My Chief Husband, Too Mensao! Chapter 84: Curse him for not being able to raise it at night.

What’s the point of asking me what I’m doing when you are talking about “spanking” with another woman?

“What do you care?”

“I didn’t give you permission to leave.”

“What if I just leave?” Gu Qi Qi provocatively lifted her small face.

Gong Jie’s face darkened, his eyes darkened ominously, “Then I don’t mind wiping your little mouth for you again.”

Damn it!

Still stringing her along?

You think all women are easy to pick up?

“Fine. Then let’s do it again.” Gu Qi Qi looked calm, and even, pouted a little.

A surge of desire came from below Gong Gong’s body, and his Adam’s apple rolled a few times.

The way the little wildcat took the initiative was way too tempting.

He narrowed his eyes and slowly leaned down ……


Then, suddenly, a grunt!

Gong Jue released Gu Qi Qi and held onto his arm.

The painful itch like the bite of ten thousand ants was felt from his arm to his shoulder.

And Gu Qi Qi had already jumped a step away, her breath, calm and relaxed!

“Stupid man, did I give you permission to touch me?”

Gu Qi Qi imitated Gong Ji’s tone of voice and looked at him coldly.

That little look, how much to be proud of.

“Stupid woman!!!”

Fine beads of sweat appeared on Gong Gong’s forehead.

This damn woman actually had such a damn thing as itching powder.

The pain was bearable, but the itch was not.

The allergies he had just recovered from didn’t last long, and they seemed to have gotten serious again.

Gu Qi Qi held her small waist: “Stop saying that women are stupid! You’re stupid! Your technique is still poor!”

Gritting his teeth, Gong Jue smiled instead of getting angry, “Since you have this damn thing in your hand, how come you didn’t use it when I touched you the first time just now? And you dare to say that my technique is bad, you are enjoying it so much that you forgot to use it!”

Gu Qi Qi: “……”

Suddenly she wants to poison him, okay?


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