Dressed as the Cannon Fodder Ex-Wife of the Regent Chapter 225 – Wen Qi Qi’s Shyness

“You did not offend me, but you offended him.” Xiao Yan drawled as he spoke, his chin nodded in the direction of Gu Lin Chao.

The young man’s face changed, and his heart was suddenly somewhat unsettled.

Xiao Yan said in a fearful manner, “Your father is Guo Huai, but do you know who he is?”

“Who, who?” The young man looked at Gu Lin Chao uncertainly, and saw that although he looked cold, there was an innate authority in his body, and his temperament was dignified ……

It’s not like he’s a big shot, right?

He couldn’t help but weaken his voice.

“He is naturally the grandfather of this country ……” Xiao Yan said more and more slyly, but when he met Gu Lin Chao’s cold eyes, he automatically changed his mouth, “He is naturally the Regent Prince.”

He said this in a casual tone, the young man went limp. If not for Ding Si carrying him, at this moment he is afraid that he will be like mud, paralyzed on the ground.

He looked at Gu Lin Chao with a pale face, “Regent, Regent Prince?”

Gu Lin Chao faintly glanced at him, “Ben Wang would like to see how Guo Huai is going to find trouble with this King.”

The man shuddered and came back to his senses, then begged for mercy, “Regent Prince spare my life… I have eyes that do not recognize Mount Tai. I have offended Wang Ye… Please forgive me, Wang Ye… ……”

Gu Lin Chao did not want to see him. He glanced at Ding Si and ordered in a deep voice, “Take him away.”

Ding Si was astonished. He didn’t dare to be slow and dragged the young man away directly.

Because of this incident, the main hall was silent.

The guests, who had come back to their senses, suddenly got up in a flurry and fell to their knees.

“Greetings to the Regent, may the Regent live a thousand years!”

Voices of greet rose and fell.

Upstairs and downstairs, the guests who heard the voices, all poured down at once, and knelt down in the direction of Gu Lin Chao.

“May the Regent Prince live for a thousand years ……”

Gu Lin Chao looked at the crowd of people. His eyebrows knitted as he looked at Wen Qi Qi and suddenly he said to Xiao Yan: “Qi Qi wants to eat the roast goose here, find a way to get one to the royal residence, we’ll go first.”

Xiao Yan: “……” is he a toolman? (i.e. servant)

Looking at the constant stream of people crowding over to pay their respects, Wen Qi Qi was surprised because they did not have fear on their faces when seeing Gu Lin Chao, instead they had a face of respect.

But at this time, she didn’t have the heart to eat, so she let Gu Lin Chao escort her out of Qingfeng Pavilion.

Gu Lin Chao himself did not even notice that in a moment of urgency, he was holding Wen Qi Qi by the shoulders and brought her all the way out.

The good thing is that those people simply wanted to pay homage to Gu Lin Chao, and did not do anything else crazy, so when they saw the two of them leaving, they did not chase after them.

Only when they reached the carriage did Gu Lin Chao realize that he was still holding Wen Qi Qi’s shoulders.

He froze and uncomfortably withdrew his hand, not daring to look at the transparent, crystal-clear eyes of the girl in his arms. He pursed his lips and urged, “Go up.”

“Okay.” As if she didn’t see his uncomfortable look, Wen Qi Qi looked at him shyly, then lifted her skirt and got on the carriage.

Gu Lin Chao stood for a while before getting on the carriage.

The original carriage driver, Ding Si, had already escorted the man to the military camp, and now there was no one to drive, so Gu Lin Chao had to drive himself.

In a short time, the carriage stopped in front of the Wang Fu.

Gu Lin Chao got off the carriage, raised his hand and knocked on the wall of the carriage, “Here we are.”

Wen Qi Qi came out from inside.

Gu Lin Chao was just about to get her a stool when she leapt down from the carriage.

He knitted his brows, “Be careful.”

Wen Qi Qi said innocently, “Wang Ye didn’t come to carry me, so I had to come down by myself ……”

Translators Note: Slowly adding more pinyin terms like Ben Wang, Wang Ye, etc. If you don’t like it let me know

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