Dressed as the Cannon Fodder Ex-Wife of the Regent Chapter 224 – It Feels Really Good Against Her Hand, Strong And Lean

When the girl suddenly jumped into his arms, Gu Lin Chao froze, but in the next moment, his handsome face turned dark, his eyebrows were covered in frost, and his ice-like gaze swept towards the young man.

The man immediately seemed to be choked, as his whole body chilled, and he shivered uncontrollably, “I, I did not ……”

“Yes, he did, he even wanted me to have lunch with him in a room… I don’t know what he had in mind?” Wen Qi Qi saw that Gu Lin Chao’s attention was on that man, so she was lustful and took the opportunity to reach out and wrap her arms around his waist.

Gu Lin Chao’s waist felt really good, strong and lean.

After hearing Wen Qi Qi’s words, the man’s body broke out in a cold sweat, and under Gu Lin Chao’s gaze, which was like looking at a dead man, his knees went weak and he fell to the ground with a “thud”.

The man relied on his family’s power, and was usually unscrupulous, bullying men and women fearlessly. But today, he didn’t know what was going on, but when the man across from him stared at him, he unconsciously knelt down.

“Misunderstanding, all misunderstanding, I just see the girl can not book a room, so I kindly asked a question, I really did not have other ideas ah ……”

But Gu Lin Chao is not willing to listen to his nonsense, his voice is wrapped in cold frost, people shudder.

“Ding Si, send the man to the barracks, give him to Si Yi, let him train him well.”

“Yes.” The coachman immediately stepped forward and lifted the young man, with one hand.

When the young man heard that, he was shocked and looked at Gu Lin Chao with a fearful gaze, and said sternly, “You, who are you? Do you know who my father is? If you treat me like this, aren’t you afraid that my father will come after you?”

Gu Lin Chao originally did not even bother to look at him, but after hearing this, he turned his gaze to look at him, and said in a voice like ice, which was cold to the bone, “Oh, who is your father?”

“My, my father is the cousin uncle of the current emperor, the Empress Dowager’s cousin, the minister of works. This is my father.” When he spoke about this, the young man had an extra layer of confidence.

Their family is a relative of the emperor. Even if the person in front of them has an unusual identity, he may not necessarily dare to easily offend their family.

The young man’s face was more arrogant and smug than his previous cowering and fearful appearance.

Wen Qi Qi glanced at him in surprise. She did not expect that the one she had casually provoked was actually the maternal family of Empress Dowager Guo.

Thinking of this, she looked at Gu Lin Chao’s expression and did not speak up again. After all, it was someone from Empress Dowager Guo’s maternal family, and she did not know what Gu Lin Chao was thinking. She did not know whether Gu Lin Chao would look at the face of Empress Dowager Guo and let this person go.

At this time, Xiao Yan, who had been watching the show for a long time, suddenly came over. He smiled and looked the young man up and down a bit, and then said with a sudden realization: “So it is Guo Huai’s son, ah, no wonder he has the audacity to molest virtuous women in broad daylight. tsk tsk …… “

The young man obviously recognized Xiao Yan, and after seeing him, his face changed, and he became somewhat uncomfortable, “The Duke of Jing is joking, I have always been disciplined, I am a good citizen of Daye ……”

“I pooh!” Xiao Yan sprayed a mouthful of water onto his face, “If you are a good citizen of Daye, what about the other good citizens of Daye? Wouldn’t they feel embarrassed?”

The young man was sprayed in his face with a mouthful of water, and his face was distorted. Holding back his anger, he said, “I have not offended the Duke of Jing, right, why does the Duke of Jing ……”

Translators Note: Aiyaaaa Xiao Yan is looking for trouble again

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