Dressed as the Cannon Fodder Ex-Wife of the Regent Chapter 255 – Gu Lin Chao’s Body Is Very Good

If it was someone else, Wen Qi Qi probably would have slapped them in the face.

But the other person was Gu Lin Chao, so she didn’t think to do so.

Especially when she heard his words of apology, her lips opened and she almost said it was okay, but fortunately she stopped in time.

In such a situation, it would have been appropriate for him to apologize, but who let them be husband and wife. This apology seemed a bit strange.

Wen Qi Qi lowered her head to her fingers. Honestly, she didn’t hate Gu Lin Chao for kissing her, but when he kissed her, she felt a little comfortable.

He was raw, but not rough.

Thinking, she couldn’t help but raise her eyes, and quietly looked at him. She saw him turn his head to look at the rain outside. His handsome face was red, and she didn’t know whether it was the drug’s reaction or being baked by the fire.

She lowered her head, looking at the leaping fire dumbfounded.

The temple was silent for a while, with only the occasional sound of firewood flaring.

At that moment, a hot garment was suddenly draped on her shoulders.

Wen Qi Qi froze. She turned her head to look and saw Gu Lin Chao sitting back down.

“Put it on, don’t catch a cold.” He said in a warm voice, still with a restrained hoarseness in his voice.

Wen Qi Qi gathered the robe on her shoulders, and simply put it on directly.

But Gu Lin Chao’s outer robe was too big to wear on her body, so she picked up the belt she had left on the ground and tied it tightly around her waist.

She then turned her head to look at him and said, “Wang Ye’s inner clothes should be taken off soon. It’s not good for the body to keep wearing wet clothes.”

Gu Lin Chao looked down at his messy clothes. He hesitated before lifting his hand to take them off.

Wen Qi Qi’s gaze paused on his lean but firm chest, and there was a hint of amazement in her heart.

Gu Lin Chao’s body was very good.

He was fair skinned, but his muscles are firm and well defined, and there were hard muscles on his abdomen, so he really deserves to be in the military!

She secretly swallowed, and when he noticed, immediately looked away, as if nothing had happened. She took the robe from his hand, wrung out the water on the shirt with some force, and then shook it out again. She placed it on a stick to dry, and then held it up close to the flame to roast.

Gu Lin Chao saw that she only cared about drying his own clothes. On the contrary, she threw her own clothes and skirts aside.

He frowned, leaned down and picked up her dresses one by one. He followed her example, wrung out the water first, then hung them on a stick and held them close to the flame to bake.

When Wen Qi Qi saw this, she couldn’t help but burst out laughing.

Gu Lin Chao asked somewhat feebly, “What are you laughing at?”

“I was just thinking, in the future, when we are both old, what will we feel when we think back to today? I’m sure we will laugh and cry.”

Gu Lin Chao smiled, and while he was surprised, there was more than a hint of gentleness between his eyebrows.

He did not expect that today, when they were in such a mess, she did not seem to be annoyed at all, but could even laugh happily.

“What’s on your mind, Wang Ye?” Seeing that he was silent, Wen Qi Qi could not help but ask.

“Nothing.” Gu Lin Chao said indifferently.

Seeing that he didn’t want to say more, Wen Qi Qi shrugged her shoulders and didn’t ask any more questions.

She reached out and touched the shirt on the stick and found that the front was almost dry, so she turned the shirt inside out.

She held up the stick with one hand and propped it on her knee with the other. Seeing the beads of sweat rolling down Gu Lin Chao’s forehead, she couldn’t help but be a little worried again, “But is Wang Ye really okay? The medicine you were hit with ……”

Gu Lin Chao was mobilizing his internal energy to suppress the restlessness in his body. When he heard this, he raised his eyes and glanced at her, “It’s nothing.”

Wen Qi Qi frowned and said strangely, “But when did Wang Ye get hit with the medicine?”

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