My Chief Husband, Too Mensao! Chapter 89: Who is the scumbag who slept with you that night [1]?

“Look, why is Gu Qi Qi still wearing her school uniform?”

“I heard she’s not favored in the Gu family, what future can a nerd have?”

“That’s right, I think she’s far worse than Xue Xue, both are from the Gu family, but Xue Xue is the one who’s like a real life golden princess.”

“That evening dress Xue Xue is wearing today, it’s eight thousand, right? Gee, that is so beautiful ……”

“I’m telling you, Gu Qi Qi is really ignorant of the world, and last time, she actually disagreed with the principal and class teacher at school for the matter of applying for the qualification exam!”

“So what if you’re good at school? In the future, out of society, such nerds will only be hung and beaten!”

As soon as Gu Qi Qi came in, the students in the private room talked unrestrainedly about it.

It’s all because they know that Gu Qi Qi is a soft bun1.

She never dared to resist them.

So even the most bearish and scummy students in the class dared to step on her and scold her a few times.

Despicable, sarcastic, mocking.

No one took her seriously.


As soon as the words “hang” and “hit” were uttered, the classmate who was talking vigorously suddenly felt a coldness across the back of his neck and involuntarily shivered.

Turning his head to look, Gu Qi Qi’s cool gaze was sweeping over, and it was so, imposing!

At this moment, Gu Qi Qi was standing in the doorway, against the light.

The corridor’s crystal lamp was behind her, dazzling with a radiant and mysterious diamond light.

It seems to have set off her delicate and exquisite figure, making her seem taller.

Her pursed lips were slightly opened, not saying a word.

Just a sarcastic glance around the circle made everyone involuntarily silence.

Hanging, beating?

Let’s see who dares to hang her in this life!

“Geez, you’re here!”

In the tense and stilted atmosphere.

Xiao Ling surprisingly bounced up from the sofa, like an enthusiastic cannonball, and rushed towards Gu Qi Qi.

Directly came an adorable, bear hug!

It was almost as if she had two thin legs and was hanging on to Gu Qi Qi as well.

“Cough cough, Ling, can you be a little more reserved.”

Gu Qi Qi smiled at the corners of her lips, removing the high and cool aura of the party.

The crowd in the box, could not help but secretly relax.

Then they cursed themselves for being so wimpy that they would be calmed down by a nerd.


Xiao Ling pouted in aggravation, “Qi Qi, you don’t know what a pig and dog life I’ve been living for the past few days, I’m about to be locked up silly. Hey, I missed you to death, I called you on the phone, how come you did not answer it?”

Gu Qi Qi was startled: “I’ve called you many times too ……”

Could it be that her phone is broken?

The two of them sat in the corner of the private room and pulled out their cell phones to call.

Sure enough, there was no signal for each other!

It can’t be that both of their phones are broken.

Gu QiQi frowned.

Suddenly, she felt that something was wrong.

And yet, she couldn’t tell!

Who touched her phone ……? Did they tamper with anything?

“Never mind, Geez, it’s best to meet. I’m so full of words I’m dying. Did you steal the application form afterwards? Where did you apply?”

“Emperor **Medical University, clinical medicine.” Gu Qi Qi smiled faintly, “What about you?”

“Great! We can be classmates again, and my family enrolled me in D** Medical University, except ……”

“But what?”

“It’s …… Veterinary …… Doctor ……” Xiao Lime’s voice became thinner and thinner the more she spoke, and finally as thin as a mosquito.

“Pftt!” Gu Qi Qi spurted with laughter.

It was hard to stop laughing and comfort Xiao Ling: “Don’t worry ah, veterinary medicine is a very good profession, you can open a budding animal clinic in the future.”

“What good thing, I’m very afraid of animals, especially the ones with hair, ears and tails ……!”

“And you still applied to it?”

“I …… was forced to! It was all forced by my uncle ……”


“No, nothing!”

Xiao Ling’s eyes evaded hers.

  1. Soft bun – basically a coward who won’t fight back

Translator’s Note:

What’s going on with Xiao Ling? Uncle seems sketchy

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