White Lotus Overturned Daily Chapter 68: Returning to the Palace

After Su Mo Li returned to Cui Zhu Yuan, she changed her clothes and prepared to go to the East Palace.

But to her surprise, she ran into Zhong Li Shi, who was dressed in night clothes outside.

Su Mo Li smiled: “Let’s go to the restaurant.”

After the two of them arrived, Zhong Li Shi said, “Things have been arranged. Tomorrow everyone in the capital will know about Qian Yu and Su Xin Zhen’s affair.”

“Hmmm, tomorrow there will also be rumors that Daoist Master Baichuan received money to frame me, so asking the Crown Prince to please give it a push.”

Zhong Li Shi cast a surprised glanced at Su Mo Li: “That is unexpected.”


Su Mo Li ate the dishes on the table. Looking at the lights not far away, she said slowly: “Chen Yan’s side should have gotten quite a bit of news that I sent over.”

“Well, yesterday in the Imperial study, Father received the first batch of information. It’s just that you have to hurry up with the account book.”

Su Mo Li answered and the two of them stayed silent for almost half an hour before they each left separately

The next day, the whole capital city exploded.

All kinds of news were circulating among the people.

“What a shame. The Second Miss Su actually did such a thing, if this were in our hometown, she would be tossed in a pig pen!”

“No, the Second Young Lady Su stole the Second Prince from the Eldest Young Lady Su and now she has gotten involved with the Qian family, tsk, really powerful!”

“Yes, I really did not expect ah, that the Second Prince would really wear a green hat. But with this, he is definitely going to withdraw from the marriage!”

“Who knows? But, you heard that the original Baichuan Daoist was accepting people’s silver and deliberately said that the Eldest Young Lady Su can only be a concubine. Is this is not harming the Young Lady!”

“Oh my God, this young lady is too poor, right? If I may say so, once there is a stepmother, there is a stepfather. This mother does not love, father does not love, no wonder she was bullied!”

“In that case, doesn’t that mean Madam Su did it? She deliberately framed the Eldest Miss, after all, Eldest Miss is not her own child ah!”

“You are not unreasonable to say so, really unexpected ah, poor Miss.”

“Right? It’s so pitiful.”

“What’s going on? How could the word get out so quickly!” Li Qianshi looked at Su Chen incredulously: “Master, this, what should we do?”

Su Chen’s face was dark and sullen. Su Xin Zhen on the side couldn’t help but cry in a low voice: “Father, the gossip outside is not at all the same as what was said yesterday. Everything has been exposed. You should hurry up and let Su Mo Li go and clarify! Father!”

“You shut up!” Su Chen scolded, his eyes full of anger, “If you hadn’t made these things happen, how would our Su family be on the tongue of everyone?

And you, you actually paid off Daoist Master Baichuan. In this way, if we let Li’er go out to clarify, not only will it not allow Zhen’er to be cleared of the sewage on her, it will also make them think that all of our Su family is bullying Li’er. Who is Li’er? She is not only the daughter of the Su family, but also County Princess Suo Rou! The niece of the Emperor!

This matter, there’s no way out!”

Li Qianshi’s heart sank fiercely and she said with a trembling voice, “Master, what do you mean by that?”

“Literally, the marriage between Zhen’er and the Second Prince, it won’t work.”

Su Chen closed his eyes, “I will find a way to get the Qian family to propose the marriage, so that the hit to the Su family’s reputation can be reduced to a minimum.”

“Father! How can this be! I don’t like that Qian Yu. Father! Don’t!” Su Xin Zhen’s face was filled with panic, “I don’t want to marry Qian Yu, I don’t want to!”

Su Chen still wanted to say something when the housekeeper hurriedly came in, “Master, news came from the Palace. The Emperor’s edict commands you to enter the Palace as soon as possible.”

Su Chen answered and after a change of clothes, he quickly walked out.

Su Mo Li was waiting outside and after seeing Su Chen, she slowly said, “Father, the Emperor summoned me to the Palace.”

Su Chen was a little surprised, obviously not expecting Su Mo Li to be summoned as well.

After the two of them got on the carriage, they soon arrived at the Imperial study.

In the Imperial study room, Daoist Master Baichuan was kneeling on the floor with a head full of sweat, while the Emperor already had a sullen look on his face.

After seeing Su Mo Li, the Emperor’s expression was only a few degrees better. He slowly said: “Come over here, you have been wronged.”

Su Mo Li walked up and showed a soft smile: “Thank you, Your Majesty, for doing justice to Li’er. It’s only that Li’er doesn’t know when she offended Daoist Master Baichuan. Do you know that one word from you can ruin my life?”

Daoist Master Baichuan hastily confessed. When he saw Su Chen, he immediately said, “Madam Su asked me to say it. I am just a little greedy for money, please spare my life, Your Majesty!”

Su Chen hurriedly kneeled down: “Your Majesty, it’s because I was lax in managing the family. I beg Your Majesty’s forgiveness!”

Su Mo Li also said: “Your Majesty, my father did not know about this, please be lenient. As for my mother, there may be some misunderstanding about me ……”

When speaking the last part, Su Mo Li ‘s voice was very small, as if she didn’t know what to say anymore.

The Emperor sighed: “Xi’er is waiting for you, you go over first.”

Su Mo Li answered and gave a worried glance at him before leaving.

“Someone come.” The Emperor called out, “Daoist Master Baichuan is a delusional Daoist Master. Send this person to the main prison and he shall not be released for life!”

Daoist Master Baichuan fell limp on the ground with his face was full of incredulity. He then looked at Su Chen and said, “It was your family that harmed me! Poisonous woman! Poisonous woman!”

After Daoist Master Baichuan was pulled away, the Emperor looked at Su Chen who was kneeling on the ground and sighed: “Su Aiqing, how can you handle political affairs when the back of your house is not peaceful?

Your family affairs should not be my business, but your wife is harming my niece! While the death of the Eldest Princess Huimin was already strange, I believed you because you said she had a disease. I’m afraid it’s not the case now!”

The Emperor’s words made Su Chen’s body shiver: “Your Majesty is wise. The death of the Eldest Princess was indeed due to a disease!”

“Even if it is a disease, where did this disease come from?” The Emperor faintly glanced at Su Chen, “Su Aiqing, you have to investigate properly, if you let me do it, it will not be so simple.”

Su Chen’s heart sank violently.

The Emperor continued, “I think you need to go back and look into your madam. Investigate properly and determine what is going on.

Su Aiqing, I give you a month’s time, I hope to get a satisfactory answer, within this month. I do not want anything to happen to Li’er again.

Also, Su Xin Zhen’s matter, since it is already like this, the marriage with Ling’er can be forgotten. I will give you dignity in this matter. If you can convince the Qian family to tie the knot, say that the Second Prince has granted the two marriage.”

Su Chen’s voice trembled and he said in a hurry, “Thank you, Your Majesty.”

“Go down. As for Li’er, she will stay by the Empress’s side for a month. When you are done with the investigation, I will let Li’er go back.”

Su Chen’s hand clenched fiercely and he took a deep breath, “Yes.”

Looking at Su Chen’s back, the Emperor sat down. After taking a sip of tea, he said, “Su Chen is also a foolish one. Letting such a capable daughter like Li’er go and repeatedly hurting her. He went to go love those brainless ones.”

Saying that, the Emperor shook his head and glanced at the desk. The news that Chen Dye passed over made the Emperor look angry.

“Your Majesty, is Lord Su also related to the death of the Eldest Princess?” Da Gouzi asked in confusion.

The Emperor shook his head: “I know he did not have the guts, but that Li Qianshi. She actually had the guts to buy Baichuan to say those things then naturally poisoning the Princess is also possible. After all, the Princess had to die before she could be promoted.”

After a moment’s pause, he continued, “Su Chen is also a stupid. He actually wants Li’er to replace Su Xin Zhen and take all the blame on herself. He really thinks that everyone who was in Putuo Temple is afraid of their Su family?

Even if the others are afraid, Shi’er is not afraid. Then there is still Xi’er, who defends Li’er, and more importantly, He Le is one whose eyes cannot tolerate sand.”

Da Guozi laughed: “I’m afraid that Lord Su also just learned of this matter and did not think clearly. It’s a pity for County Princess Suo Rou, if the Princess was still around, how could they be allowed to bully her ah!”

The Emperor nodded: “Yes, I thought Old Madam Su had a clear mind, but I did not expect that she chose to prioritize the Su family reputation as well.

It’s just that, after all, there is still me and the Empress. Li’er gave me such a big surprise, the Eldest Princess also saved me. For these reasons, I should take good care of her.”

Da Guozi said with a smile, “You are right. It is also fortunate that Country Princess Suo Rou has the Emperor and the Empress.”

Su Mo Li had just arrived outside the Second Princess’s palace when she was brought to the room by Zhong Li Xi who rushed out to meet her. As she instructed the palace maid to get food, she said, “Madam Su actually asked you to replace Su Xin Zhen? Is it true?”

“Where did you get the information from?” Su Mo Li looked at Zhong Li Xi in confusion.

Zhong Li Xi rolled her eyes with no shame: “Originally I did not know either, but I overheard the conversation between my brother and Xiao Guozi and only then did I know what happened in the Su family. This Li Qianshi is too shameless! If it wasn’t for Mother stopping me and saying that Father would solve it, I would have rushed to the Su House.

Li’er, you are both my master and my good sister. You must tell me if you are wronged in the future, you know?

What a joke!”

Zhong Li Xi said while scolding Li Qianshi and Su Xin Zhen.

Su Mo Li picked up a book and said after reading it for a while, “Well, things have been settled, so don’t think about it. Come, today there is just nothing to do, I will teach you to play the qin.”

Saying that, Su Mo Li handed the written score to Zhong Li Xi: “This piece is very suitable for you.”

Zhong Li Xi’s eyes lit up after taking a look at it: “I like it! Li’er, can you play it for me first?”

Su Mo Li agreed. She walked behind the ancient guqin, stretched out her hand, and plucked the strings.

The sound of the qin came out.

Zhong Li Shi stopped, glanced at the palace not far away, and hooked his lips.

Xiao Guozi hurriedly said: “Is the Crown Prince going to the Second Princess? I heard that County Princess Suo Rou has come.”

“Mm.” Zhong Li Shi answered and led Xiao Guozi to walk over.

Xiao Guozi instantly felt that he was favored again and was very much valued by the Crown Prince. After all, who would talk to a personal eunuch about what he had found out. But the Crown Prince told him, and did so in great detail, as if he was afraid he wouldn’t understand.

But he didn’t know why, but when he asked about it later, the Crown Prince was reluctant to talk about it. Did he dislike his own stupidity?

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