White Lotus Overturned Daily Chapter 59: The arrogant Shi Zhu

Su Mo Li’s words stunned everyone present.

Obviously, they did not expect that the Su Mo Li would actually say such words directly.

Su Xin Zhen was the first to respond and stood up in a flash: “Father! You see, this is what she really said!

She doesn’t want to help her brother at all! All she’s looking for are excuses!”

Su Mo Li blinked her big eyes. With a light smile on her face, she reached out, straightened her sleeves, and stood up: “I can’t decide what Grandmaster Feng He and Miss Shi want, sorry.”

With that, she was about to leave.

However, she was directly stopped by Su Xin Zhen.

“You say the words clearly!”

Su Mo Li looked at Su Xin Zhen in confusion: “What I said is not clear enough? It seems that Sister needs to study hard, otherwise if you don’t understand such a simple meaning of what I said, if someone speaks more profoundly in the future, then Sister will be lost in the dark? If you don’t respond correctly, you’ll lose the face of the Su family.”

“You! Who told you this? Now we are talking about our younger brother, how can you say that about him?”

Su Mo Li was silent for a while and looked at Su Chen: “Does Father also think that what I said is wrong? Or that it’s nonsense? I just returned to the capital, and I was able to hear the gossip about my brother. My brother has been gone for two years, and according to what happened, everyone should have forgotten about it, yet ……”

Su Mo Li smiled: “In this case, Younger Brother’s actions were really disgraceful, and his conduct was indeed improper, but the good thing is that Younger Brother is still young, it is not impossible to teach him properly.

As for Grandmaster Feng He and Miss Shi, they will not be willing to have a person of such character as my brother, and I can’t offend them because of this matter. If word gets out that I am disliked by Grandmaster Feng He and Miss Shi, then the Su family will also be affected. Father, don’t you think so?

It is impossible to ruin the future of all of us in the Su family for Lin’er alone, right?”

Li Qianshi frowned and said slowly: “It’s just to let you …… “

“Mother.” Su Mo Li directly interrupted Li Qianshi’s words and said lightly, “The nature of Grandmaster Feng He and Miss Shi, no one knows better than me. Furthermore, Third Sister is now Miss Shi’s disciple, do you want Miss Shi to drag Third Sister into trouble?”

Li Qianshi froze.

“Then how about this.” Su Xin Zhen immediately said, “When Miss Shi comes over, let Miss Shi teach Younger Brother well and just not teach Xuan’er.”

Su Jia Xuan looked at Su Xin Zhen incredulously, “On what grounds?”

“What do you mean by what grounds? Younger Brother needs to learn these things in order to run the Su family in the future, what’s the use of you learning these things? If you want to learn, I will teach you. Besides, if the title of Miss Shi’s disciple is given to Lin’er, it will be good for Lin’er. Father, do you think so?”

Su Chen thought about it and nodded: “Zhen’er is right.”

Su Jia Xuan looked at Li Qianshi, but saw Li Qianshi said in a soft voice: “Xuan’er, if you want to learn, Mother will hire other teacher for you, you ……”

“No!” Su Jia Xuan stood up and stared angrily at Li Qianshi, “Mother, I am also your daughter, why are you so biased?”

“You child, where am I biased? You …… “

“Okay.” Su Jia Xuan interrupted Li Qianshi’s words, “Do you think that Master will let you go? My master is not an ordinary person, only she can pick her disciple!”

Su Mo Li felt that these people are really ridiculously stupid. Such a simple thing, but they actually couldn’t figure it out?

“You try, maybe it will be possible? Besides, Lin’er is not worse than you, you …… “

However Su Jia Xuan didn’t wait for Li Qianshi to finish, she directly ran out.

“This child! Why is she so brain dead!” Li Qianshi was furious, but after all she is her own child and she cannot say anything. She was afraid that Su Chen would blame Su Jia Xuan for this, so she said, “This matter still has to be said to Li’er, Xuan’er is still small after all.”

Su Mo Li could only feel that was funny: “I won’t say anything about this matter, Father, Mother, I’ll go first.”

Saying that, Su Mo Li bypassed Su Xin Zhen and directly left.

Su Chen said with a sullen face, “First pick up Lin’er, then let’s talk about the rest.”

Su Xin Zhen only felt that she was in an extremely good mood and even ate an extra bowl of rice before going back.

The next day, after Su Mo Li returned from Old Madam Su’s place, she sat in the courtyard, not knowing what she was thinking about.

Huang Fan and Cheng Tao looked at each other and both saw a puzzled look in each other’s eyes.

An hour later, Su Mo Li changed her clothes: “Let’s go into the Palace.”

Cheng Tao hurriedly followed, and they went to the Second Princess’s Palace. When Su Mo Li arrived, she sat by the window and drank tea without talking.

“Li’er, why are you not talking today?” Zhong Li Xi asked in confusion.

Su Mo Li shook her head: “I’m going to see the Emperor.”

“Father?” Zhong Li Xi was even more puzzled, “Why are you looking for Father?”

Su Mo Li pursed her lips and smiled at Zhong Li Xi.

Zhong Li Xi sighed, “Okay, I’ll take you there, let’s go.”

Saying that, she held Su Mo Li’s hand and walked out.

When they arrived at the Imperial study, Zhong Li Xi found an excuse to leave.

For Zhong Li Xi’s attitude, Su Mo Li’s heart was very grateful.

The Emperor was also very puzzled as to why Su Mo Li came to him. Only after seeing Su Mo Li sit down did he ask with a smile, “Is there something wrong with Li’er?”

“Your Majesty, there is something fishy about my mother’s death, I have found some evidence, please give me a chance to find out the cause of my mother’s death, Your Majesty.”

As soon as the words fell, Su Mo Li knelt down: “At first, it was said that my mother died of a disease, but after I returned to the house, I found the prescription that was used to treat my mother. It was a prescription for ordinary wind and cold.”

Saying that, Su Mo Li then took out the prescription and handed it to the Emperor.

“So, I do not believe that my mother just died of an infectious disease, I want to investigate, please Your Majesty fulfill my wish.”

The Emperor looked at the yellowed paper in his hands and frowned: “How do you know that this prescription is your mother’s prescription?”

“Your Majesty, there is no impermeable wall in the world. If you want to find something, it can always be found.” Su Mo Li’s eyes appeared firm, “Your Majesty has reason to be suspicious but I will find all the evidence, just asking Your Majesty to do justice to my mother.”

“Good, if you can find out, I’m willing to give you justice.” The Emperor put down the prescription and said slowly.

“Get up.”

Su Mo Li stood up, walked to the desk and took out a piece of paper: “Thank you, Your Majesty. Here is a small token of appreciation, please accept it.”

After saying that, Su Mo Li bowed, turned around and left.

The Emperor picked up the paper and opened it. He took a breath and stood up directly: “Quick! Stop County Princess Su Rou!

No, ask County Princess Sou Rou to come back safely!”

Although Da Guozi was puzzled, he still followed the Emperor’s instructions and called her back.

Su Mo Li smiled and said to Da Guozi: “You go back to report to the Emperor, everything should be done according to what is written.”

Da Guozi was still a little hesitant.

“No need to panic, the Emperor will not blame you.”

Thinking of the Emperor’s expression just now, Da Guozi nodded: “Take care, Princess.”

Only then did he go back to his post.

The Emperor listened to his words and took a deep breath. The excitement on his face made Da Guozi feel a little strange: “Your Majesty, what’s wrong?”

The Emperor slowly said: “I could not have imagined that the Golden Pavilion is actually a business under the name of Li’er. The Imperial treasury is empty. The owner of the Golden Pavilion has solved the urgent need, and then signed an agreement with me. From now on, 10% of the proceeds of the Golden Pavilion will be shared with me, and I will protect the Golden Pavilion.”

“What?” Da Guozi was full of shock, “County princess Su Rou actually gave such a profitable industry to you, Your Majesty?”

“Yes!” The Emperor laughed, “I think, she also wanted to use this industry to negotiate with me before. Only I did not expect that as soon as I agreed to her request, this girl gave this to me, and also asked me to keep this matter quiet.

This girl …… we do not know her well enough ah!” The Emperor said this slowly, “So, you go call Grandmaster Feng He and Miss Shi over. I would like to know what else this girl is hiding from me.”

Da Gouzi heart dropped with a “thud”. He glanced at the Emperor, but could not distinguish between his happiness and sadness.

After thinking about it, he still said: “County Princess Su Rou did all this to get justice for Princess Huimin. Not only that, but she also helped the Emperor a lot.

I know all this, all right, I still don’t know what you are thinking?”

The Emperor glanced at Da Guozi: “Go invite them over.”

After Feng He and Shi Zhu came over, the Emperor exchanged a few pleasantries and then asked about Su Mo Li.

Feng He and Shi Zhu glanced at each other and slowly said, “The relationship between me and County Princess Su Rou, Your Majesty should know that County Princess Su Rou can be said to be my master. If we put aside this identity, if we have a disciple like County Princess Su Rou, it would be a blessing for our group.”

Shi Zhu was silent for a while and said, “County Princess Su Rou’s talent is very impressive, but her health is not good and she has delayed many things.

She is a very smart person, and can also grow in adversity, only, I did not expect that Su Mo Li, who has suffered so much is actually the first daughter of the Prime Minister and Princess Huimin as well as your niece.”

Speaking of this, Shi Zhu snorted, “Your Majesty, your niece is bullied by someone, this is not putting you in their eyes ah!

Although I have conflicts with Su Mo Li, I have to say that she is really pitiful.

She has earned her current status.

By the way, I heard that her own mother died in a very strange way. Your Majesty, you also did not properly investigate? I think that Prime Minister Su is not a good person.”

The corner of Feng He’s eyes twitched. He a sip of tea from the side and maintained a high profile.

The Emperor’s face sank a few points: “Miss Shi be careful what you say.”

“Tch.” Shi Zhu leaned back in her chair with her hands behind her head, “Since the Emperor does not believe me, then it can’t be helped. But the Emperor should investigate properly, rather than trust people, ah! This corruption is not a trivial matter. Your Majesty, your hard-earned silver is divided by these corrupt officials, are you not angry?”

The Emperor said indifferently: “I know what I want to know, the two of you please go back.”

Shi Zhu stood up, swept a glance at the Emperor, lightly laughed twice: “Your Majesty, the person you value is a murderer and a corrupt official yet you are not afraid?”

The Emperor’s face sank once again, his eyes were deep and profound.

After going out, Feng He looked helplessly at Shi Zhu: “Imperial power is not to be provoked ah.”

Shi Zhu raised her eyebrows: “Is he the only Imperial power that I’ve provoked? Moreover, Su Mo Li was bullied like this, are you not distressed?”

Feng He smiled: “Don’t you hate Su Mo Li?”

Shi Zhu coldly snorted, and her eyes crossed with a trace of killing intent: “No one in this world can bully her except me, if some people do not have eyes, do not blame me Shi Zhu for mercilessly …… “

Translator’s Note:

What’s up beautiful people 😊 Long time to

Shi Zhu is true tsundere 😂😂

Only I can bully her

Also the emperor is lowkey stupid and selfish. Your sister took an injury that would have killed you and she died in a suspicious manner. Instead of investigating, you let it slide and keep a clearly corrupt official who killed her by your side. He can rot in hell.

Edited by EllieKit

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