White Lotus Overturned Daily Chapter 63: Save the Lady

Su Mo Li stroked Su Jia Xuan’s head: “Okay, you don’t care about that at this young age.

Go back, this Qian family, I will not let you marry over.”

Su Jia Xuan looked at Su Mo Li’s face with a smile. She seemed to have decided something and nodded vigorously and left Cui Zhu Yuan.

“Miss, where are we going?” Dong Xue looked at Su Jia Xuan with confusion, “This is not the way back.”

“Well, to find Concubine Shui and Concubine Nian.” Su Jia Xuan’s eyelashes trembled, and she said each word slowly.

Dong Xue hesitated for a moment and slowly said, “Miss, Madam doesn’t like you to go to the two concubines, so if you go there now, won’t you make Madam angry? When the time comes, you will make her dislike you again.”

“Huh.” Su Jia Xuan sneered, “No matter what I do, my mother won’t like me. In her heart, my brother and sister are first, as for me, I will always be in the back.”

Dong Xue sighed and wanted to comfort Su Jia Xuan with a few words, but she could not say anything.

Su Jia Xuan glanced at Dong Xue, looking a little better she whispered: “Dong Xue, I know you are thinking for my own good, but there are some things that I have to fight for myself or I will be sold without knowing it.

What I’m going to do next, you just watch, you don’t need to do too much.”

Dong Xue looked at Su Jia Xuan in doubt, but after she waited until they arrived at the two concubines’ courtyard and heard Su Jia Xuan’s words, Dong Xue was shocked.

Concubine Nian and Concubine Shui did not expect Su Jia Xuan to make such a request.

“Third Miss, you mean for us to tell the truth about the death of the Eldest Princess back then?” Concubine Shui did not move and exchanged a look with Concubine Nian. Then she said looking at Su Jia Xuan with a pleasing smile on her face, “Third Miss, how come we can’t understand what you are saying? The Eldest Princess died of a disease!”

Concubine Nian also hurriedly nodded: “Yes, Third Miss, did you misunderstand something? The Eldest Princess died of a disease.”

Dong Xue wanted to say something, but when she thought of what Su Jia Xuan had just said to her, she chose to shut up. No matter what, she would be on Su Jia Xuan’s side.

After all, if Su Jia Xuan hadn’t asked her to be by her side back then, she would have been killed by the people with a background in the house.

Su Jia Xuan put down her teacup and looked up. The look on her face was a deep sober expression that did not match her age.

Concubine Shui and Concubine Nian both swallowed their saliva and looked at Su Jia Xuan nervously.

“Concubine Shui, Concubine Nian, if you tell me the truth properly and give me the evidence in your hands, I will continue to conceal it for you. Otherwise, I don’t mind telling my father some things.

The matter of Concubine Shui and the stable boy, do I need to say it directly?

The matter of Concubine Nian selling the furnishings sent from the house to help her mother’s family, do I need to show evidence, huh? Concubine Nian was bought back by my father and has nothing to do with her mother’s family anymore, yet what you did, if my father knew about it, do you think my father would not mind?”

Concubine Shui and Concubine Nian’s faces changed in an instant.

They looked at Su Jia Xuan incredulously, “How did you know?”

Su Jia Xuan looked at Concubine Shui and Concubine Nian with a smile, “What is there that I don’t know? I also know that you all joined forces long ago in order to deal with my mother.

You also tried to sneak out of the house, but you failed several times. As long as you help me find out the real cause of death of the Eldest Princess, I will help you get out of the house, how about that?”

Su Jia Xuan’s words made Concubine Nian and Concubine Shui think deeply. Su Jia Xuan was not in a hurry and waited for them calmly.

Half an hour later, Concubine Shui opened her mouth: “Third Miss, what exactly do you want? Since you know so much, you must also know that the Eldest Princess’ death has nothing to do with the Madam. In that case, what are you trying to do by finding out all this?”

“I want to help Big Sister.” Su Jia Xuan also did not hide, “Big Sister wants to investigate the cause of death, I naturally want to help her.”

Concubine Shui was even more confused, “But, Third Miss, Second Miss is your real sister ah …… “

Su Jia Xuan didn’t say anything and just looked at Concubine Shui.

Concubine Shui still wanted to ask, but was stopped by Concubine Nian: “We do have some evidence in our hands, but we can’t be convicted.”

Saying that, Concubine Nian stood up, walked inside the room, and soon, handed Su Jia Xuan a package: “This is the blood-stained clothes I put away when the Eldest Princess was hemorrhaging, the blood on it should still be able to be checked as to what poison is in it.

Just these years I dare not take out to let the doctor to check, so it has been placed in the house.”

Su Jia Xuan opened it and took a look, then closed it up. She nodded, then looked at Concubine Shui who bit her lips and stomped her foot: “Okay, in that case, I won’t hide it.”

Saying that, Concubine Shui also took something out: “This is a letter that I inadvertently got, inside the letter is the content of the correspondence between Madam and the doctor.”

Su Jia Xuan took it over. The letter paper was already yellowed and looking at the contents here, Su Jia Xuan’s eyes were filled with disbelief.

“So, Mother was deliberately giving the Eldest Princess good food and drink, just to raise the child in the Eldest Princess’ belly?”

Concubine Shui looked at Su Jia Xuan with difficulty: “Normally, you are so small, I should not tell you this, but since you have asked, then I will say it. It is indeed like this, your mother was a supporting concubine. To be honest, at first she had the best relationship with the Eldest Princess, no one ever thought that she would harm the Eldest Princess.

If we hadn’t found out inadvertently, we wouldn’t have believed it was her.

But Third Miss, she is after all your own mother, you …… “

“You guys just pretend that you don’t know these things, I’ll do the rest.” Saying that, Su Jia Xuan then took her things and walked out.

Su Jia Xuan’s move was noticed by all three parties.

One of them was Chan Ran, the Emperor’s person.

The second is Li Qianshi’s people, but the people on this side didn’t feel anything was wrong, so they didn’t report it.

After all, the Second Young Lady also comes to the concubine’s residence from time to time, just to see the things in the hands of the concubine.

The Third Young Lady came out with a package in her hand and apparently took a lot of things from the concubines.

This third party is Su Mo Li’s people. The people on this side inquired about what Su Jia Xuan and the two concubines said and quickly informed Su Mo Li. It was to quickly wrap up the matter and suppress it.

After Su Mo Li got the news, her brow was furrowed and she slowly said, “It’s not safe to leave things in that girl’s hands, Huang Fan, you bring the things out this evening.”

Huang Fan answered yes.

Su Mo Li said again, “No, send the clothes with blood to Chan Ran. Make sure it’s make it concealed and don’t let him suspect.”

“Yes, Miss.”

Huang Fan quickly followed the order.

Su Mo Li picked up a cup of tea and took a sip, looking out the window. No one knew what she was thinking about.

“Miss, don’t be anxious, things can always be solved, after all, paper can’t cover fire.” Cheng Tao whispered comfortingly.

“After so many years, there should be a result.” Su Mo Li hooked the corner of her lips, and suddenly, coughed violently.

“Miss!” Cheng Tao immediately walked over and patted Su Mo Li’s back. Her face was full of anxiety and she hastily took out a pill and handed it to Su Mo Li.

After Su Mo Li ate it, she took a deep breath. Her face was miserably white and she closed her eyes tightly, trying hard to make her heart beat slower.

“Miss, how are you?” Cheng Tao asked nervously.

Su Mo Li shook her head. Opening her eyes, she took her pulse, then wrote down a prescription: “Go get the medicine.”

“Miss, can’t the poison in your body be completely cleared?”

“Can’t.” Su Mo Li said indifferently, “The toxins accumulated in five years will take me fifty years to clear.”

“They are simply not human!” Cheng Tao couldn’t help but rebuke angrily.

Su Mo Li laughed and looked at Cheng Tao and said, “All right, it’s all in the past, I’m going to rest for a while. If nothing happens, don’t look for me.”

Two days later in the evening, Su Mo Li came to the East Palace and found Crown Prince Zhong Li Shi.

After sitting down, Su Mo Li’s face was a little white. Her brow was furrowed and she could feel her heart beating fast.

Zhong Li Shi sensed that Su Mo Li was not right. He quickly came over and took her pulse, with a shocked and heavy face: “The poison in your body, how come there is so much?”

Su Mo Li did not reply. She accepted the warm water, however, her hands had no strength.

“I’ll feed you.” Zhong Li Shi said indifferently.

After drinking the water, Su Mo Li felt that her whole body had no energy and pursed her lips: “I don’t have any medicine with me.”

“What medicine do you need?” Zhong Li Shi took out his own medicine.

Su Mo Li smelled it and selected two pills and ate them.

Only after half an hour had passed did her face improve.

“You know the art of medicine?” Zhong Li Shi looked at Su Mo Li unexpectedly.

Su Mo Li raised her head, met Zhong Li Shi’s eyes and hooked her lips, “I know everything.”

“Tsk.” Zhong Li Shi sat down, “Then you should instead detoxify the poison in your own body.”

Su Mo Li picked up the snacks on the side and said while eating, “In another fifty years, it should all be solved.”

Zhong Li Shi looked at Su Mo Li in confusion, while Su Mo Li directly changed the topic: “The day after tomorrow, you think of a way to let the Second Prince go to Putuo Temple.”


Zhong Li Shi directly answered, and did not ask the reason.

Su Mo Li nodded, finished the snack and stood up. However, there was a blackness in front of her eyes, and she could not easily stand. The expression on her face was getting colder and colder: “I was still careless.”

Zhong Li Shi looked at Su Mo Li’s appearance and slowly said, “I’ll send you back.”

Su Mo Li did not refuse and when she returned to Cui Zhu Yuan, her face was already as white as paper.

“Miss!” Cheng Tao and Huang Fan both quickly greeted her, their faces full of worry.

After picking up Su Mo Li, they looked at Zhong Li Shi warily.

Zhong Li Shi did not say anything, just nodded at Su Mo Li and left.

After Su Mo Li took the medicine, she looked at the two people: “You two be careful, check out Cui Zhu Yuan, I suspect that someone put mango juice in Cui Zhu Yuan.”

“What?” Huang Fan was shocked, “Miss just smell the smell of mango will trigger the poison.”

“No wonder Miss has been taking her medicine much more frequently these two days.” Cheng Tao’s face was full of gloom, “Miss don’t worry, we will investigate properly.”

Su Mo Li nodded, leaned back in her chair and rested for a while, “Have someone go protect Su Jia Xuan, that girl, I’m afraid that she has already alerted the snake.”

“Yes, Miss.”

The next day, Su Mo Li looked a few degrees better and came to Old Madam Su’s room.

“Nan Nan has come?” Old Madam Su was extraordinarily happy and said with a smile, “Is there something wrong?”

With a gentle smile on her face, Su Mo Li slowly said, “Grandma, I want to go to Putuo Temple to pay my respects.”

“Eldest Young Miss and Old Madam have thought of the same thing.” Momo Ke said with a smile at the side, “The Old Madam also wants to go to Putuo Temple!”

Su Mo Li revealed a longing look, “Grandma, can I go?”

“Naturally, you can.” Old Madam Su said with a smile.

“Then, I’ll bring my two sisters with me.” Su Mo Li whispered, “The two sisters haven’t gone out for a long time either.”

Old Madam Su looked at Su Mo Li. She knew that this girl was afraid that someone would say she as a grandmother was biased and was thinking of her!

The Old Madam slowly said, “Nan Nan, don’t worry, with Grandmother in the house, no one will bully you, you can do whatever you want, Grandmother is here!”

As soon as Old Madam Su’s voice fell, she saw Cheng Tao kneel down, her tone full of desolation: “Old Madam! Please, save our Eldest Miss!”

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