White Lotus Overturned Daily Chapter 67: Substitute One Thing for Another

Obviously, the people had already believed Zhong Li Shi’s words.

Zhong Li Ling coldly looked at Qian Yu. Qian Yu’s forehead was covered with cold sweat and he knelt down with a “poof”: “Second Prince, I… I just got carried away for a moment!”

Suddenly, Qian Yu thought of something and immediately said, “It’s Su Xin Zhen! As soon as I walked in, I saw her with her legs exposed. Who knows who she was trying to seduce! Second Prince, you must not marry such a loose woman!

Second Prince, I was really seduced by Su Xin Zhen, it’s not my fault!”

Zhong Li Ling’s hand in his sleeve was tightly clenched into a fist, his face was full of gloom, while his eyes were full of cold intent: “Get out!”

Qian Yu nervously jumped up, saw the look on Zhong Li Ling’s face, and turned around and ran away.

Zhong Li Shi sighed, full of helplessness: “I really did not expect such a thing to happen. So, let’s disperse before discussing specifics and wait for Second Royal Brother to calm down.”

“The Crown Prince does not have to blame himself, no one wanted this to happen, it was too sudden.”

“Yes, the blame should be on Qian Yu. How dare he have unintentional thoughts about the Second Young Lady of the Su family. Won’t this make the Qian family and the Second Prince cross swords? I don’t know how this Qian Yu is thinking.”

“No, I’ve never seen such a stupid person like this ah.”

“But this Second Young Lady is also loose enough to steal the Second Prince from the First Young Lady. And now she has fallen to Qian Yu, tsk, really ……”

The people looked at each other and saw the amusement in each other’s eyes.

At the same time, Su Xin Zhen who was lying in bed woke up. When she saw Su Mo Li, she got up from the bed and directly pushed Su Mo Li: “You go! It’s all your fault! You get out of here!

Are you happy that my reputation has been ruined? If it wasn’t for you, how would things have turned out like this!

It’s all you! It’s all your fault! I don’t want to see you!”

“Nonsense!” Old Madam Su slammed the table, “You’re not young anymore! You did such a thing yourself and yet you blame Li’er! Tell me, how exactly did Li’er wrong you!”

Old Madam Su’s voice made Su Xin Zhen shut her mouth, but her face was still full of defiance, “Grandmother, I know you like Big Sister and pity Big Sister, but it’s obviously her fault that my reputation is ruined, so how come I can’t blame her?”

Su Jia Xuan was so angry that her chest was heaving up and down. If not for Su Mo Li pulling her tightly, I’m afraid she would have already rushed over.

“Okay, you say!” Old Madam Su coldly looked at Su Xin Zhen and said word by word.

Su Xin Zhen pursed her lips, “She knew I hated her, yet she sat in the crowd. If I hadn’t wanted to avoid her, how would I have gone to such a remote place and how would I have been bullied by Qian Yu!”

The surrounding maids looked at Su Xin Zhen incredulously. Looking at Su Xin Zhen’s rightful eyes, they all pitied Su Mo Li.

Su Mo Li also did not expect that Su Xin Zhen would actually say such words, and could not help but feel funny in her heart.

Su Jia Xuan could not hold back any longer and rushed out: “You went to such an isolated place and blame Big Sister? If you don’t want to sit with Big Sister, you can sit with me, can’t you? I am also some distance away from Big Sister. And even if you go to such a remote place, is it Big Sister that made you undress yourself and reveal your legs?”

Su Xin Zhen snapped her head around and looked at Zi Su.

Zi Su shrank her neck, her face was full of fear.

“You don’t need to look at Zi Su, she’s just a little maid.” Old Madam Su said indifferently, “It’s natural for her to tell what she knows.”

Su Xin Zhen tightly bit her lips, “My leg suddenly itched between me, I just …… I don’t know ……”

“Well, even if you don’t know anything, then why did you sleep over there? Don’t you know that people come and go, it’s dangerous?” Su Jia Xuan said again.

Sleep over ……

Su Xin Zhen was somewhat confused, yes, how could she sleep?

Was it because she was too tired?

It should be ……

Thinking of this, Su Xin Zhen face filled with panic. Thinking of her future, she couldn’t help but cry. She didn’t know what to do and her mother wasn’t around. She shouldn’t have come to Putuo Temple!

Old Madam Su listened to the sound of Su Xin Zhen’s crying and she only felt very bored. But now she was the only elder here, so she took a deep breath and ordered, “Get ready, we’ll go back to the house overnight.”

“Yes.” Momo Ke answered and immediately went to make arrangements, while Huang Fan went over to help.

After Su Chen knew that Old Madam Su had returned overnight, he knew that something must have happened and rushed over with Li Qianshi.

After hearing the ins and outs, Su Chen was shocked: “Zhen’er?”

Li Qianshi began to cry: “Zhen’er, my Zhen’er ah! What can we do after this! The Second Prince won’t want to withdraw from the marriage, right?”

Su Chen frowned tightly. Glancing at Li Qianshi who was holding Su Xin Zhen and crying, his frown deepened.

“Chen’er, what do you think?” Old Madam Su asked.

Su Chen shook his head and slowly said, “The Second Prince is suspicious, there is no way he will just acknowledge this matter. I’m afraid, this marriage will not work.”

Su Chen sighed. He glanced at Su Jia Xuan and shook his head. No, she was too small.

He also glanced at Su Mo Li and his eyes could not help but shine.

Seeing Su Chen’s expression, Su Mo Li could not help but sneer in her heart. Indeed, she is a daughter who can be thrown away at will.

This pot, she was afraid he was going to try and dump it on her.

As expected, she heard Su Chen say: “Now there is only one way. Li’er, are you willing to help the Su family?”

Su Mo Li looked at Su Chen in disbelief and said slowly, “Father, I am naturally willing, as long as I can help the Su family and help my second sister, I can do anything.”

Old Madam Su’s eyelids jumped and looked at Su Chen incredulously.

Then she heard Su Chen say, “This matter, you admit it in public. Admit that it was you who was molested by Qian Yu, not Zhen’er. After all, Zhen’er is going to marry the Second Prince.

I also know it’s wronging you and I’m sorry about this matter, but Li’er this is the only way out. After all, Qian Yu is an unmarried male and you are an unmarried female, it would be okay for you to marry Qian Yu.

Of course, Father will try to fight for you to let Qian Yu treat you well in the future, okay?”

Su Mo Li’s eyes opened wide, and her eyes filled with tears.

On the other hand, when Li Qianshi heard his words, her eyes lit up. When she saw that Su Xin Zhen was about to speak, she hastily pressed her down and shook her head.

Su Xin Zhen bit her lips and knew that her success or failure was at stake. As long as Su Mo Li agreed, then her reputation would be saved!

“Li’er, you just help a help Su family.” Li Qianshi whispered. She wisely skipped over Su Xin Zhen, but instead emphasized the point of helping the Su family, “After all, if this matter is not handled well, the Second Prince will certainly have a dislike for our Su family, then everything we have done before ……”

Li Qianshi face was pleading and desperate.

Su Mo Li opened her mouth and reached out to wipe the tears on her face, “Then, will the Second Prince and Sir Qian agree?”

Old Madam Su reached out and held Su Mo Li’s hand, saying in a hoarse voice, “Child, I have let you suffer.”

Su Mo Li shook her head and did not say anything.

Su Chen’s expression eased a few points and he slowly said, “If you agree, Father will naturally go and negotiate with those two people.”

“But Father.” Su Mo Li raised his head, “Daoist Master Baichuan said that I can only be a royal concubine. Will the Emperor agree to marry me to Qian Yu?”

“This is false! This is all fake!” Li Qianshi immediately said. Just as the words came out, she covered her mouth and her face was full of shock, “I, I didn’t say anything ……”

Su Chen’s face revealed a cold intent: “What is going on?”

Old Madam Su took a deep breath, and Momo Ke, who was beside her, quickly stroked the old lady’s chest, “Old Madam Su, you calm down, don’t be anxious.

Come, have a sip of tea.”

Su Mo Li also looked at Li Qianshi in confusion: “Mother, you just said it’s all fake. What exactly is all fake?”

Li Qianshi’s face was a little flustered.

Su Mo Li pursed her lips, slowly said: “If the fact that I can only be the royal concubine is false, then I can marry to Sir Qian and also help my sister to wash off the dirty water on her body. But if it is true …… I’m afraid that there is no way to pass the hurdle that is the Emperor ……”

“It’s fake! It’s fake!” Li Qianshi face was pale, but she hardened her head and said, “At first I bribed Baichuan Daoist, to let him say nonsense. I have no malicious intent, I just want this matter spread out so that Li’er can marry the royal family. Then our family also has an extra layer of protection. Master, I really had no malicious intent …… “

Hearing that, Su Chen closed his eyes: “If you really have a heart, why did you not let Daoist Master Baichuan say that Li’er can be the rightful wife?”

Su Mo Li smiled in her heart. This Su Chen is not too stupid after getting involved in the Su family’s affairs.

Li Qianshi eyes darted around frantically. She opened her mouth several times, but not a single word came out.

Su Mo Li dropped her eyes and the tears fell down, but she didn’t say anything.

Old Madam Su stared at Li Qianshi for half a second before slowly saying: “Chen’er, this matter should never be tolerated! How can such a woman become the head of the family in the back house? Leave the affairs of the back house to Concubine Nian and Concubine Shui. Those two have the qualifications and are stable in their work.

Although they only assisted your wife in the management before, they are also very capable, so let her reflect on herself.”

Old Madam Su’s words made Li Qianshi’s face pale, but after looking at Su Xin Zhen on the side, she said with a stiff heart, “Yes, daughter-in-law will follow orders, but Zhen’er’s matter ……”

“I promise.” Su Mo Li let out a miserable smile, “I know, Mother did this because she was afraid that my second sister would be compared to me. But I do not care about this. As long as the Su family is good, I am good. Father, Mother, Grandmother, I promise. About this matter, let’s say that I did it. Only, it would take some time to do this. We can’t be in a hurry when we do it. How can we let the Emperor know that Daoist Master Baichuan is a fraud.”

“Li’er is right.” Old Madam Su sighed, “It’s good to clear up the matter that Li’er can only be a concubine.

The Qian family is a little lower than our family, but with your father around, they wouldn’t dare to bully you.” Old Madam Su said slowly, looking lovingly at Su Mo Li, “Perhaps, it is also a good thing.”

Su Jia Xuan couldn’t help but say, “How can it be a good thing? When the Qian family marries Eldest Sister in this situation, there must have some resentment in their hearts. More importantly, Sir Qian clearly likes Second Sister. Now that Eldest Sister is the one he’s marrying, he’ s sure to be aggrieved and make Eldest Sister miserable!”

Old Madam Su choked for a moment, and finally settled into a helpless sigh.

Li Qianshi scolded: “What do you know at such a young age? See that you do not shut up!”

Su Jia Xuan pursed her lips and stopped talking.

Su Mo Li on the side smiled: “It’s okay, I promised I wouldn’t change my mind. Father, you’d better hurry up and make the arrangements.”

Then, Su Mo Li looked at Su Xin Zhen: “I just hope that after this incident, sister can remember my goodness and not feel that I owe you everything.”

After saying that, Su Mo Li left.

Su Xin Zhen was furious and wanted to defend herself, but she was rebuked by Su Chen: “If it wasn’t for Li’er, do you think you would still be married to the Second Prince? If you find trouble with Li’er again, you will solve this matter yourself!”

Only then did Su Xin Zhen shut her mouth.

Su Jia Xuan glanced at the crowd and was disappointed. If she still had a slight illusion about these people before, now, it was completely dead.

I really hate when they set other people up to be violated by men. It’s very grimy

Ellie Note: They seem to be forgetting that there was a crowd of witnesses there, including the Crown Prince. How do they plan to keep all of them quiet?

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