White Lotus Overturned Daily Chapter 64: Calculating Su Xin Zhen

“Cheng Tao, what are you doing?” Su Mo Li quickly got up, directly squatted down and covered Cheng Tao’s mouth, then glared at her, “Don’t talk nonsense!”

Cheng Tao’s tears flowed down her eyes.

Su Mo Li couldn’t help but sigh in her heart. Really a good seedling for acting ah!

Cheng Tao was secretly touching her thighs, the pinch is so painful!

“Grandmother, you do not listen to Cheng Tao’s nonsense, I am fine!” Saying that, Su Mo Li stood up, hiding Cheng Tao behind her.

Cheng Tao’s face was full of helplessness.

Momo Ke took in the look on Cheng Tao’s face, glanced at Old Madam Su, saw her nod, and went over: “Cheng Tao, you come out with me.”

“Good, you go to inform your two sisters.” Old Madam Su complied with Su Mo Li’s mind and did not mention the matter of Cheng Tao.

Su Mo Li breathed a sigh of relief, while her expression was captured fully in Old Madam Su’s eyes.

“Yes, Grandmother, I’ll go there now.”

After seeing Su Mo Li leave, Momo Ke came in and retold what she got from Cheng Tao.

“Old Madam, everyone in the Mansion knows about Eldest Miss’ mango allergy, how …… is this not trying to kill Eldest Miss? Fortunately, Eldest Miss is surrounded by medicine, if this is …… “

Momo Ke shook her head, not knowing what to say.

“That one’s mind, don’t you understand?” Old Madam Su coldly snorted. “I want to see who’s brave enough to take my granddaughters life.”

Momo Ke answered, turned and left.

Su Mo Li took Cheng Tao towards Mudan Yuan.

“Miss, Old Madam is also really good to you, why don’t you try to tell Old Madam your thoughts directly?” Cheng Tao couldn’t help but inquire.

Su Mo Li shook her head: “Grandmother is indeed very good to me, but, in Grandmother’s mind, the most important thing is Su Chen, the Su family, and not me.

If I were compared to the Su family, Grandmother would choose the Su family.

So, you think, if I tell Grandmother that my mother was killed by her son and daughter-in-law, she will help me? No, she won’t, she’ll just advise me to forget it.

So, I have to act this out, at least, the matter of the mango, Grandmother will not care.”

Su Mo Li’s words made Cheng Tao’s heart full of helplessness: “Miss, how tired you should be from living like this.”

“Everything will be fine after we find out what happened to my mother.”

Su Mo Li smiled towards Cheng Tao and the two of them walked towards Mudan Yuan.

“What are you doing here?” After Su Xin Zhen saw Su Mo Li, her eyes had a mocking look in them, “You are not welcome here.”

Su Mo Li had some aggravation on her face, but still said softly, “Second Sister, Grandmother is going to Putuo Temple tomorrow, and asked me to come and tell you that we will go there together tomorrow.”

Su Xin Zhen frowned and stared at Su Mo Li for half a second before her sharp voice rang out, “Are you here to show off? To show off that Grandmother is taking you to Putuo Temple?”

Su Mo Li seemed to be shocked and took two steps back, looking at Su Xin Zhen incredulously, “Second Sister, Grandmother is talking about taking us all over together, you, what are you doing?”

“What take us there? If she really wanted to take me over, she should have asked me to come over and tell me, or asked Momo Ke to come over and inform me, who are you? Grandma asked you to come over, just to back you up, to let me know that it was because of you that she brought me and Third Sister.

Do you think I’m willing to go over? Oh, I’m telling you, I don’t want your handouts!

Chun fen! Send the guests away!

Su Xin Zhen finished speaking, turned around and left.

Su Mo Li squeezed her handkerchief tightly, and there were tears in her eyes.

Seeing this, the maids on the side had the heart to tolerate and whispered, “Eldest Miss, today Second Miss is not in a good mood, you’d better go back first, or, you’d better let Old Madam send someone over.”

“Don’t let yourself suffer Eldest Miss.”

“Yes, Eldest Miss, don’t be sad, you know Second Miss’s nature, wait for a while and you’ll be fine.”

“Thank you guys, I’m fine.” Su Mo Li said with a smile. Just that everyone could see the tears in her eyes.

Seeing this, several maids took pity on Su Mo Li even more.

Looking at Su Mo Li’s back, several maids still wanted to say something, when Su Xin Zhen’s voice came from inside: “What are you doing? Pity Su Mo Li? Then go serve her!”

“This slave servant does not dare!”

Several maids quickly kneeled down, trembling in fear.

Chun Fen glared at several people: “What nonsense are you talking about?”

Several people hurriedly fell to the ground, not daring to let out a breath.

Chun Fen hurriedly walked in and whispered comfortingly: “Second Miss, why do you have to talk to them in a normal way? It is said that things are gathered by category, the temperament of Eldest Miss can only attract these lowly maids… these maids are all lowly-eyed, what can they achieve?”

At these words, the look on Su Xin Zhen’s face got a few moments better.

Seeing this, Chun Fen continued: “But talking about Putuo Temple, I heard that the Crown Prince is going to hold a tea party in Putuo Temple. If the Second Prince will also go there then, are you really not going, Miss?”

“The Second Prince?” Su Xin Zhen’s eyes lit up and a pleased look appeared on her face, “Why didn’t you say so earlier? I’m going to tell my grandmother that I’m also going to Putuo Temple.”

Saying that, Su Xin Zhen then carried her skirt and quickly ran out.

Looking at Su Xin Zhen’s back, a smug smile appeared on Chun Fen’s face, but it quickly disappeared as she quickly walked out and waited in the corner of the back garden. When she saw the visitor, a gentle smile appeared on her face, “Big Brother Zhou, I have done as you said, just why did you let the Second Young Miss go to Putuo Temple?”

The one who was called Brother Zhou was an ordinary man with a smile on his face and slowly said, “Thank you so much, you don’t need to worry about the rest, you’d better tell the Second Miss what you have in mind today, otherwise, you will be dragged into it.

I’m leaving.”

Looking at Brother Zhou’s back, Chun Fen’s heart was beating fast.

“How did earth did De Zhou come to know Chun Fen?” Su Mo Li asked puzzled after getting the news.

Cheng Tao smiled and said, “When De Zhou first came, he spoke for Chun Fen so that Chun Fen was exempted from punishment. From then on, there was a connection between the two, so this time he could ask Chun Fen to help.

Chun Fen is also not like the Second Young Lady. She is trembling around the Second Young Lady and wants to leave the house, but there is not enough silver, and De Zhou gave his silver to Chun Fen.”

At these words, Su Mo Li responded and said slowly, “Then help Chun Fen to leave. If you can make Chun Fen hand over Su Xin Zhen’s leverage, it would be better.”

“Miss, De Zhou has already gone to do it, you can rest assured.”

Su Mo Li nodded. On the other side, Concubine Nian and Concubine Shui had already given Su Mo Li’s response, rejecting Su Mo Li.

“The two concubines went to the Third Young Lady’s side.”

Huang Fan’s words made Su Mo Li was silent for a moment. Her eyebrows furrowed together: “You guys watch Xuan’er, if something is not done well, you remember to take care of it for her.”

“Miss, the medicine is bought back.” Zi Su walked in, holding the medicine bag in her hand and handed it to Cheng Tao.

Cheng Tao quickly took it and took it over to boil.

A quarter of an hour later, Su Mo Li entered the room and took a medicinal bath.

Outside, Xiao Xiao asked curiously, “Sister Zi Yan. Why does she need to take a medicinal bath?”

“Miss is already in poor health, and it’s normal.” Zi Yan walked over, looked askance at Xiao Xiao and slowly said, “All right, there are still so many things left to do, go now.”

Xiao Xiao stuck out her tongue, smartly saying: “I know, Sister Zi Yan, I’m going to sweep the floor!”

With that, Xiao Xiao jumped to leave.

Zi Su smiled and said, “Xiao Xiao is really cute.”

Zi Yan helplessly glanced at Zi Su, slowly said: “Xiao Xiao always comes to the room, we have to be careful.”

Zi Su looked at Zi Yan with dismay: “No way …… “

“It’s always good for us to pay attention.” Zi Yan bit her lips and came up to Zi Su’s ear and said a few words.

Zi Su was silent for a moment: “I know.”

The next day, Su Mo Li wore a goose yellow dress. The pattern on the dress was ordinary, but it made people’s eyes shine, mainly because Su Mo Li’s looks were just too stunning.

A hair band of the same color wound up on her hair and with her slightly powdered face, she was really good-looking.

Cheng Tao looked at the Huang Fan and said, “Be careful when you go out, protect the Lady, be alert.”

Huang Fan nodded.

Su Mo Li called for Zi Su and led the two towards the front.

The journey went smoothly. Today’s Su Jia Xuan was dressed as usual while Su Xin Zhen was extremely flamboyant and wore complicated and elaborate clothes.

Su Mo Li couldn’t help but glance at the sky and the bright sun, and then glanced at Su Xin Zhen. She saw a trace of thin sweat on her face and thought that she would have to walk up to Putuo Temple on foot later, and couldn’t help but shiver.

Soon, they arrived at the foot of Putuo Temple.

Then the Old Madam Su walked up.

Su Mo Li and Su Jia Xuan were okay. The two chatted while walking up, however Su Xin Zhen was carrying her skirt, biting her lips to death.

“I can’t, I need to find someone to carry me up!” Su Xin Zhen put down her skirt and said in no good mood. The little maid on the side hurriedly gave Su Xin Zhen a fan.

Su Xin Zhen looked at Old Madam Su who was walking in front of her and said to her maid Chun Xiao, “You go and tell Grandmother ah. Just say I’m tired and will rest for a while before climbing up. Let them go first.”

Chun Xiao is the second-class maid in Su Xin Zhen’s courtyard, because today the Chun Fen is sick, she came out.

Hearing this, she nodded and quickly conveyed the words over.

How could Old Madam Su not know that Su Xin Zhen wanted to be lazy. She wanted to say a few words, but eventually shook her head: “That’s okay, let her be.”

By the time the several people climbed up, it was already an hour later.

At the top, a young monk greeted them: “Please, masters, Master has prepared a room for you all. You can rest first, and then we will have dinner together in the evening.”

“Thank you, little master.”

After Old Madam Su sincerely bowed, she led the group of people to the back where they could rest.

It was a small courtyard with four or five rooms inside.

Old Madam Su told Su Mo Li and Su Jia Xuan to go back and rest.

Su Mo Li nodded at Zi Su, who bowed her body and quickly left.

“Huang Fan, go protect Zi Su.”

Su Mo Li instructed. Huang Fan nodded, stood on her tiptoes and leapt straight up. Using the tree to shield her figure, she quickly followed Zi Su’s footsteps.

Zi Su quickly reached the intersection, supposedly waiting for Su Xin Zhen, but she was actually waiting for Qian Yu.

Huang Fan took a look at Zi Su and leaped down first, making the palanquin bearer carrying Su Xin Zhen break his foot, and then replaced him with one of her own people which delayed some time.

And at that moment, Zhong Li Ling and Qian Yu also stood at the intersection.

“Didn’t you say that Su family has already arrived? How come we don’t see the Second Miss Su?” Qian Yu asked in confusion.

Zhong Li Ling frowned and did not speak.

Zi Su looked up at Qian Yu and just met Qian Yu’s eyes, blushed and slightly lowered her head.

Qian Yu’s throat moved slightly and a bright light flashed in his eyes, “You are the Su family’s maid?”

Zi Su walked over with her head lowered and gave a greeting: “Greetings to the Second Prince, Sir Qian, the slave servant is here to wait for the Second Miss.”

Saying that, Zi Su briefly said why Su Xin Zhen was behind.

Qian Yu looked up and down at Zi Su. His eyes turned and said to Zhong Li Ling, “Second Prince, I’m afraid that the Crown Prince will arrive soon. If you are not there, you will be gossiped about. I will wait here for you for the Second Miss of the Su family, you go over first.”

Zhong Li Ling pondered a little and nodded, “Then I’ll be grateful to Brother Qian.” Saying that, he waved his hand and left.

When Zhong Li Ling’s back disappeared, Qian Yu raised his eyebrows and looked at Zi Su with amusement. Reaching out and touching Zi Su’s face he said: “You are a good-looking girl, come, talk with Master for a while!”

The bottom of Zi Su’s eyes were filled with disgust.

But she can’t avoid it, she can only suffer hard.

Huang Fan, who was hiding in the bushes, rolled her eyes and directly grabbed a green fruit from the tree and threw it towards Qian Yu’s head!

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