My Chief Husband, Too Mensao! Chapter 90: Who is the scumbag who slept with you that night [2]?

As she was speaking, Xiao Ling’s phone rang.

Gu Qi Qi wasn’t too concerned.

However, her eyes swept around.

She suddenly on the screen “Uncle”.

Xiao Ling answered the phone in a low tone, her voice is trembling.

Within it, there is even some fear: “Uncle …… I …… I did not disobey …… I will go back at night …… You do not …… do not get angry ……”.

Gu Qi Qi felt a little strange.

Her own uncle, what was she afraid of?

Wait, Xiao Ling’s uncle? …… How come she had no recollection of this person, in her previous life?

On the other end of the phone, the man’s voice was a little thin and cool, “One minute late, one minute over, you know what will happen.”

“I …… I understand ……”

Xiao Ling’s fear came from deep within her bones.

The usual arrogant and reckless strength, in front of this man, all of it dissipated like the smoke, invisible.

She put down the phone.

Xiao Ling’s eyes locked with Gu Qi Qi’s eyes, her heart was guilty so she avoided the eyes.

However, Gu Qi Qi asked her very solemnly and seriously, “Ling, be honest and frank, that night, who slept with you?”

Xiao Ling’s face fell, ” Qi Qi, it’s a long story, I ……”

Before Xiao Ling could speak.

In the private room, an exaggerated cheer suddenly burst out, blowing up to the point of earache!

“Aw shit! Awesome, Xue Xue! Have another one!”

Gu Xue Xue seemed to be surrounded by a crowd of people like a celebrity.

She was wearing a fashionable dress, a second-tier brand, a few thousand dollars bar, adorned with shiny colored pieces.

At first glance, it was quite eye-catching.

At the moment, Gu Xue Xue was competing with her class leader, one cold beer after another down her belly, her face unchanged!

The class leader was a rather weak boy, only two cups, and he even begged for forgiveness: “Xue Xue Gong Ju, spare me. I kneel and obey! You’re too good at drinking, and you’ll definitely be the princess of the social scene when you go out and sweep away the world!”

Zhu Fen brought a few female classmates with her, also a burst of applause, “That’s right, our Xue Xue is a scholar and warrior, don’t look at our Xue Xue’s origin, what about the Gu family’s legitimate princess, you’ve never seen someone like her in the world!”

Gu Xue Xue was held in great favor.

A pair of fine eyes, looking around found that Gu Qi Qi and Xiao Ling were chatting hotly, without even looking at her.

Hmph, how dare they ignore her!

Gu Xue Xue is deliberately looking for someone to drink wine with in order to open Gu Qi Qi’s eyes to see that the whole class adores her, envies her, and holds her up, and surrounds her all the time.

On the other hand, despite being a dominant student, Gu Qi Qi is still unpopular in every way.

She is a bookish, dull, and spiteful person!


She wants to disgust Gu Qi Qi and make her feel ashamed of herself.

But QI QI actually ignored her, which is not funny.

Gu Xue Xue’s fine eyes swiveled around, and she had a new idea.

“Oh my, you guys don’t say that. Other people, Gu Qi Qi, is the elder sister, the heir to the Gu family.”

The words, in retreat, but lacking a bit of fire, were sour to the point of not being enough.

Immediately a female student bared her nose: “Gu Qi Qi? What does that nerdy punk know? She’s the heiress of the family. She can’t even drink, can she? When you go out to socialize and talk business in the future, people will laugh their heads off!”

Another male student watched and picked a fight: “Can’t we just compete and find out?”

“Right, Gu Qi Qi, come over here and have a drink with Xue Xue!”

“Tsk, that nerdy loser is scared, she”ll only hide in a corner and be a shrinking turtle!”

Gu Qi Qi raised his eyes.

A shrunken head?

About her?

Dirty Turtle: These assholes, this baby is going to be pissed! This baby’s glans will never shrink! Master Silver, allow me to kill them, huh? !

Translator’s Note:

I wish Gu Xue Xue would just mind her own business you know? Enjoy the class love or whatever and leave Qi Qi alone 😤

As always if you’d like advance chapters –

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