residence.

“This servant has met Your Highness.” Wang Hou De passed by, saw her, and went up to salute.

“Eunuch Wang please do not bow.” Wen Qi Qi still had a good feeling about him, and when her eyes saw the thick layer of white cloth wrapped around his finger, she couldn’t help but ask with concern, “What’s wrong with Eunuch Wang’s hand, is it injured?”

Wang Hou De smiled and raised his bandaged finger. When he looked at her, his heart was complicated and he sighed, “Your Highness doesn’t know, it was cut by His Majesty with a knife.”

Wen Qi Qi was surprised, “Why did His Majesty cut you for no good reason?”

She was really surprised. Although Gu Lin Chao looked noble and elegant, behind the scenes, he was abusing his subordinates.

Moreover, why did he cut someone’s finger? What a pervert.

When Wang Hou De saw how surprised she was, he quickly explained, “His Majesty did that for you.”

Wen Qi Qi had a question mark on her face.

What do you mean for her?

Wang Hou De then told the original story of the matter, all over again.

After listening, Wen Qi Qi also had a complicated face.

Well, Gu Lin Chao doing that was barely for her sake.

But she had a hunch that Gu Lin Chao’s real purpose for doing that was just to eliminate troubles like yesterday.

If the two of them do not consummate the marriage, the Grand Empress Dowager will not be at ease, and then things like yesterday will certainly not stop.

Although Gu Lin Chao did it for his own sake, it must be said that it also saves her trouble.

This is also a thing that both sides profit from.

When you think about it this way, sacrificing a bit of Wang Hou De’s blood is really a good deal.

“Eunuch Wang, it’s really hard for you. I’ll have the kitchen stew you some soup to replenish your blood.” She said kindly.

Wang Hou De was so moved that he almost shed tears.

Princess Consort was so kind.

Unlike his Master, who was cold and heartless, after using him, he turned his head and left him behind without a word of comfort.


At noon, Gu Lin Chao had just returned to the West Garden, and saw Lu Qiao walking over with a food box in her hand.

He gazed at the food box in Lu Qiao’s hand and paused, stopping in his tracks.

However, Lu Qiao only went forward and bowed to him, then carried the food box and walked to Wang Hou De.

“Eunuch Wang, this is the tonic soup that my Young Lady specially ordered our kitchen to stew for you, remember to drink it while it’s hot.”

Wang Hou De smiled so much that you couldn’t see his eyes. He reached out and took it over, “Miss Lu Qiao, thank the Princess Consort well for me.”

“Eunuch Wang you are welcome, you have sacrificed so much for our Young Lady, I have to thank you for her.” Lu Qiao said with a smile. She turned around and gave Gu Lin Chao a salute, and then withdrew.

Gu Lin Chao: “……”

Wang Hou De held the food box and said beautifully towards Gu Lin Chao, “Master, if there is nothing else, this servant will go down first.” He had to go and drink the soup, and Princess Consort had said to let him drink it while it was hot.

No one had ever treated him so well, and his heart was warm.

Translators Note: I sense a jelly ML

Ellie Note: I do as well. Let’s watch. (grabs popcorn)

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