White Lotus Overturned Daily Chapter 62: Paying the Price

After pondering for a while, Zi Su slowly said, “But Miss, how can you make sure that on that day, Second Miss will go to Putuo Temple?”

“Leave this matter to me, you just need to do as I say.” The smile on Su Mo Li’s face deepened a few points. She stopped Zi Su who still wanted to speak, “Now, you go over first.”

Zi Su followed Su Mo Li’s eyes and looked over to the gate.

“If asked, you can say you are waiting for Huang Fan and Cheng Tao.”

Zi Su nodded and walked towards the gate.

The two maids were standing next to each other. Su Mo Li smiled gently and asked: “Do you have something to do?”

The two maids hesitated for a moment, but still said: “Your Highness, the maids have a difficult matter …… “

Su Mo Li smiled and nodded: “You guys say, let’s see if I know.”

“The Fourth Young Master is coming back. The Madam told the servant girls that the Fourth Young Master is allergic to peanuts and asked the servant girls not to prepare peanut food, but the Fourth Young Master’s personal servant sent a message over, saying he wanted to eat peanut noodles.”

After the two little maids finished, their faces were full of aggression, they didn’t dare to offend the fourth young master, but they couldn’t really make peanut noodles for the fourth young master to eat!

After all, allergies are life-threatening!

“Why don’t you just go to Madam and tell her about it?” Su Mo Li thought it was a bit strange.

The two maids were instantly red-eyed.

Su Mo Li raised her eyebrows: “What’s wrong?”

“Your Highness, you do not know but the servant girls have already reported to the Madam, but the Madam directly told the servant girls to do as she said.

But with Fourth Young Master’s nature, the servant girls have heard some…… servant girls really do not dare to disobey the Fourth Young Master’s orders. If the Fourth Young Master blames, then the servant girls will definitely be punished.”

Su Mo Li lightly laughed and slowly said: “I know, I will handle this matter.”

“This …… County Princess, we don’t have to do anything?” The two maids couldn’t help but ask.

Su Mo Li smiled: “If you guys don’t believe me, I can’t help it. It’s the same on both sides, why don’t you believe?”

The two maids looked at each other, their faces showed hesitation, but finally they bowed: “Thank you, County Princess.”

After Su Mo Li left, the two maids couldn’t help but murmur, “The County Princess is so nice!”

“Yes, in this Su Mansion, except for the Old Madam, it is the County Princess who is nice. I heard that the former Princess was also a good person!”

“I also heard that, it’s just a pity …… “

“Yes, if the Princess was still around, where could she be allowed to dictate here.”

“What are you guys talking about?” A round-faced little girl came over and said with a smile, “Come on, it’s time to do work. By the way, I heard that a new boy was brought in and he’s extraordinarily handsome. Do you know what kind of person he is?”

“I’ll ask my aunt, she works in the kitchen and knows more gossip than we do.”

The three maids left as they spoke.

After Su Mo Li returned to Cui Zhu Yuan, she began to wait for news.

It did not take long to get the news, but Zhong Li Shi came.

The sudden appearance of Zhong Li Shi made Su Mo Li’s heart jump. She quickly stood up. After glancing around, she quickly closed the doors and windows; “His Highness the Crown Prince has changed his profession to be a gentleman on the roof?”

Zhong Li Shi curved his lips, “Father has sent someone over to investigate the cause of the death of Eldest Princess Huimin.”

“Oh.” Su Mo Li faintly responded. It seems that the Emperor nowadays still has a bit of humanity. It is natural to take action after receiving such a big gift from herself.

“Su Chen has found out.” Zhong Li Shi continued, “The things in the house can’t be hidden from Su Chen.”

Su Mo Li smiled; “I know, what is the name of the person sent by the Emperor?”

“Chen Ran, working as a Buyer.”

“To be a good job, if you can be a worker, it is easy to infiltrate.”

Su Mo Li was silent for a moment; “For other things, Your Highness the Crown Prince does not have to interfere, I will handle the things in the Su Mansion.

If Your Highness the Crown Prince is okay, please leave first.”

Su Mo Li directly gave the expulsion order.

Zhong Li Shi poured himself a cup of tea and said after taking a sip, “The fourth son of Su is not coming back.”

“Why?” Su Mo Li thought it was a bit strange.

“He was attacked by robbers, kidnapped and robbed of his money.”

Zhong Li Shi’s words made Su Mo Li raise an eyebrow.

“The only thing I did was to stand by and watch.


Zhong Li Shi was just about to leave, then stopped and looked back at Su Mo Li: “If Country Princess Su Rou wants to go to the rescue, they’re at the eastern hill of Nan Ping Mountain.”

Looking at Zhong Li Shi’s back, Su Mo Li was silent for a quarter of an hour before putting down her tea cup.


Huang Tao knocked on the door and walked in: “Miss, Zi Su is back.”

“Hmm.” Su Mo Li looked up, “How was it?”

Zi Su bowed her body and slowly said, “Miss, this slave servant did see Sir Qian send Second Miss back. Also as you said Miss, this slave walked in front of Sir Qian. Sir. Qian’s eyes stayed on this slave servant for a while, then this slave servant waited for Sister Huang Tao and came back together.”

“Well done.” Su Mo Li said with a smile, “Just follow the plan.”


Only after Zi Su left did Huang Tao ask in confusion; “Miss, didn’t Second Miss go out with the Second Prince? How come it was Sir Qian Yu who sent it back?”

“Qian Yu likes good-looking women, the Second Prince is not a considerate person, but Su Xin Zhen is a person who comes and goes. It’s therefore not impossible for Qian Yu to send Su Xin Zhen back, in fact, there is a great probability.

I let Zi Su dangle in front of Qian Yu, this is to let Qian Yu remember in his heart.”

“But Miss, what do you want Zi Su to do?”

Huang Tao looked at Su Mo Li in confusion, slightly puzzled.

Su Mo Li picked up the fruit on the side and said while eating, “Nothing, I am just pushing Su Xin Zhen.”


“Well, you guys go down first.”

Su Mo Li waved her hand and said indifferently.

Meanwhile, in Meihua Garden, Su Jia Xuan froze after knowing this matter; “Dong Xue, did Madam Qian leave very angry? Do you know what happened inside?”

“It’s because of Eldest Miss.” Dong Xue said with a frown, “I also do not know why the Eldest Miss went to ruin your marriage, Miss. I heard that the Qian family’s son is very talented and is very compatible with Miss ah! Although it is said that the age is a little older, but the age will be loving ah!”

“Huh.” Su Jia Xuan sneered, “Big Sister is not destroying my marriage, she is dragging me out of the fire pit!”

“Huh?” Dong Xue was a little confused.

Su Jia Xuan did not answer Dong Xue but frowned. Her mind went back to the last life, when she also thought Qian Yu was a good man and waited with joy to marry her, but she never thought that he would be snatched away by her second sister!

But that Qian Yu also wanted both sisters! When she married, Su Xin Xuan had the means to be favored, but she suffered a lot of aggravation, demoted from the official wife and became a concubine!

When the second sister became Qian Yu’s wife, she came back to her parents to cry, but her mother told her to forgive the second sister. After all, she was her real sister and the second sister would take care of her.

Dear sister?

Dear sisters who would watch her being bullied!

Only her eldest sister took her to the Qian family to reason with them, only to be mocked by the Qian family!

Taking a deep breath, Su Jia Xuan came out from her memories and went straight to Cui Zhu Yuan.

Once inside, Su Jia Xuan jumped into Su Mo Li’s arms and cried in a small voice.

“It’s okay, it’s all in the past …… ” Su Mo Li touched Su Jia Xuan’s head and said with a smile.

“Big Sister used to protect me, and now she is also still so protective of me.” Su Jia Xuan said with a crying voice. She raised her head and her red eyes were full of gratitude.

In fact, Su M Li though it was strange at first, but when she heard Su Jia Xuan finish speaking, she understood.

Her past life was different from Su Jia Xuan’s past life.

In Su Jia Xuan’s previous life, she couldn’t do anything by herself, but she lived a good life, became the Second Prince’s side concubine, was repudiated by the Second Prince, and became an abandoned woman.

Then later fell ill and died.

It was said to be an illness that caused her death, but in fact she was poisoned, and the murderer was naturally the relative she was fighting for.

But in her previous life, she died at the age of five, and then crossed over to the world of immortal cultivation and came back.

Is it possible that she may have missed some memories?

Su Mo Li’s hand tapped on the table unconsciously as she was caught up in her own thoughts. So much so that she didn’t hear Su Jia Xuan when she called out several times.

“Sister!” Su Jia Xuan directly held her hands and pulled Su Mo Li’s sleeve. Su Mo Li smiled softly and looked at Su Jia Xuan, “Feeling better in your heart?”

Su Jia Xuan nodded, thought about it, and came to Su Mo Li’s side to whisper; “Sister, don’t be afraid, Su Lin is not coming back.”

A hint of uncertainty crossed Su Mo Li’s eyes, “Is that what happened in the previous life?”

“Yes.” Su Jia Xuan small face appeared serious, “Someone kidnapped Brother and wanted a lot of silver, but Mother did not have so much silver in her hands. When selling your real mother’s dowry, she found that things were missing.

“When Mother went to check, she learned that all these things were sold by Second Sister. There was no choice but to find someone to borrow from first. However, Father and Mother used too much time so that they missed the deadline.

However, Second Sister also knew that she had made a mistake so she sold her gold and silver jewelry, and Father and Mother did not blame her.

This time …… “

Su Jia Xuan took a deep breath; “This time Sister has collected her dowry back. Will they use Sister’s dowry to save brother?”

“Are you willing to let Su Lin come back?”

Su Jia Xuan face twisted and twisted again; “I do not like him. When Mother hugged me a little, but he smashed my head with a stone …… “

Speaking of this, Su Jia Xuan grimaced.

Su Mo Li’s eyes, however, lit up: “This Su Lin is a bit interesting.

If you want to save him, it’s not impossible.”

Su Jia Xuan some doubts. Su Mo Li has an idea but she rubbed Su Jia Xuan’s head: “Well, it’s getting late, go back early.”

“Sister, do you want to save Su Lin?” Su Jia Xuan tugged Su Mo Li’s hand. Her face was full of incomprehension.

Su Mo Li answered with a smile on her face but her eyes were icy cold. Such Su Mo Li made Su Jia Xuan feel that she was very unfamiliar. The pressure that came from her face made her heart tremble.

“He bullied you so we have to pay him back. Good girl, we have to make the ones who owe us pay the price, right?”

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  1. I agree Su Mo Li, we can not allow that weasel to get away with what he’s done. Besides, he’ll help with Su family’s downfall.

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  2. I don’t understand.
    Su Mo Li at first said that in her first life, she became the concubine of the second prince and the second miss became his wife and then after he failed to be the Crown Prince/Emperor he was killed and so Su Mo Li, she get killd for the Su family. And now she said that she did at age 5?!
    Also, her third sister Su Jia Xuan also said that their second sister will become the second prince consort and torment Su Mo Li, she even was trying to prevent them from meeting all so she can save her first sister. But now it change so suddenly! Now their second sister became a concubine of the third sister’ husband and then took her sister place and became the wife. While Su Mo Li was a side consort of the second prince and then became abandoned.

  3. Thanks for the translations. This chapter is really confusing. I assume the author mixed up the names…happens really often. anyhow, a lot of plot holes in this story😆

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