White Lotus Overturned Daily Chapter 65: Give you the basil

“Who? Who dares to hit me?”

Zi Su took advantage of this to retreat two steps from Qian Yu and bowed: “Sir Qian, there is no one there. Did you see it wrong?”

Qian Yu took a look around. Indeed, the wind and waves were calm, but when he touched his head, the pain was real.

But ……

Looking at Zi Su’s blushing face, Qian Yu directly put this little pain to the back of his mind.

“Second Miss!” Zi Su saw Qian Yu coming towards herself again and hastily called out. Qian Yu immediately looked over and saw Su Xin Zhen being carried on over.

“Sir Qian, this slave servant will go to the second young lady first.”

“Wait, aren’t you the maid next to Second Miss Su?” Qian Yu raised his eyebrows and asked suspiciously.

Zi Su nodded: “Yes, this slave servant was ordered to come here to wait for Second Miss.” Saying that, she bowed her body again and walked towards Su Xin Zhen.

Zi Su only said that she was ordered to wait for Second Miss, but Qian Yu misunderstood and thought that Zi Su was ordered to serve Su Xin Zhen. He then had a plan.

“Second Young Lady, the room has been prepared. The Old Madam asked the servant to come to fetch you.” Zi Su whispered and helped Su Xin Zhen to go ahead.

Su Xin Zhen expressed great satisfaction. When she walked over, she was a little surprised to see Qian Yu: “Sir Qian?”

Qian Yu smiled: “I am here by order of the Second Prince to wait for the Second Young Lady. If there is nothing wrong with the Second Young Lady, why don’t you come with me to see the Second Prince first?”

Zi Su said: “Miss, the Old Madam’s side …… why not let Chun Xiao go back to inform the Old Madam and let this servant accompany you there. After all Chun Xiao is your personal maid.”

Qian Yu once again showed a look of understanding. No wonder he had not seen this maid before, it turns out that she was just an unpopular one.

At that moment Qian Yu said: “I think it’s okay, after all, the words of the personal maid is the most credible. Otherwise, I’m afraid that Old Madam Su will blame this maid.”

“What Sir Qian said is right.” As for letting Su Mo Li’s maid serve her, Su Xin Zhen had a strange sense of satisfaction in her heart and she immediately said to Chun Xiao, “You go back to my grandmother and tell her that the Second Prince is looking for me.”

Su Mo Li and Su Jia Xuan were drinking tea and chatting in the courtyard while waiting for Old Madam Su to wake up. When she did, they chatted with Old Madam Su about family matters.

It was not until the evening that Su Xin Zhen came back with a bright smile on her face. Obviously, she was very happy

“Since everyone have arrived, let’s go eat.” The Old Madam walked over with the three young ladies.

Zi Su was just about to go to Su Mo Li’s side when she heard Su Xin Zhen’s voice come over, “Big Sister, I think this maid Zi Su suits my eyes very well, why don’t you give me this maid.”

Su Mo Li looked at Su Xin Zhen in mock surprise: “But, if I have one less maid, things can’t be arranged ……”

“Then how about this, I’ll exchange it for you with Chun Xiao.” Su Xin Zhen said unconcernedly.

Su Mo Li sighed: “How can that do ah, Chun Xiao is the second-class maid beside you, and has your important use. I naturally will not take away the goods of others. Zi Su is a maid that I also like very much. I would like to immediately make her a first-class one, so you ……”

Su Xin Zhen rolled her eyes: “Okay, I’ll use the Chun Fen to exchange with you. Then this can be done right?”

“Second sister will actually give up Chun Fen?” Su Mo Li’s eyes lit up, “Then thanks a lot Second Sister.”

Zi Su also walked over and bowed to Su Xin Zhen, “Thank you for your kindness, Second Miss.”

With a smile on her small face, Su Xin Zhen nodded in satisfaction, “Let’s go.”

Zi Su did not move and glanced at Su Mo Li, who nodded inaudibly.

The conversation between the two was naturally heard by Old Madam Su and seeing that the two sisters had reached an agreement, she didn’t say much.

While they were eating, they saw Zhong Li Shi and others.

Old Madam. Su hurriedly got up and saluted.

Zhong Li Shi had a smile on his face that was as warm as the wind: “Old Madam doesn’t need to be polite, we also came to Putuo Temple to take a break. Old Madam please feel free.”

Old Madam Su nodded and sat down after a few polite words with Zhong Li Shi.

Su Mo Li had a light smile on her face, and after raising her head and meeting Zhong Li Shi’s eyes, she quickly lowered her head.

The soft look made the corners of Zhong Li Shi’s mouth twitch. If he didn’t know her nature, he was afraid he would have been cheated long ago.

“County Princess Su Rou looks really captivating ah!” Qian Yu couldn’t help but sigh, “Her painting and qin skills are also very powerful, it’s just a pity that Daoist Master Baichuan actually said that County Princess Su Rou could only be a royal concubine.”

Shaking his head, Qian Yu’s face showed a look of pity.

“I say, Second Prince, why didn’t you look at County Princess Su Rou before? I think the Princess is extremely good looking!”

Qian Yu couldn’t help but ask.

Zhong Li Ling swept a glance at Su Mo Li and a look of dislike appeared between his eyebrows: “Too soft.

Whenever she speaks, she always hesitates and acts pretentious, it’s really disgusting.”

Zhong Li Ling’s words made everyone shut their mouths. They knew that Zhong Li Ling didn’t like such women, but they didn’t expect that he would be so disgusted with Su Mo Li.

Zhong Li Shi picked up a cup of tea, sip it, and slowly said: “If Aunt Huimin is still around, County Princess Su Rou will live with abandon. What concubine and what royal concubine? With Aunt Huimin around, who can humiliate her?

Her mother has gone, her father does not love, stepmother is meddling. If she is not obedient, I’m afraid she would have long left this world.

Without understanding the suffering of others, do not advise others to be kind.” Zhong Li Shi hooked the corner of his lips and looked at Zhong Li Ling, “Not everyone is as happy as Second Royal Brother.”

“The Crown Prince is right.” Some of the first sons who have step mothers, or those whose first mothers are not favored, have agreed and looked at Zhong Li Shi with eyes full of trust.

And those who are happy with their lives are thoughtful, looking at Zhong Li Shi’s eyes are full of admiration.

The Qian family was on Zhong Li Ling’s side, so Qian Yu also supported Zhong Li Ling.

“Second Prince, you’d better stop talking ……”

If even Qian Yu sensed that something was wrong, Zhong Li Ling could naturally think of it. His face was a little bad, but he still gritted his teeth and said, “Thank you, Eldest Brother, for teaching me.”

Zhong Li Shi nodded: “It’s no problem, if you know your mistakes, you can correct them, there’s nothing better.

As for the exact words of Daoist Master Baichuan, how about waiting for Grandmaster Sankong to return. After all, what Daoist Master Baichuan did ten years ago, don’t you forget.”

Zhong Li Shi’s reminder made everyone slightly stunned. Ten years ago, they were still children, what could they know?

Zhong Li Shi was obviously not going to say it, which made them even more curious and ready to ask their parents when they got home.

“Amitabha.” The host came over, looked at everyone and said with a smile, “All of the masters, let’s eat.”

Zhong Li Shi answered and said with a smile, “I wonder when Grandmaster Sankong will be back?”

“Soon.” The host said with a smile, “Senior uncle will be back soon.”

Su Mo Li’s eyes twitched as she picked up a piece of tofu and put it in Old Madam Su’s bowl, “Grandma, you eat more, this tastes good.”

“Good, Li’er should also eat more.” Old Madam Su said with a smile.

Su Xin Zhen scowled, “Bootlicker!”

Su Jia Xuan opened her eyes and said in mock confusion, “Second Sister, what are you talking about?”

“Eat your own! What’s it to you?”

Su Jia Xuan revealed a look of aggravation, which coincidentally was seen by Zhong Li Ling.

Zhong Li Ling frowned.

Su Xin Zhen sensed that something was wrong and immediately looked at Zhong Li Ling with a look of aggravation.

A trace of doubt surfaced in Zhong Li Ling’s eyes.

Qian Yu came over again: “I see this Second Miss Su seems to be aggrieved? I didn’t see what happened ah? Is it possible that there is a conflict with the Third Young Lady? The Third Young Lady is the Second Young Lady’s sibling sister, right?”

“Yes.” Zhong Li Ling faintly responded, “I don’t know what it’s about. Don’t worry about it, let’s eat.”

Qian Yu shrugged his shoulders, then looked at Zi Su next to Su Xin Zhen. Seeing her with her head down and her thin and small appearance, he became more and more impatient.

With a twinkle in his eye, he had a plan in mind.

When finished with the meal, Zhong Li Shi came over to invite the young ladies of the Su family to join the tea party.

“Old Madam don’t worry, Xi’er and He Le have also arrived.” Zhong Li Shi’s words made it hard for Old Madam Su to refuse, so she said, “That’s good. Then this old body also has the cheek to go along and take a look.”

“Naturally that’s fine. Old Madam, this way please.”

After arriving at the back of the temple, they really saw Zhong Li Xi and He Le.

Zhong Li Xi ran to Su Mo Li’s side with her eyes shining: “Li’er!”

After Su Mo Li and He Le greeted each other, the group of people sat down.

Old Madam Su was really very old and after listening for a while, she let Momo Ke stay here and went back by herself.

Su Xin Zhen naturally followed Zhong Li Ling and the two were in a corner. Su Xin Zhen’s face had a look of aggravation: “Sister did this as if to say I was not filial. I also like grandmother ah, but grandmother does not like me. I will not go in front of her, so as not to annoy her in her old age.

Do you know that Third Sister actually said it’s my fault and it’s always wrong for me to be at home?”

The more Su Xin Zhen said, the more heated her tone became, and a stubborn look appeared on her small face, “But it doesn’t matter, since they don’t like me, then I don’t like them either!”

Staring at the look on Su Xin Zhen’s face, Zhong Li Ling’s face showed a doting smile. He reached out to rub Su Xin Zhen’s head: “Your nature is straightforward, so naturally you are not like those women who can be superficial to be liked, but I like you like this.”

At these words, Su Xin Zhen’s face appeared shy and she pretended to squirm and said, “If the Second Prince does not like me one day, then why don’t you give me a letter of divorce. I won’t be entangled.”

Su Xin Zhen has always known what kind of woman Zhong Li Ling likes and as expected, after hearing these words, Zhong Li Ling’s eyes lit up and the smile on his face deepened: “Zhen’er is telling jokes, you are the Imperial Consort of this Prince.”

“What are you guys whispering about here?” Qian Yu walked over and said with a smile, “I said Second Prince and Second Miss Su, you are not going to the Crown Prince’s side?”

Su Xin Zhen glanced at Zhong Li Shi, happened to see the side profile of Zhong Li Shi. His handsome face caused Su Xin Zhen to be in a trance for a moment.

But she quickly reacted and said in a discontented manner, “Those people just know how to suck up to the Crown Prince. What’s so great about the Crown Prince? Even my father has said that the Second Prince’s learning is better than the Crown Prince’s. In my opinion, the position of Crown Prince is still suitable for the Second Prince.”

“Zhen’er, don’t talk nonsense.” Although Zhong Li Ling’s mouth was blaming Su Xin Zhen, but in his heart, he was very flattered.

Su Xin Zhen spat out her tongue, “These are all our own people, it should be fine, right?”

“Second Miss Su’s thoughts are the same as mine.” Qian Yu opened his folding fan and said with a smile, “However, the Emperor’s mind is impervious to anyone’s guess.

That’s all, let’s not talk about that.” Qian Yu looked at Su Xin Zhen and said with a smile, “Second Young Miss, that Zi Su girl, is she someone close to you?”

Su Xin Zhen smiled and raised her eyebrows. She was able to see that Qian Yu was interested in Zi Su, and it was also because Qian Yu was interested in Zi Su that he became more and more respectful to herself. This then made the people of the Second Prince’s party very polite to her.

That’s why she called Zi Su over to her.

“Yes, Zi Su is my second class maid.” Su Xin Zhen said with a smile, “I know what Sir Qian means. When I get married, I can give Zi Su to Sir Qian.”

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