White Lotus Overturned Daily Chapter 61: You are Good-Looking Enough

When Concubine Shui and Concubine Nian received the news, they were both very surprised and did not reply directly to Cheng Tao.

When Cheng Tao informed Su Mo Li, Su Mo Li did not feel that it was strange. After all, it takes time to make a decision.

Su Mo Li got up and said slowly: “There is no hurry. Let’s wait. By the way, how is Su Lin?”

Cheng Tao shook her head, her face was full of disgust: “Su Lin this person has been spoiled by the elders and has grown crooked.

Bullying maids and servants is one thing, but he also bullies the little girls of his relatives. At a young age, all he is proficient in is eating, drinking, whoring and gambling.

Obviously only a seven-year-old child, but so domineering. I really do not understand.”

“Things will turn around.” Su Mo Li said indifferently, “There is nothing strange.”

“Three days later, they will return.” Cheng Tao continued.

Su Mo Li rubbed the rim of her cup. She was silent for a while and then said slowly, “I know.”

“Miss, what do are you thinking?” Huang Fan asked suspiciously.

Su Mo Li smiled: “Just let nature take its course.”

Cheng Tao and Huang Fan glanced at each other and both saw a puzzled look in each other’s eyes.

This is not like their own lady ah!

Miss has always had a plan, when will she go with the flow?

Su Mo Li got up, patted the non-existent dust off her body, and walked out of the room. She looked at the maids in the courtyard and raised an eyebrow: “Zi Su, follow me out.”

Zi Su in the corner raised her head. She blinked her eyes while holding the steamed bun and looked confused.

Seeing this, a few smiles appeared on Su Mo Li’s face: “Eat while walking.”

Zi Su answered and immediately followed. After finishing the steamed bun in three bites, she whispered, “Miss, where are we going?”

“To Mother’s.”

Zi Su felt it was a little strange and wondered why Miss would bring her along. After all, she used to take Cheng Tao and Huang Fan with her.

But she didn’t think much about it too much and followed behind Su Mo Li.

Su Mo Li’s arrival made Li Qianshi feel a little strange: “Let her in, I want to see what she wants.”

After Su Mo Li came in, she gave a greeting towards Li Qianshi. In terms of etiquette, there was no fault to be found.

“What brings Li’er here today?”

Li Qianshi faintly looked at Su Mo Li with a smile on her face. Looking at Su Mo Li’s features, her hand fiercely tightened. She had to say that Su Mo Li looked a little too good-looking.

Thinking about the what she was going to ask next, Li Qianshi immediately said: “What’s the matter? Let Li’er be straightforward.”

Su Mo Li smiled and slowly said, “It’s nothing big, I’m just afraid that because of Lin’er’s matter, Mother misunderstood me, so I came here to talk to Mother.

Lin’er is also coming back soon, in the end his age is small. How about when Miss Shi teaches Xuan’er, let Lin’er listen next to her? If there is anything he doesn’t understand, he can ask Xuan’er, what does Mother think?”

Li Qianshi smiled: “In this matter, your father has his own plans. Yesterday your father also said that he will have a good talk with Miss Shi. Since you don’t want to, we can’t force you, right?

After all, Lin’er is not your own brother, you not being willing to help him is also normal.”

After speaking, Li Qianshi picked up the tea cup next to her, “Speaking more is useless, Li’er can leave first.”

“Ai …… ” sniffed, Su Mo Li heaved a sigh, “It seems that Mother still does not forgive me, not to mention the others, just speaking of Xuan’er. Mother is not afraid of dragging Xuan’er down, so that she can not be Miss Shi’s disciple?”

Li Qianshi frowned: “What is Li’er saying? What do you mean that by teaching Lin’er it will drag down Xuan’er? Besides, we just want you to mention it to Miss Shi, we didn’t say that Miss Shi must teach Lin’er?

Just give Lin’er a chance, yet Li’er is not even willing. In that case, I do not want to say more, Li’er should go back.”

Su Mo Li lifted her eyes, her face was full of aggravation and tears appeared and disappeared in her eyes, but it was more than enough to make people’s hearts feel compassionate.

“Mother, just because I am not your own daughter, so you dislike me like this? And your statement that Lin’er is not my real brother, how can he not be my real brother? He has the same father as me! Yes, I know, Mother has never treated me as her own daughter, right?

Fine, fine, I understand …… ” said Su Mo Li, then stood up and was just about to leave when she heard an unfamiliar voice.

“What’s going on here? Did County Princess Su Rou and Madam Su quarrel?”

As a woman walked in, Li Qianshi’s face changed imperceptibly. She glanced at the maid next to her and gave her a fierce glare.

The little maid shrank her neck, her face full of aggravation.

Su Mo Li’s eyes darkened, but she turned around without moving. When she saw the woman’s face, she quickly wiped away her tears: “Madam Qian.”

“County Princess Su Rou.” Madam Qian bowed her body.

“Madam Qian is very polite.”

County Princess Su Rou said in a soft voice and helped Madam Qian up.

Madam Qian’s husband was the imperial historian, and she came today to give Su Jia Xuan a visit.

Li Qianshi smiled and asked someone to bring tea and pour water, then said: “Doesn’t Li’er have the habit of taking a nap? It should be the right time.”

“I’m not sleepy today, I would like to talk to Mother, so that she doesn’t misunderstand me. It’s really my heart for my Third Sister, you can’t ruin her future for the sake of Brother!”

Su Mo Li’s words just finished when Li Qianshi immediately chided: “Li’er, what are you talking about? Xuan’er is my child, I will not harm her!”

Su Mo Li pretended to shrink her neck in fear. Her eyes filled with tears and she was about to speak, but she coughed violently.

Zi Su hurriedly handed water to Su Mo Li: “Miss, you moisten your throat.”

Su Mo Li took it. Her face was a little pale, her hand covered her chest, and she seemed to be very uncomfortable.

Madam Qian hurriedly said: “County Princess Su Rou, are you okay? Madam Su, why are you still sitting still? Hurry up and find a doctor! If something happens to Princess Su Rou, how can you explain to Lord Su?”

“Thank you, Madam Qian, I’m fine.” Su Mo Li hoarsely said while leaning on Zi Su, “Mother is so worried that she has already gotten used to it, not that she doesn’t care about me.”

Madam Qian frowned and glanced at Li Qianshi’s expression.

Li Qianshi also just reacted, which barely showed a worried look, but it was also a little too deliberate.

In fact, it is not fair to blame Li Qianshi for not reacting, it is really that Su Mo Li coughed too sudden.

But after all, having lived a long life, Li Qianshi soon reacted and personally poured a cup of tea for Su Mo Li: “Li’er is not well, go back to rest first. Whatever is the matter, wait until you are better.”

Su Mo Li grabbed Li Qianshi’s wrist with her backhand, and her little face was full of expectation: “Mother, promise me that you won’t let Xuan’er pave the way for Lin’er, okay? Xuan’er is also your own daughter ah! Since Miss Shi has already chosen Xuan’er, let Xuan’er learn painting properly, isn’t that good?”

“County Princess Su Rou, what do you mean by that?” Madame Qian was a bit puzzled and looked at Su Mo Li.

Su Mo Li seemed to have thought of something and immediately said, “Madam Qian, please help me persuade Mother. Mother wants Miss Shi to give up taking Third Sister as her apprentice and become Younger Brother’s Master instead.”

“What?” Madam Qian looked up sharply, her face full of suspicion, “Madam Su, was this the original idea you had?”

Li Qianshi hurriedly said, “Madam Qian, you should not listen to Li’er’s nonsense, how could I do that? Xuan’er is also my child!”

Su Mo Li tears fell and choked up and said, “Although Third Sister is your own daughter, however when Third Sister is sick, you were with Second Sister. When Third Sister wants to learn something, you always say there is no silver, but then turn to buy good things for the Second Sister. Now that Third Sister has earned her own future, you also want to take it away and give it to Younger Brother?

Even I can’t stand to see it Mother! You can’t do this!”

Madam Qian said coldly, “The heart of the hand is flesh, Madam Su, aren’t you going too far?

No wonder you agreed so quickly, so this is your idea, huh, aren’t you too much? Our Qian family is not as good as your Su family, but it’s not for you to bully us like this!

The reason we want to settle for the Third Young Lady is just because she is Miss Shi’s disciple. Without this status, why do we need to settle for the Third Young Lady, she is only eight years old! We might as well settle for a girl similar in age to Yu’er’s. Wouldn’t it be better to have grandchildren sooner?”

Li Qianshi’s face was embarrassed and she quickly said with a smile, “I won’t do that, if it’s Xuan’s I won’t give it to Lin’er!”

“Let’s talk about this matter later. I still have something to do so I’ll leave first. ” Madam Qian said expressionlessly. She then turned around and left.

Li Qianshi hurriedly sent Madam Qian out, and Su Mo Li naturally followed her.

After Madam Qian left, the smile on Li Qianshi’s face disappeared and she took a deep look at Su Mo Li, holding back her anger and said, “Are you happy that you have spoiled your sister’s marriage?”

Su Mo Li lowered her eyes and her eyelashes trembled as she slowly said: “Mother what are you talking about? The first son of the Qian family, Qian Yu, is already fifteen years old but he is uneducated and unskilled. He is only a master of eating, drinking, whoring and gambling. Is Mother betrothing Third Sister or pushing Third Sister into the fire?

Also, this matter, does Father know?”

Li Qianshi’s heart sank, coldly said: “Qian Yu just has not set his temperament, after the marriage, it will naturally be good.”

“Is that so? Then you know that Qian Yu already has more than a dozen concubines?”

Su Mo Li swept a glance at Li Qianshi- the cold eyes made Li Qianshi shiver.

Such a look, there was no emotion, no ripple. It was like looking at a dead person.

“You …… “

“Mother be careful.” Su Mo Li held Li Qianshi.

Li Qianshi was in a trance, as if she had just seen that look with her own eyes.

“Mother, Li’er will first take leave.”

With that, Su Mo Li took Zi Su and left, going directly to the back garden.

“Zi Su, would you like to do me a favor?”

Zi Su hurriedly knelt down: “Miss, just give me an order!”

“If this matter is done, I will set you free.”

Zi Su’s eyes lit up: “Miss …… “

“I know your wish is to open a small store and live a peaceful life, and you can rest assured that after this matter is done, I will fulfill your wish.”

After indicating for Zi Su to get up, she whispered a few words in her ear. After listening, Zi Su looked at Su Mo Li in doubt: “Miss, will Shizi Qian believe me?”

“Naturally he will.” Su Mo Li laughed out lightly, “Because you are good looking enough.”

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  1. To sell your eight-year-old daughter to a fifteen-year-old who indulges in despicable behavior. No wonder the parents favor the second daughter, she is just as evil as them!

    It’s good that Su Mo Li intervened.

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