Dressed as the Cannon Fodder Ex-Wife of the Regent Chapter 254 – A Back as Delicate and Tender as Gelatin

However, Gu Lin Chao did not know what was going on. Before her hand touched his sash, he squeezed her fingers, “Don’t touch Ben Wang!”

Wen Qi Qi wrinkled her eyebrows in pain. Her peach blossom eyes looked at him with watery eyes, “Wang Ye, you are hurting this consort ……”

Gu Lin Chao was shocked. He released his hand and moved to the side.

Wen Qi Qi fluttered her fingers and brushed her mouth, “Then Wang Ye can take it off himself.”

“No need.” Gu Lin Chao said coldly and closed his eyes.

Seeing that he was ungrateful, Wen Qi Qi simply did not want to pay attention to him anymore. She herself was still wet and unusually uncomfortable.

She looked outside at the curtain of rain, thinking that no one would come at this time, she lowered her head and wrung the water on her dress.

Then gritted her teeth and unbuckled her belt.

Gu Lin Chao heard the rustling, the sound of clothing rubbing. His eyelids jumped and he opened his eyes.

The girl’s back was as delicate and tender as gelatin.

At the back of her neck and waist, excluding the two red straps, her whole back was exposed.

The girl seemed to be unconcerned that her skin was exposed in the air, and she looked down and fiddled with her dress, then put it by the fire.

Wen Qi Qi felt a gaze on her back and could not help but look back.

After looking, she cried out in surprise, “Wang Ye, why are you having nosebleeds again?”

Saying that, she put the clothes in her hand on the hay to the side, got up and walked over.

Gu Lin Chao felt the blood underneath his nose, flowing faster and more rapidly, and the handkerchief in his hand seemed unable to plug it.

The girl’s body only had an inner robe at this time. Two white and tender arms were exposed in his eyes without reservation, and her front ……

His eyes leaped up in flames, and it was difficult to look away.

At this time, the girl had reached him. She reached out and came to change his clothes.

“Your Majesty, don’t squirm, quickly put the wet clothes by the fire. I will help you dry it, and you can put it back on.”

Gu Lin Chao forehead veins jumped. He was about to reach out and push her away, but instead the girl grabbed his arm.

“I know you are weak now, so I will undress you.”

As she spoke, Wen Qi Qi had already undone his belt and pulled down his single garment.

Gu Lin Chao suddenly gritted his teeth and said, “Do you think that Ben Wang has no strength now, so there is nothing I can do to you?”

Wen Qi Qi was stunned. As she raised her head, a shadow suddenly enveloped her.

Before she could react, her whole body was pressed against the hay behind her.

Immediately after that, the man’s heavy body covered her up ……

Wen Qi Qi’s eyes widened.

In the next moment, the man’s hot lips also came over.

She blinked her eyes, and could not react for half a day.

She didn’t realize that something was wrong until there was a hint of strangeness, and her peach blossom eyes were filled with fear.

Why did Gu Lin Chao suddenly go crazy?

No, this is the middle of nowhere, and he was fine before, how did ……

It seems that ever since he left Jue Wang’s Palace, he has become somewhat strange.

It looks like illness, but not ……

When she thought of something, her eyes widened in shock once again.

Having realized that, she hurriedly reached out to hold his face and asked urgently, “Wang Ye, have you been hit by that tiger and wolf medicine?”

Gu Lin Chao’s mind was still thinking about the softness he had just touched. When he heard this, there was a moment of confusion in his eyes. It was only after a long time that he came back to his senses and hurriedly got up away from her. He restrained his eyes, not daring to look at her, and his voice was low and muffled, with a hint of apology, “Sorry, Ben Wang has lost his manners.”

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