My Chief Husband, Too Mensao! Chapter 86: I’ve screwed Bai Lang badly again.

Once inside.

The shopkeeper bent down to greet her: “Miss Qi Qi ……”

“Has the gelatin come in yet?” Gu Qi Qi did not talk nonsense and went straight to the point.

The store manager’s face fell: “No …… no ……”

Gu Qi Qi’s brows furrowed, no product?

The little dirty turtle beeped in her head: “It does not matter ah Master Silver, there are many other medicinal materials, We can refine those that need to improve the value of the year….”

Gu Qi Qi pursed her lips and asked in a deep voice, “Where’s the Dendrobium?”

“Out …… out of stock ……”

“Wild ginseng?”

“No…… no more……”

“Deer antlers?”

“Nothing, The goods can not be delivered ……”

The shopkeeper looked bitter.

He was also helpless ah, early in the morning, the second young master has almost emptied the counter, and did not say why.

It’s not easy to get such a big customer, but there’s no medicine to sell.

Gu Qi Qi glanced around coldly. Sure enough she saw that cabinet of Chinese herbal medicine was empty.

In her heart, she sneered coldly, “Bai Lang, you’re playing this trick with me?”

She raised her chin, a deep smile on her lips, “Tell your family’s second youngest that being a cowering turtle is no skill.”

Saying that, she left with a smile on her face.

The shopkeeper, unsure of what to do, foolishly conveyed these words to Bai Lang.

Bai Long was watching the fun from the VIP room with his legs crossed, “Ah ha ha ha, Gu Qi Qi, Gu Qi Qi, you can’t buy my medicine even if you have money, let alone try to screw me out of it!”

However, listening to the words thrown down by Gu Qi Qi.

His face, turned green!

“By the way, calling me a turtle! I, I …… I made it so she couldn’t buy a single piece of medicine in the whole city!”

Gu Qi Qi stepped into Chu’s pharmacy.

She thought she could find what she was looking for here.

Never would she have expected that the old shop manager of Chu’s, with an apologetic face, would say, “Miss Qi Qi, I’m really sorry, just now suddenly came a guest, the few medicines you want, all packed and bought, otherwise I’ll transfer goods for you from the capital …… It will take some time ……”

“It’s not necessary.” Gu Qi Qi faintly said.

In her heart, she was wondering, the Chu Clan and the Bai Clan were deadly rivals, they couldn’t possibly listen to Bai Lang.

Why did the Chu’s sell out of medicine as well?

Bai Long wouldn’t be so childish as to buy up all the medicine in the city just to stop her from buying it, would he?

The truth, however, was that she proceeded to visit several obscure little pharmacies, and could not buy the desired herbs in all of them!

All of them were one step ahead and were bought out.

Gu Qi Qi stood in the street, angry want to laugh.

“Bai scum, no wonder you are friends with the impotent man, what an unbelievable pair of perverts!”

There were no suitable herbs, so she acquired some orange peels to make Chen Pi1.

Although she didn’t make any money from selling agar, but after a busy afternoon, she arrived at tens of thousands of dollars in pocket money.

When she thought that these tens of thousands of dollars could at least be used for tuition and some new clothes for her brother, a gentle smile appeared on Gu Qi Qi’s face.

Knowing that Gu Qi Qi was acquiring orange peels, Bai Lang was particularly curious.

This demon was mysterious, was she in cahoots with some pharmaceutical company?

Where did she get the 70-year-old gelatin from last time?

She’s not, like, an undercover agent for an international drug cartel, is she?

Before he could check it out, a piece of news came over and almost made him angry.

“Second Young Master, someone reported to the Drug Administration that our pharmacy is operating falsely, with no medicine on the counter, cheating customers, and deliberately disrupting the market order …… Now the FDA2 is coming to revoke our business license ……”

“Shit, you guys who eat for free, don’t you know how to send them off with a red envelope and stuffing them with some ginseng red wine?”

“Second Young Master, you forget that the director of the FDA is a member of the Chu family, He is worried that he can’t grasp our control and make contributions…”

“Shit! Who reported it?”

Bai Lang freaked out.

Who had he offended that he dared to add to his problems like this? To trap him!

Suddenly, a calm and arrogant figure came to mind.

Could it be, it was her again, of course!

Bai Lang stormed away!!!!


“Gu Qi Qi, don’t forget to attend the reunion, tonight, Qiong Hua Feast Bar’s VI private room, see you later!”

The class president was attentive, calling her again to remind her.

At that moment, Gu Qi Qi was paying in front of a men’s counter.

“Um, got it.” She perfunctorily lifted her white wrist and raised her black diamond card, “Help me wrap up this white shirt, and these two handkerchiefs.”

A shirt of excellent quality would cost ten thousand dollars a piece.

The handkerchiefs aren’t cheap either, a five thousand piece, famous designer models.

In her previous life, Gu Qi Qi would never have bought such an expensive item.

But living a second life, she wanted to treat herself and her brother as well as she could, to the best of her ability!

Otherwise, do you make money for scum to spend and then have them trample on you in turn?

Imperial Capital, Commander’s Palace.

Gong Jue picked up the phone, “What’s the stupid woman doing?”

Wang Daxiong reported honestly: “Miss Qi Qi seems to be buying …… shirts worn by men.”

Gong Jue raised his eyebrows, “A man’s shirt?”

Translator’s Note:

*I changed raw sources since it seemed like the previous one didn’t have complete information so chapters should be longer from now on😌

  1. Chen Pi can be used as medicine, I couldn’t really get clarification on that.
  2. FDA – food and drug administration

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