My Chief Husband, Too Mensao! Chapter 88: Your goblin is having an affair.

“Chief, do you still want to go back to the old house to accompany the Head tonight?”


“So I’ll push back a bit on the Qing Cheng military review of the Navy?”

“Nonsense, a military district where I’m there every day to keep an eye on things?”

Gong Jue responded coldly, as if he was indifferent.

In the back of his mind, he couldn’t help but see the image of that petite figure in the military camp.

Qing Cheng, originally, was an unremarkable place.

But, for some reason, it now has a different place in his heart.



Qing Cheng, the Qiong Hua Feast Bar.

This is the most fashionable entertainment place in Qing Cheng.

Eating, drinking, whoring and gambling, plus a gym and bath.

Bai Long had just been in the gym, treading on the rowing machine, all afternoon before he finally let his frustration f*ck out.

His Bai family’s pharmacy had never lost to the Chu family in its history.

But today, because of a goblin, it caused him to fall over in the gutter and fall on his face.

He was fully fined 50 million by the FDA before he was able to keep his business license.

Counting up, he had lost almost eighty million on the goblin, and the five million that Lord Gong had asked him to support Africa, of course, had to be included as well.

“Hmph, Goblin, this Divine Doctor is keeping this score!” Bai Lang put on his white suit and headed down the stairs.

It was so sudden that it was a footstep!

Gee, what did he see?

The goblin actually arrives as soon as he says her name, how magical is that going to be?

As soon as she saw Gu Qi Qi heading to the VI private room deep in the bar, Bai Lang grinned: “Hey, it’s finally your turn to get shot by me ……”

He quickly pulled out his cell phone, took a shot of the back of Gu Qi Qi into the private room, and sent a WeChat to Gong Jue: “This is the Qiong Hua Feast Bar, the famous feature is to call high school students to accompany you to drink wine, specifically to accompany the rich old man, if they’re tender and energetic, a thousand dollars, if they’re taken out for the night double the price ……”.

When he finished, he smacked his lips proudly.

“Hmph, if I can’t take care of you, someone can!”

Three seconds later.

Gong Jue wrote back, “So, you’re the old man who went after the high school kids?”

The white wave stumbled, “Hey, hey, Gong Jue, the point is not about me, it’s your goblin, while you’re on a business trip, she’s having a fling with someone else, okay? Is she desperate for money?”


There was no reply for a long time.

” Fuck, nobody else can be trusted! It still has to be this divine doctor himself!”

Bai Lang rolled his eyes and quickly followed.

The private room.

When she pushed the door, she found that most of the people were already here.

She looked at the familiar faces, but her face gradually grew colder.

In her previous life, she didn’t have any friendship with these classmates, always listening to Gu Mei Feng’s words, a person who quietly, low-key, buried herself in her studies.

That’s why she got the nickname of nerd.

This class reunion, it was Gu Xue Xue who dragged her here in her previous life.

As soon as she came in, everyone was gunning for her, sarcastically stating that she could only study stupidly and know nothing else, even a few days of internship in the hospital, she could do something wrong and get into a big lawsuit.

Soon, after three rounds of drinking, when the news of the college entrance examination volunteer admission was announced, she was ranked as a college entrance examination champion, but went to a nursing school, and was mocked even more by everyone for the whole night.

And like a princess, Gu Xue Xue accepts everyone’s praise and congratulates her on getting into the best medical university with a bright future.

She and Gu Xue Xue were like the earth and sky.

It’s really …… a stark contrast.

Gu Qi Qi sneered.

Actually, what was the point of this kind of hypocritical reunion?

If she didn’t want to run into Xiao Ling, she wouldn’t have come at all.

Translator Note:

Why is Bai Lang always picking a fight when he hasn’t won even once 🙈

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