White Lotus Overturned Daily Chapter 66: Su Xin Zhen’s Ruined Reputation

“Good!” Qian Yu laughed loudly, leading many people to look over.

Su Xin Zhen smiled lightly: “It’s Zi Su’s good fortune to be seen by Sir Qian Yu.”

A smug look appeared on Qian Yu’s face as he glanced at Su Xin Zhen: “Thank you, future Second Prince Consort.”

Su Xin Zhen blushed: “Don’t talk nonsense. Anyways, I’ll go first.” With that, Su Xin Zhen carried her skirt, and slowly walked towards the side.

Su Mo Li watched Su Xin Zhen walk over and glanced at Zi Su who was not far away.

Zi Su quickly greeted her: “Miss, do you want to go to the side to rest?”

“Mhm.” Su Xin Zhen took a few steps towards the front, stopped again, and turned around and walked towards the other side.

Away from the crowd.

“You keep watch for me, I’ll rest here for a while.”

Su Xin Zhen was surrounded by large trees. If you did not look carefully, it wasn’t possible to see that there were people inside.

“Zi Su, help me untie this skirt a little.” Su Xin Zhen’s voice came over, “It’s too hot, I should have known not to wear such cumbersome clothes.”

“Second Young Miss, if someone finds out, how can we be okay?” Zi Su looked at Su Xin Zhen and whispered, “Second Miss, you can’t show your legs.”

“It’s okay, no one can see. You can keep watch. My leg feels like a bug has crawled into it, and it’s very painful.” Su Xin Zhen said while looking at her leg.

“Second Miss, why don’t we go back first ……” said Zi Su tentatively.

Su Xin Zhen glared at Zi Su: “Are you stupid? The Second Prince is already here, how can I go back? I’ll endure it, you just watch outside for me.”

“Big Sister, what is Second Sister doing over there?” Su Jia Xuan asked suspiciously, “Is it because she doesn’t want to be with us?”

“Hmm.” Su Mo Li swept a glance and slowly said, “Don’t go over there. Stay here at ease and don’t go around.”

Su Jia Xuan looked at Su Mo Li in doubt. Su Mo Li was not ready to continue and instead handed Su Jia Xuan a fruit: “Eat.”

Su Jia Xuan took it, and her heart became even more puzzled.

Su Mo Li has been sitting in the same place, listening to Zhong Li Shi and the people around talking, but in the heart she was counting. It should be time for the poison to take effect.

In the corner of her eyes, she was paying attention to Zi Su. Not a moment later, she saw Zi Su standing in a more conspicuous place and then slowly shift behind a large tree.

And Qian Yu, who had been paying attention to Zi Su, walked over after saying a few words to his companion.

“Sir Qian.” Zi Su shyly glanced at Qian Yu, bowed her body, and slowly said, “Sir Qian, the Second Miss asked the slave servant to keep watch here, do you have something to say?”

Qian Yu glanced at the scenery behind him and thought about it, “Fine, you wait here first, I’ll go talk to Second Miss Su.”

Saying that, Qian Yu walked in.

Zi Su looked at Su Mo Li and nodded silently.

Su Mo Li, on the other hand, turned her head to look at Zhong Li Shi and slowly stood up, “They say the scenery of Putuo Temple is very good, Crown Prince, I’ll go take a look around.”

“We’ll join you.” Zhong Li Shi also stood up and said with a smile, “The sunset in the west is amazing to see.”

The group of people stood up and began to wander around.

At this time, Su Xin Zhen was leaning on the back of a chair. Her eyes were shut and she seemed to have fallen into a drowsy sleep.

As soon as Qian Yu came in, he saw Su Xin Zhen’s exposed white and tender legs.

At that moment, his eyes lit up and were filled with lust and evil. He couldn’t help but get closer and reach out to touch them.

The smooth feeling made Qian Yu gulp. His hand gradually climbed upward and touched Su Xin Zhen’s waist.


A scream came over.

Zhong Li Ling quickly froze: “What’s the situation?”

“Go over and take a look.” Zhong Li Shi quickly said.

The two of them took three steps and arrived at the source of the sound. Zhong Li Ling only saw a purple figure flash by: “How can you treat Second Miss like this!”

“What’s wrong?” Su Xin Zhen was also awakened. She gave puzzled to glance to Zi Su who pounced on her body. In the corner of her eye, she saw Qian Yu who was pushed on the ground. Reason quickly returned to her and she immediately looked at her exposed legs and covered them up in a hurry.

“Zi Su …… what’s going on?” The trembling voice gave away the tension in her heart.

Su Xin Zhen gulped and slowly looked at Qian Yu: “You, what did you come here for?”

Qian Yu was also confused, but quickly reacted, “Second Miss Su, how can you be so shameless, showing your legs outside, what kind of appearance is this!”

“You’re nonsense! It was clearly you who rushed over and touched our Second Miss’s face! You even tried to take off our Second Miss’s clothes!” Zi Su shouted loudly, her voice clear and unmistakable, causing Zhong Li Ling’s face to instantly sink.

Su Xin Zhen’s face turned red for a while and the whole person was at a loss for words. She didn’t know why she suddenly became this way.

Su Mo Li looked to Su Jia Xuan. After saying a few words in her ear, Su Jia Xuan nodded and quickly walked over, her face full of anxiety: “Second Sister, what is going on? How could you …… you are engaged to the second prince!”

“I don’t know ……” Su Xin Zhen’s entire body was now in a daze, her heart was beating rapidly and her entire body was in a panic.

“What’s going on?” Zhong Li Shi’s voice came over and looked at Zi Su and said, “You say.”

“The slave servant was guarding the outside, and then Sir Qian came and said he wanted to talk to Miss. I found that Sir Qian had actually pulled away our young lady’s clothes!

He, he actually tried to take advantage of our young lady!

This servant girl rushed over and found that our young lady had actually been asleep! Sir Qian, how could you do this to our young lady!”

Su Jia Xuan looked at Su Xin Zhen and pinched her: “Second Sister, you cry quickly, you have to pin this matter to the head of Sir Qian, otherwise, your reputation will be ruined!”

Su Jia Xuan’s words reminded Su Xin Zhen, Su Xin Zhen tears fell from her eyes. She looked at Zhong Li Ling’s gloomy face, and quickly walked towards him. Her hand tightly pulling on Zhong Li Ling’s sleeve: “Second Prince, I, I was just resting here for a while, I don’t know what’s going on ……”

“Second Prince, you have to believe our lady, our lady is really innocent ah! It’s Lord Qian! Sir Qian wants to ruin our Second Miss’s reputation! Sir Qian, our Second Young Miss has no enmity with you, why are you treating our Second Young Miss like this, why!”

Zi Su cried out loudly, “Poor our Second Young Miss, she didn’t do anything, she actually ……”

“Second Prince, you have to believe me ……” Su Xin Zhen looked at Zhong Li Ling and said in a small voice.

Qian Yu’s face is also bad, immediately said: “I did not, I came in and saw the Second Young Lady lying here with her legs exposed, I do not know anything.”

“Okay! Stop arguing!” Zhong Li Ling reprimanded them angrily. The surrounding gentry exchanged a few words and looked at Zhong Li Ling with changed eyes.

Zhong Li Shi then said, “This matter should be investigated clearly, after all, it is about the reputation of the Second Miss of the Su Family.”

“May I ask a few words?” Su Mo Li walked out and said slowly.

Su Xin Zhen heard Su Mo Li’s voice and looked up at Su Mo Li with a jerk: “What do you want? Don’t you try to cast stones down the well!”

“Sister?” Su Mo Li looked at Su Xin Zhen with confusion, “How can you think of me like that? We are real sisters!”

A look of resignation surfaced on Su Mo Li’s face, “What good would it do to our Su family’s daughters if something happened to you? If something happens to you, my reputation and that of my third sister will also be implicated ……”

Su Jia Xuan immediately said, “Second Sister, just listen to Eldest Sister, Eldest Sister will not harm you.”

“She ……” Su Xin Zhen tried to argue, when she heard Zhong Li Ling say coldly, “Are you still not ashamed of yourself? Shut up!”

Su Xin Zhen looked at Zhong Li Ling incredulously, her eyes full of shock: “Second Prince, what did you say?”

However, Zhong Li Ling did not even look at Su Xin Zhen and said directly, “Qian Yu, this Prince gives you the opportunity to explain, you say!”

Qian Yu hurriedly knelt down: “I don’t know what happened, as soon as I came in, I saw Second Miss Su unkempt and fainted, I went to check, but I didn’t expect this girl to come over.”

“It’s not like that!” Zi Su said immediately.

Su Xin Zhen also hurriedly shook her head: “No, it’s not like that ……”

“Sir Qian, you said you went to check on my sister after seeing her faint. You obviously know that men and women are different, why didn’t you go and call Zi Su first?

Even if you went to check because you were worried about my sister, you could have called Zi Su first and then went to check, yet you didn’t, but moved to my sister directly, which is already your fault. Plus Zi Su went in and saw you misbehaving with my sister, you say, who should we believe?

Sir Qian, you went over to find Zi Su, went to the back, many of us here saw it, this time can also be calculated, in the end is enough for Sir Qian you to do something to my sister.”

Everyone glanced at each other and discussed it.

“It seems that a long time has passed.”

“I also feel that a long time has passed ……”

“But, no matter what, this Second Miss Su’s innocence is ruined ah, this Second Prince wears a big green hat on his head ah!”

“No! What a pity ah!”

When Su Xin Zhen heard Su Mo Li’s words, she breathed a sigh of relief thinking that she had escaped. However, when she heard the surrounding people’s discussion, she realized that no matter what, her own reputation was ruined!

At that moment she couldn’t catch her breath and directly fainted.

“Second Miss!”

Zi Su rushed over.

Su Mo Li looked at Zhong Li Ling, her small face was full of seriousness: “Second Prince, no matter what, Second Sister is the victim. She was already sad enough, you as Second Sister’s fiancee, can’t you comfort Second Sister? Are you that heartless?”

After saying that, Su Mo Li and Zi Su both helped Su Xin Zhen to leave.

Zhong Li Shi sighed, looked at Qian Yu, and then glanced at Zhong Li Ling: “Second Royal Brother, no matter what, you shouldn’t treat the Second Miss of the Su family like this, as for Qian Yu.”

Zhong Li Shi paused for a moment and slowly said, “You still don’t tell the truth?”

Qian Yu’s face was a little pale, and he forced a smile: “What does the Crown Prince mean by this?”

“Ling Ren.”

A black shadow flashed and a middle-aged man appeared directly: “Master, this subordinate saw it. It was Sir Qian who put his hands on Miss Su!”

The crowd took a breath backwards and looked at Zhong Li Shi incredulously.

Zhong Li Shi said indifferently: “I invited you all here today, I naturally have to protect you all. Therefore, for each of you, I have sent my secret guards to follow you just in case.”

As Zhong Li Shi’s words fell, many secret guards appeared causing the crowd to go silent.

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