White Lotus Overturned Daily Chapter 60: Step by Step

At night, Su Mo Li walked out in her night stalking clothes.

Right after arriving at the private room of the restaurant, she saw Shi Zhu.

Wearing a white dress, Shi Zhu held a wine glass in one hand and put one hand casually on her crossed legs, with a smiling look on her face.

Seeing Su Mo Li sit down, she put down her crossed legs and looked at Su Mo Li with raised eyebrows: “What a miserable mess! This is how you take revenge?”

Su Mo Li laughed lightly, picked up a pair of chopsticks and started to eat while saying: “No, I just want to make the things he especially wants to disappear one by one through the official way, so that he can feel pain.

Therefore, I have to plan properly. If I let him die directly, it would be too unpleasant and too cheap.”

Su Mo Li’s words made Shi Zhu give a thumbs up: “Ruthless, you are totally ruthless. Speak up, do you need my help?

Although you stood me up, since you have something serious to do, I’ll forgive you.”

Shi Zhu’s generous look amused Su Mo Li.

After thinking about it, she said slowly: “There is one thing that I need your help with.

Su Chen likes your paintings very much, so if you offer to come visit the study, he should agree.

I’ve searched all the places in Su mansion and only the study is left.”

“What are you looking for?” The smile on Shi Zhu’s face disappeared, and was replaced by a serious look.

“The account book.” Su Mo Li said softly, “What is written in it is the evidence of Su Chen’s embezzlement.”


Shi Zhu nodded, “Tomorrow I will go to Su Mansion.”

“Many thanks.” Su Mo Li lifted the wine glass, “Have a drink?”

Before Shi Zhu could say anything, she saw Su Mo Li drink it all in one go.

The corners of her mouth twitched and she called the waiter. After saying a few words, the shopkeeper quickly came up and sighed: “Miss is drunk after one cup, how can this be good?”

Shi Zhu looked at Su Mo Li and had a bit of a headache. She shouldn’t have ordered wine just now!

The shopkeeper is also a bit helpless. Su Mo Li already has the feeling of drunkenness and the scene in front of her wobbled. She blinked hard and could not easily see Shi Zhu’s figure: “That, I thought my alcohol tolerance had increased, I’m really sorry.”


The whole person rolled straight down from the chair, fell on the floor, and fell asleep.

The shopkeeper’s eyes were wide and incredulous as he watched this sequence of actions: “This …… “

Shi Zhu had a bit of a headache: “You go find a carriage, I’ll take her to my place.”

Because of Shi Zhu and Feng He’s identity, the Emperor specially gave the two people each a mansion.

The sound coming from the carriage wheels was extraordinarily clear in the silent night.

In the carriage, Shi Zhu looked at the unconscious Su Mo Li, could not help but mutter: “Not afraid that I will sell you!”

Su Mo Li seems to have sensed the situation. She rolled over and wrapped an arm directly around Shi Zhu’s waist.

The intimate move made Shi Zhu suddenly blush. Her hand threw Su Mo Li’s hand to the side. Looking at the arm that slammed against the table, the sound made Shi Zhu’s mouth twitch. This should be very painful ……

Su Mo Li turned over, revealing her small face. The delicate features let Shi Zhu be in a trance, and her mind inexplicably thought of the first time when she saw Su Mo Li.

Su Mo Li is obviously smaller than herself, but she calmly hid herself, so that those thugs could not find her.

She was obviously so thin and weak, but she always gave all the food to herself. If she hadn’t seen that she was late in coming back and went out to look for her, she wouldn’t have found her, and she would have passed away from hunger.

“Ai …… “

Shi Zhu sighed and a helpless look appeared on her face, “Who let me owe you, eventually I have to pay it back.”

When they arrived at the mansion, Shi Zhu arranged a room for Su Mo Li, before returning to her own room and sleeping.

Su Mo Li woke up in the latter half of the night. She rubbed her brow and drank the still warm sober soup next to her before walking out.

“Going away?”

Shi Zhu turned to look at Su Mo Li.

Su Mo Li responded, “See you tomorrow.”

After saying that, she exerted her inner strength and quickly left.

However, not long after leaving, a black shadow flashed by.

Su Mo Li stood on the roof of who knows who’s house and looked at the oncoming black shadow and raised her eyebrows: “Crown Prince?”

Zhong Li Shi glanced at Su Mo Li in surprise. After arriving in front of her, his eyebrows faintly wrinkled: “You’ve been drinking?”

Su Mo Li: “…… “

“The Crown Prince has a good nose.”

Zhong Li Shi’s eyes flashed with a trace of disapproval: “It’s late at night, County Princess Su Rou should pay more attention to it.”

Su Mo Li smiled: “Farewell.”

However, just as she tried to use her internal energy, she couldn’t stand up and fell straight down from the roof!

Zhong Li Shi quickly rushed over!

*Bang! *

Su Mo Li touched her buttocks and looked at Zhong Li Shi who was standing by the side, the corners of her mouth twitched fiercely: “His Highness the Crown Prince couldn’t save me a little?”

Zhong Li Shi looked at Su Mo Li and slowly said, “Men and women should not be close to each other.”

Su Mo Li: “…… “

Can she hit someone?

Is this the time to talk about male and female intimacy?

Should there not be a hero to save the beauty?

This prince is not right in the head!

Zhong Li Shi was also very embarrassed.

It’s not his fault, it’s just that there were many ladies who wanted to use this bitter ploy before. After he fell for it twice, he didn’t dare to save the beauty anymore!

Su Mo Li stood up, took a step forward, and the pain coming from her ankle made her silent for a while.

“My foot is twisted.”

Su Mo Li did not have the good grace to look at Zhong Li Shi: “You carry me back!”

Zhong Li Shi raised his eyebrows and thought about which way he should carry the person in front of him.

Su Mo Li thought Zhong Li Shi was reluctant, said: “Can you not be squeamish! When you were injured, it was me who carried you to the Palace gate! I have saved you, you can’t help me even once?”

“What?” Zhong Li Shi snapped his head up, “It’s you!”

Su Mo Li glanced at Zhong Li Shi in confusion, and saw that Zhong Li Shi had a complicated face; like he wanted to say something but couldn’t. It was a bit strange: “What’s wrong with you?”

“How can you hold a man like that?”

Zhong Li Shi finally couldn’t help but say it, and then the tips of his ears flushed red.

Su Mo Li nodded: “Then I’ll change the way I hold men later, can you carry me back first? It’s almost dawn.”

Zhong Li Shi frowned deeply: “Later do not hug men.”

Then, he carried Su Mo Li on his back: “If those men are just trying to cheat your kindness, what should you do?”

Su Mo Li lay on Zhong Li Shi’s back and her voice soft and comfortable: “I won’t lose anything either!”


Zhong Li Shi frowned deeper and deeper: “You’re a girl, it’s always you who suffers!”

“They can’t beat me.” Su Mo Li couldn’t help but say, “So I won’t lose out either.”

Zhong Li Shi had a headache.

Su Mo Li was a little confused.

She did not feel that she was wrong to do so.

When you meet someone who needs to be saved, even if it’s a man, you still have to save them!

After all, it is beneficial to yourself.

For example, Shi Zhu, at first if she did not know her identity, she would not save.

But fortunately she saved her, otherwise she would have starved to death.

For a while, both did not speak.

Without speaking, his attention could not be diverted, and Zhong Li Shi felt the softness of the person on his back. From time to time, there was a nice aroma lingering around the tip of his nose.

Zhong Li Shi only felt that his body’s temperature was getting higher and higher, and it had already reached the level of dryness and heat.

The good thing is that he had already arrived at the Su Mansion. Su Mo Li slipped down, took a look at the Su Mansion gate, and carefully walked in through the side door.

Looking at Su Mo Li’s back, Zhong Li Shi couldn’t help but use his inner strength and jumped in. He saw that Su Mo Li was already being supported by her own maid and went back to her courtyard.

The next day, Old Madam Su learned that Su Mo Li had asked for a doctor, and after asking a few questions, she said with a smile, “This girl is too reckless, she doesn’t have an old mama in that courtyard either.”

Saying that, she sighed: “Is Momo Lin still here?”

Momo Ke was slightly stunned, and then waved away the crowd, “Old Madam, she’s here.”

“Go on, send her to Cui Zhu Yuan.” Old Madam Su said slowly, “Back then, she did nothing wrong, yet she was driven away by that one who found a reason to do so.

I know that she was waiting for Li’er to come back.

Now what she was waiting for is here, let her go over.”


Momo Ke answered and personally went to the servants room.

Momo Lin did heavy work every day and had been bullied by the underlings, but these days it was much better and she had a chance to breathe.

Hearing the news, Momo Lin was overjoyed. She hurriedly thanked her and followed Momo Ke to Cui Zhu Yuan.

Su Mo Li was helped out by Cheng Tao, and when she saw Momo Lin, a smile appeared on her little face. She was just about to say something when she coughed.

When Momo Ke saw this, her face was full of pity, and after saying a few words of care, she left.


Momo Lin walked a few steps faster. Her lips trembled a few times and she wanted to say something, but could not say anything. Her pair of cloudy eyes filled with excitement.

Su Mo Li let Huang Fan help Momo Lin sit down, then said: “Momo, no need to be polite, you were my mother’s personal maid. I have a lot of things I want to ask you, but things are not urgent, you first take good care of your body.

You just need to know that I don’t believe that Mother died of the disease.”

Momo Lin’s eyes lit up and she nodded vigorously while crying silently.

“Momo just rest, leave the rest to me.”

Su Mo Li smiled at Momo Lin: “Huang Fan, take Momo down to rest.”

After the two people left, Cheng Tao asked, “Miss, how did you know that the Old Madam would assign Momo Lin to you?”

“These few days I have been asking people to say something about Momo Lin from time to time. Grandmother loves me and naturally she also knows Momo Lin’s loyalty. It was just a matter of time before she gave her to me.”

Su Mo Li smiled gently: “By the way, is Shi Zhu here?”

“Miss Shi came an hour ago and is now in the master’s study.” Cheng Tao answered.

Su Mo Li nodded: “Since Shi Zhu is helping me to find something, then we can’t be idle either. I heard that Su Xin Zhen went to see the Second Prince today? Great, you go and arrange for those two women. In this mansion, how can there be only one person, Li Qianshi, in sole favor?”

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