White Lotus Overturned Daily Chapter 57: No, I don’t want to see the Prince

When Su Mo Li returned to Cui Zhu Courtyard, she was greeted by Cheng Tao and Huang Fan.

“Miss, is everything okay?” Cheng Tao poured a cup of tea and asked in a low voice.

Su Mo Li shook her head; “Nothing serious, it’s just that Feng He and Shi Zhu are here and my identity got exposed.”

“What?” Huang Fan looked at Su Mo Li incredulously, “How can it be exposed all of a sudden?”

Su Mo Li took a sip of tea and said lightly, “Well, it’s good, this way, no one will bully me.”

After a pause, Su Mo Li continued, “How about the matter in the House? Have you found the evidence?”

Cheng Tao hurriedly made a gesture of silence. She went to the window, looked around, closed the door and window, and slowly said, “The past is so long ago. New people have long replaced the old people in the house, but there are still a few old Momos, just ……”

“Only they don’t know anything.”

Huang Fan interjected, “But I think they are a bit strange. It’s as if they are very resistant to talk about Princess Huimin’s affairs.”

“Miss, there is still the study of the master that no one in residence can not enter.”

Huang Fan’s words made Su Mo Li nod; “Entering the study is not a problem. I will find a way to get in. Just check other places.

The old momos should not be made too anxious. Just proceed step by step.

Even if you can’t find the clues, I won’t let Su Chen go. The Emperor has asked him to write the history books. A little tampering and his Prime Minister’s position will be replaced by someone else.”

“Yes.” After Huang Fan answered, she left.

Su Mo Li looked at the sky: “I’m going out.”

Saying that, she stood up, changed into her night stalking clothes, and quickly left the Prime Minister’s residence.

Just as she walked out of the Prime Minister’s residence, she saw people approaching her ……

People dressed in black.

Su Mo Li was silent for a moment and was ready to go around them when she was stopped by the man in black on the opposite side.

“Brother, what are you doing?” Su Mo Li raised her eyebrows to look at the man in black in front of her, “Go your own way, and don’t block the way!”

The man in black laughed lightly twice; “Su Mo Li.”

Su Mo Li:?

I’m wrapped like this, and you can find out?

“Su Mo Li.”

After calling out again, the man in black continued, “How about making a deal?”

Su Mo Li looked at the man in black with confusion: “What?”

“Follow me.”

The man in black turned around and quickly left.

Su Mo Li frowned and directly turned around and ran in the opposite direction. What a joke, you want me to come, and I’ll go? What for!

Zhong Li Shi did not expect, Su Mo Li actually did not follow!

Zhong Li Shi felt somewhat helpless, but he could only return to the same place.

“You ……”

Su Mo Li glanced around and looked warily at Zhong Li Shi in front of her: “How did you know I was going to the Palace? Brother, you actually came here to block me?”

Zhong Li Shi also did not expect that Su Mo Li would come to the Palace. He asked, a little surprised; “What do you want?”

“Looking for the Crown Prince.” Su Mo Li did not hide, “Tell me, what kind of deal are you looking for me?”

Zhong Li Shi raised his eyebrows and lifted his face mask.

Su Mo Li stared at Zhong Li Shi for half a second before slowly retracting the legs that were climbing upwards and patting the dust on her body; “Let’s go and find a place to talk.”

Zhong Li Shi lightly laughed out, “Princess Su Rou doesn’t want to make a deal with me?”

Su Mo Li looked up at Zhong Li Shi, a serious look written on her small face; “Well, I do not want to make a deal with you. But you are Zhong Li Shi, the Crown Prince; I think I can try.”

Saying that, she tugged Zhong Li Shi’s arm, “Let’s go, let’s go, don’t be so fussy for such a big man.”

Zhong Li Shi looked at Su Mo Li, who was pulling himself towards the front and said indifferently: “Princess Su Rou is excellent in qin skills and powerful in painting skills, which is really unexpected. Does Princess Su Rou not want to explain?”

“Explain what?” Su Mo Li turned her head and looked at Zhong Li Shi, “It has nothing to do with you, Your Highness; you are meddling too much.”

“Naturally, you need not explain it to me. But Father and Mother are interested.” Zhong Li Shi smiled, “What? Is Princess Su Rou planning to keep quiet?”

“What? I can’t say I’m too smart and self-taught? I don’t know if with this reason, His Highness the Crown Prince is satisfied?”

Su Mo Li looked at Zhong Li Shi with a smiling face; only the smile did not reach her eyes.

Zhong Li Shi reached out his hand and patted Su Mo Li’s head; “Very good.”

The warm touch made Su Mo Li slightly stunned, then she quickly took two steps back: “Just talk, don’t move your hands and feet.”

“Princess Su Rou has a flexible body; why is your body suddenly healed?”

Hearing Zhong Li Shi joking words, Su Mo Li froze. She blinked towards Zhong Li Shi: “I forgot my persona ……”

Reaching out, she covered her chest and felt her heart beating hard. Suddenly, she quickly rushed up to Zhong Li Shi and raised her hand to hit the back of Zhong Li Shi’s neck directly.

The second before Zhong Li Shi fainted, he felt that he couldn’t keep up with the thoughts of the woman in front of him.

What did he do to make her actually want to knock him out!

Looking at Zhong Li Shi, who fell to the ground, Su Mo Li quickly resisted but inevitably, her hand touched Zhong Li Shi’s buttocks. Her eyes lit up, and she squeezed it twice; it was a little soft.

Unknowingly, she returned to the Palace and wanted to send Zhong Li Shi back to the East Palace, but today there were extra guards in the Palace.

“Who’s there? Come out!” An angry roar from an Imperial guard made Su Mo Li’s eyes widen. She then quickly threw Zhong Li Shi …… out ……


A loud sound made the Imperial guard slightly stunned, and then slowly walked over. After stripping the figure, he took a deep breath and stepped backward; “His Highness the Crown Prince!”

This evening, the Imperial Palace is destined to be busy.

As for Su Mo Li, after throwing Zhong Li Shi out, she had quickly slipped out.

After returning to Cui Zhu Courtyard, only then did she breathe a sigh of relief. She was tired today too!

The next day, Su Mo Li woke up and asked Cheng Tao to inquire about the Palace’s affairs.

Only, as soon as Cheng Tao went out, she saw the butler.

“What? Zhong Li Shi has come over? What is he doing here?” Su Mo Li was a bit sheepish. Her mind was not clear yesterday, and she did something a bit out of the ordinary.

More importantly, it seems that her fake persona had collapsed.

Cheng Tao slowly said, “His Highness the Crown Prince asked you to go over and teach the Second Princess. After all, you are now the Second Princess’ Master.”

“Isn’t Feng He around?” Su Mo Li resisted.

Cheng Tao helplessly looked at Su Mo Li.

Su Mo Li sighed: “It’s only a matter of time… I have to face it… I’ll change my clothes and go over.”

“Miss, what exactly happened between you and the Crown Prince last night?” Huang Fan came over and asked in confusion.

Su Mo Li opened her mouth, then shut up, and finally sighed; “How can I say it …… I’m a little sorry for him ……

All right, Cheng Tao and I will go into the Palace.”

Su Mo Li took Cheng Tao and left Cui Zhu Courtyard.

As soon as she went out, she saw Zhong Li Shi sitting outside, and Li Qianshi was entertaining him.

After seeing Su Mo Li, Zhong Li Shi stood up, “Princess Su Rou, this way, please.”

Su Mo Li bowed, and a gentle smile appeared on her face, “Hoping his Highness the Crown Prince is well, Mother, I will go over first.”

Li Qianshi nodded; her expression was a bit complicated. Who would have thought that a girl who came from the countryside could have such a fortune?

If she had known that she could meet these people in the countryside, she would have sent Zhen’er over there! There was no need for Su Mo Li to benefit!

When she got on the carriage, the smile on Su Mo Li’s face disappeared. She rubbed her cheeks and couldn’t help but lift the curtain, revealing a brilliant smile when she looked at Zhong Li Shi, who was riding a horse outside; “Your Highness, are you okay?”

“I am grateful for the concern of Princess Su Rou.” Zhong Li Shi’s low voice rang out, “It’s just that I’m curious to know, why did Princess So Rou want to take a shot at me? What did I do to offend Princess Su Rou?”

Su Mo Li coughed dryly twice: “That …… was a momentary mistake.”

Saying that she lowered her head and coughed hard and dry.

“Your Highness, Crown Prince, Li’er is not well; I hope you will forgive Li’er ……” the soft voice was full of grievances. She slightly raised her head, and there were tears in her eyes.

Zhong Li Shi met the star-like eyes, and suddenly, from the bottom of his heart surged an unknown emotion. He only felt that such a compassionate and weak Su Mo Li let his heart soften instantly.

“Many thanks, Your Highness.”

When Su Mo Li’s voice sounded again, Zhong Li Shi realized what he had said.

He actually said “you’re forgiven” directly.

Xiao Guozi on the side was also wide-eyed and in shock. It was known that if anyone dared to provoke His Highness, His Highness would let this person know how serious the consequences would be!

How come today ……

According to what he heard, it seems that the reason why His Highness the Crown Prince was found unconscious yesterday was because of Princess Su Rou?

Princess So Rou ……

Impossible ah! Princess Su Rou is so soft, how is it possible?

His Highness must have made a mistake, wait!

Xiao Guozi fiercely stared and rode closer to Zhong Li Shi: “Your Highness, you want to get close to County Princess Su Rou, but you can’t use this reason!”

Zhong Li Shi looked at Xiao Guozi with some confusion.

Xiao Guozi said, “Crown Prince, why don’t you take a look. Princess Su Rou is so soft. How can she possibly make a move on you? If it is to you, it may be that you have done something excessive.”

The more Xiao Guozi said the more he felt it made sense.

Zhong Li Shi raised an eyebrow: “Xiao Guozi, say it again?”

Xiao Guozi’s neck shrank, and he revealed a sarcastic smile; “Your Highness the Crown Prince, it was the servant who talked too much. The servant will slap his own mouth!”

“But ……”

Xiao Guozi’s words changed, and he continued, “Crown Prince, if you like Princess Su Rou, you should be more gentle. Look, you just made Princess Su Rou cry.”

Zhong Li Shi laughed a couple of times, causing Xiao Guozi to pull the reins and quickly leave.

Looking at Xiao Guozi’s back, Zhong Li Shi was deep in thought. He then looked at the carriage in front of him with a trace of distress on his face.

When they arrived at the Palace, Zhong Li Shi left directly, allowing Xiao Guo Zi to take Su Mo Li away.

Xiao Guozi immediately said: “Princess Su Rou, don’t mind, His Highness the Crown Prince left first because he had something to do. After Princess Su Rou’s lesson is finished, this servant will go to invite His Highness the Crown Prince over!”

Su Mo Li hastily shook her head, and a slight smile appeared on her small face: “No, no, no, it’s not necessary. His Highness is already busy with business, so there’s no need to come over. After class, I’ll take the carriage back by myself.”

She doesn’t want to see Zhong Li Shi again. If Zhong Li Shi brings up last night’s incident again, she will have to rack her brains to think of a reason, so it’s better not to see him anymore.

“Princess Su Rou doesn’t need to be polite; this is the servant’s part of the job ……”

Xiao Guozi said with a smile, his face full of smugness.

Su Mo Li was simply shocked. What is this little eunuch talking about!

Translator’s Note:

This girl is so perverted 😂😂

Also whyyyyy. You broke your pretend character so you decide to knock someone out? So rude

Edited by EllieKit

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