White Lotus Overturned Daily Chapter 58: Are you all okay in your heads?

“Li’er? Li’er!” Zhong Li Xi called out several times in a row before pulling Su Mo Li back from her thoughts.

Su Mo Li looked at Zhong Li Xi and yawned: “I’m sleepy.”

Then she said to Cheng Tao, “You go back to the house first, no need to wait for me here.”

Cheng Tao felt it was a bit strange but still agreed.

Su Mo Li thought it was very simple. If the prince came looking for her later, she will knock him out again and run away alone.

Zhong Li Xi was puzzled: “What’s wrong with you? Did your spirit leave your body……

Su Mo Li thought about it and slowly said, “Second Princess, I want to ask you a question about the Crown Prince.”

“What is it?”

Zhong Li Xi poured a cup of tea and handed it to Su Mo Li.

Su Mo Li took a sip and whispered: “That is if you had told any secrets to His Highness when you were a child, would His Highness have told your Father and Mother?”

Zhong Li Xi is more and more confused: “This, I don’t tell my brother secrets, ah!”

“Then what if you did?” Su Mo Li could not help but continue to ask.

Zhong Li Xi shook her head; her small face was full of seriousness: “I do not know, but Brother does not like to say everything to Imperial Father and Mother. I think he is not a talkative person, why, why you ask?”

“It’s nothing; I just want to ask.” Su Mo Li said with a smile.

Zhong Li Xi thought it was a bit strange, but Su Mo Li had already started to teach her to play the qin, so she didn’t ask anything.

In the evening, after dinner, Zhong Li Xi sent Su Mo Li out of the Palace.

Su Mo Li wasn’t relieved until she got into the carriage. Fortunately, Zhong Li Shi didn’t come over.

However, when she returned to Cui Zhu Courtyard, she saw Zhong Li Shi sitting inside.

Su Mo Li took two steps back and glanced at Cheng Tao and Huang Fan. She saw that the two were cleaning up as usual and frowned as she walked in again.

“Miss, do you need anything to eat?” Huang Fan came over with a teapot, “This is the newly brewed floral tea; you should try it.”

Saying that she was about to walk in.

In the next second, Su Mo Li directly stood in front of Huang Fan and took the teapot from her hand, “All right, you guys go rest, don’t come in without my order.”


Huang Fan touched her nose and felt a little strange.

What’s wrong with Miss?

Cheng Tao also walked over with some doubts on her face, “What’s wrong?”

Huang Fan shook her head, indicating that she didn’t know.

“All right, go busy yourself first; if Miss calls us, we’ll go in again.”

Inside, Su Mo Li put the teapot on the table. She sat down, picked up an apple, and nibbled on it.

For a while, the atmosphere was extraordinarily delicate. Except for the sound of Su Mo Li eating, there was no more, as if there was no one else in this room.

Zhong Li Shi watched for half a day, but after seeing Su Mo Li finished her third apple, he then opened his mouth and said: “You are not curious?”

“You’re not curious?” Su Mo Li asked rhetorically.

Zhong Li Shi quirked the corner of his lips, “Princess Su Rou is really different from the rumors.”

“Didn’t you find that out?” Su Mo Li continued in dislike, “Just say what Your Highness the Crown Prince wants to say.”

“Aren’t you afraid that I will make your matter public?” Zhong Li Shi became more interested.

Su Mo Li swept a glance at Zhong Li Shi: “Then they will only think that Your Highness the Crown Prince has developed a mental condition. The kind of person I am, everyone knows, I am weak, helpless, pitiful. Even if I have Grandmaster Feng He and Shi Zhu as my backers, they will only think that I am lucky.

If Your Highness does not believe me, you can go outside and ask around and find out.”

Zhong Li Shi seemed to have thought of something and said slowly: “It seems that Princess Su Rou has found a good way out for herself from the very beginning.”

“No.” Su Mo Li looked up at Zhong Li Shi, “I never thought I would be found out.”

Saying this, Su Mo Li was a bit resentful.

Zhong Li Shi laughed lightly: “In that case, I will say it straight. Su Mo Li, regarding Aunt Huimin’s issue, I can help you, but you have to help me find an account book.”

Su Mo Li raised her eyebrows. This actually coincided with what she thought.

Now that Su Chen completely favored Zhong Li Ling, the Prime Minister was no longer neutral, making the atmosphere at court extraordinarily delicate.

Su Mo Li actually couldn’t figure it out. The Emperor clearly favored Zhong Li Shi and showed his love and acceptance for Zhong Li Shi. So why would anyone want to rebel and pull Zhong Li Shi down?

If Zhong Li Shi was not worthy of being the Crown Prince, then it would be a different matter. But clearly, Zhong Li Shi’s virtue as a Crown Prince is already very good.

Well, there are always some people who desire too much, so that the court’s atmosphere was getting worse and worse.

Yesterday she actually went to the Crown Prince is for this matter. Therefore, Su Mo Li directly answered: “Good, what does the account book look like? You have to tell me clearly.”

Saying that, she took out a pen and paper: “Draw it out.”

Zhong Li Shi walked over, picked up the pen, and quickly drew it.

Su Mo Li glanced at the drawing and then glanced at the account book on the table next to him. The corners of her mouth twitched: “His Highness the Crown Prince did draw it very similarly, but I want to know, is there any difference between this account book and other account books?”

“No.” Zhong Li Shi raised his eyebrows, “Didn’t you want to know what the account book looks like? I’m telling you now.”

“Oh.” Su Mo Li rolled his eyes without a good attitude, “Thank you so much, Your Highness, the Crown Prince.”

Zhong Li Shi laughed lightly twice, “Well, Princess Su Rou County is too polite.”

Su Mo Li only felt choked and replied in a good-natured manner, “Shouldn’t you leave?”

“Well, if there’s anything, Princess Su Rou can go directly to the East Palace to look for me.”

As soon as the words left his mouth, she saw Zhong Li Shi jump out of the window and leave.

Seeing this, Su Mo Li’s eyes deepened a few points. Being able to avoid Cheng Tao, Huang Fan, and the surrounding secret guards, this martial art, was unfathomable.

Thinking this way, Su Mo Li was a little apprehensive. She didn’t know if her cooperation with the Crown Prince was akin to seeking a tiger for its skin.

“Miss, the Madam has invited you.” Outside, the voice of Cheng Tao rang out.

Su Mo Li answered and walked out. She heard Cheng Tao whisper, “Miss, Madam asked someone to call you over for dinner, and I don’t know what it means.”

“Let’s just go and see.” After Su Mo Li replied, she took Cheng Tao to go over.

As soon as she reached the courtyard, she saw Li Qianshi walking over with a smile, “Li’er is here, come in, Master is waiting for you.”

Saying that she held Su Mo Li’s hand and walked in.

So attentive?

Su Mo Li’s heart slightly sank. She wanted to see what Li Qianshi had come up with again.

After entering, they saw Su Xin Zhen and Su Jia Xuan were also there.

“Big Sister!” Su Jia Xuan’s eyes lit up, and she called out, “Today, my master came over and asked about you.”

Su Mo Li smiled gently and bowed towards Su Chen before walking to the side and sitting down, “Father.”

Su Chen put down his teacup and nodded his head.

Su Xin Zhen gave Su Mo Li a mocking glance and said nothing.

Su Mo Li looked at Su Jia Xuan again and saw that Su Jia Xuan also shook her head. She couldn’t help but feel a little strange.

“Serve the food.”

As Li Qianshi’s voice fell, the maids came in with the food. Each kind of dish was explicitly Su Mo Li’s favorite.

“Li’er eat quickly; everything here is what you love to eat.”

Su Mo Li’s eyelids couldn’t help but twitch. Just in case, she actually pretended to like to eat these items, and every time she never ate them.

After all, there were usually many dishes on the table. She only had to put one more chopstick in a bowl of dishes, and it was fine.

But now the table is full of dishes she hates, how can she eat?

It’s really was taking a stone and smashing your own feet!

On the side, Cheng Tao could not help but twitch the corners of her mouth as she looked at Su Mo Li with pity.

Su Mo Li expressionlessly ate the bitter melon, green vegetables, and fatty meat ……

When she had eaten a small half bowl, she put down the bowl and chopsticks in her hands: “Today I ate something with the Second Princess, so I can’t eat much. Father and Mother and two sisters should eat more.”

Li Qianshi glanced at Su Chen, put down her bowls and chopsticks, and said with a smile, “Today, I asked Li’er to come over because there is another thing that I need Li’er’s help.”

Su Mo Li had a smile on her face, and her eyes were clear: “Mother can just say whatever she wants to say, we are all family.”

“Yes, I think so too. We are all a family; then I will say whatever I want to say.” Li Qianshi smiled and said, “It’s this. I discussed this with your father and want you to talk to Grandmaster Feng He and Miss Shi. Let them both come to the house to teach your brother.

Your brother was placed in my mother’s house when he was five years old. Now he is also seven years old and has reached the age of enlightenment. He will return to the capital in ten days.”

Su Mo Li’s complexion darkened, and a puzzled look surfaced on her face: “Younger brother is so young, why should he be sent away?”

“This ……” Li asked silk hesitantly, sighed, “Is it not because the Lord Chen’s son is excessive, and bullied your brother. Your brother fought back and accidentally broke the head of the Lord Chen’s son, so your father sent him away.”

Su Mo Li sneered. A five-year-old child can break another person’s head. Wasn’t that arrogant?

“Oh? This Grand Duke Chen is too much; I wonder how Grand Duke Chen bullied his younger brother?” Su Mo Li said, pretending to be angry.

Li Qianshi’s eyes flashed with a hint of uncertainty: “It’s nothing; it’s just that your brother accidentally destroyed Grand Duke Chen’s books.

You don’t need to ask this; you just need to invite Grandmaster Feng He and Miss Shi to come.”

Su Chen frowned: “Our Su family only has one male heir, Lin’er. We must give him the best so that when the time comes, we can win glory for the Su family and support you, three sisters.”

Li Qianshi hastily nodded: “Yes, when you get married in the future, if you want to get a foothold in your husband’s family, you still have to rely on your father and brother in your maternal family. Li’er, what do you think?”

Su Mo Li put down the teacup, slowly said: “Grandmaster Feng He’s side, I dare not guarantee it.”

“After all, Grandmaster Feng He is highly respected. Even if you are nominally his master, it is not good enough to force him. So, please ask Miss Shi.” Su Chen said slowly.

Li Qianshi had an unwilling look on her face.

Su Mo Li shook her head and said in a serious manner, “Father misunderstood. What I mean is, on Miss Shi’s side, she will definitely not come. Grand Duke Chen loves books like his life, but younger brother destroyed Grand Duke Chen’s books. In Miss Shi’s opinion, if younger brother’s character is worrying, she will not teach.”


Su Chen slammed the table, “Nonsense!”

Su Xin Zhen said smugly, “Big Sister, you are not Miss Shi; who are you to speak in her place. It’s not that you think Younger Brother has a deficiency in virtue, right? He’s only seven years old, and you’re smearing him like this?”

Su Chen’s eyes had a dangerous look, and he coldly stared at Su Mo Li: “How do you explain Zhen’er’s words?”

“Li’er, if you are not willing to help, that’s all you need to say. Why do you say this about your brother? This is your own brother! How can you ……” Li Qianshi whispered as she cried.

Su Chen said with a sullen face: “Lin’er is my Su family’s only son. If you do not help him, in the future, if you have an accident, don’t think that the Su family will help you!”

Only son?

When her own mother died, she was pregnant with her own brother!

Su Mo Li laughed lightly, lowered her eyes, and took a few deep breaths. No, her anger can not be suppressed!

“Virtue has no loss. Don’t you have a number in your heart?”

Translators Note:

Su Mo Li is a serial knock out master. She reminds me of Xiao Budian from History’s Number 1 Founder.

Also last chapter for a week guys :(. I need to stock up on chapters to continue daily releases. We have 23 more chapters until White Lotus is done🥺🥺. I’m also taking suggestions for the next novel to translate(preferably something not Q*dian so I don’t get hit with a take down notice & less than 300 chapters)

Ellie Note: Considering how Su Xin Zhen turned out, you can bet the son is an arrogant little sh*t.

Edited by EllieKit

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