My Chief Husband, Too Mensao! Chapter 85: The more people who hate her, the better

Gu Qi Qi’s angry appearance was like a kitten’s blow up in Gong Jue’s eyes.

Although his body was itchy from her, he couldn’t help but smile a little at the corners of his lips.

He wanted to see what other unimaginable things she would do if she was so angry.

Would she pounce on him and scratch him?

At the moment, one small hand was pressed against the hem of the school uniform, where a thin surgical blade had already been sewn in.

What would happen if she took advantage of the impotent man’s allergy and rushed up to give him two stabs?

She silently calculated each other’s strength levels in her mind. Gu Qi Qi lowered her hand in depression.

Because the answer was that even if Gong Jue was injured and allergic, as long as he didn’t faint, he could still easily subdue her!

This man is a freak!

And she’s only has a little power!

Suddenly she wanted to quickly open the little dirty turtle’s martial arts skills ah.

But to open it quickly, it requires …… and she had kissed the impotent mans mouth several times.

Damn it, this shameless question is circling back again.

Gu Qi Qi hatefully clenched her fist and waved it in the air.

Biting her lip, without saying a word, she turned around and took a step up the stairs!

“Shit! Stupid, Woman, Man!”

Gong Jue drew a breath of cold air.

The little wildcat managed not to come up and scratch him, but before leaving, she dumped a handful of itching powder on his face!

It was midnight.

Bai Lang was called back overnight to administer medicine to Gong Jue.

When he saw Gong Jue’s arms, neck and even the side of his face were swollen and red again, Bai Lang was puzzled: “Did you touch a woman again? And a face-to-face kiss? Sheesh, you seem to be a bit lucky with your peach blossoms1 lately ah ……”

Gong Jue glared angrily, “Get out!”


Gu Qi Qi was ready for the fact that Gong Jue would come to settle the score with her.

But she didn’t expect to not see him for the next two days.

The soldier who misidentified her as “Little Sister-in-Law”, Wang Daxiong, gossiped to her that Gong Jue had flown to see Little Palm on a whim, and that Little Palm was having trouble at home. ……

The company has been in the business of developing new products for the past few years.

I’m not sure if I’ve ever had a problem with it, but I’m sure it’s a good idea.

At the thought, she resentfully touched her lips lightly.

That night was too intense, and her lips were swollen.

The red shade was like blush, somehow showing a touch of alluring beauty.

It didn’t heal for two days.

Being bitten once, she was at a great loss.

But, the little dirty turtle was excited: ” Master Silver, not a loss, not a loss, that’s 10,000 color points ah, add it up and now we have 20,000 color points Wow! With another 80,000, we can open our new skill Rough to pretend, ahem, no, Rough to abuse scum.”


Gu Qi Qi raised her eyebrows.

Was she not good at math?

5,000 for selling drugs, 10,000 for getting bitten by a guy who is impotent.

Add up …… 20,000?

“Master Silver, the baby doesn’t know, but anyway, our color points are ‘biu~biu~’ bouncing up all the way in the past two days. Maybe someone secretly and strongly adores and loves you in secret?”


Gu Qi Qi let out a laugh with a touch of light mockery.

Adoration and affection were probably not there, but, there was certainly no shortage of people who hated her with a passion.


Very good.

The more people who hated her, the stronger she would become!

“Come, let’s go out.”

“Master Silver, where are we going to go?”

“To go make money.”

“Yeah yeah! Master Silver, let’s just go screw Bai Lang Lang, shall we?”


As she was going out, Wang Daxiong asked Lieutenant Lu for permission to follow her from afar.

Only to see her walk all the way to the Bai Family’s National Medical Hall.

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  1. Peach blossom generally means good luck in adventures with women

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