Dressed as the Cannon Fodder Ex-Wife of the Regent Chapter 92 – Her Fist Is A Little Itchy To Punch Someone

“The reason I came to Daye with my brother this time is mainly to choose a husband for my marriage. Of the people present, who do you think is suitable to be my husband?” Tuo Jiang Hua asked seriously.

Wen Qi Qi’s heart wanted to say that the Emperor would be suitable, but thinking of the complicated relationship between him and Wen Ruyi, she gave up. After all, Jiang Hua was not a bad girl, so why push someone into the fire?

“I can not tell you this, the Princess should look for herself.”

After Tuo Jiang Hua looked around, her eyes settled on Gu Lin Chao and her eyes abruptly lit up, “I have my eye on him.”

Wen Qi Qi’s face darkened, “He is my husband. You have taken a fancy to him, do you want to come over as a concubine?” What to do, all of a sudden her fists itch a bit and she wants to punch someone again.

Tuo Jiang Hua pleaded for life and said, “Since it is your husband, forget it.” She immediately turned her gaze away and searched for her next prey.

Finally, her gaze landed on Gu Heng.

After a moment, she suddenly blushed, bit her lip, and said to Wen Qi Qi, “I’ll go over first.”

When she saw her like this, she thought, ‘Oh no, Jiang Hua doesn’t really have a crush on Gu Heng, does she?’

Without waiting for her to say anything, Tuo Jiang Hua had already gone back to her seat and whispered something to Tuo Qingye.

Tuo Qingye looked at Gu Heng’s direction and nodded.

Tuo Jiang Hua’s face immediately blossomed into a smile.

Wen Qi Qi stroked her forehead, what a disaster.

She was just about to return to her seat, when Empress Dowager Guo spoke: “The performance of the Regent Princess today has really amazed me. You have earned back face for our great nation and deserve to be rewarded heavily.” After saying that, she turned her head to look at Gu Heng, “Your Imperial Majesty, do you agree. What should be rewarded?”

Gu Heng was still thinking about Wen Ruyi, and when he heard that, he braced himself, “Empress Dowager should make the decision.” After a pause, he added, “Although the Imperial Aunt won this time, but Princess Tuo also contributed to the effort, and should be rewarded.”

“Your Imperial Majesty is right, it is my lack of consideration, Princess Tuo should also be rewarded.” Empress Dowager Guo looked as if she had not thought it through, and turned her head to look at Wen Qi Qi, and said with a smile, “What kind of reward does Qi Qi want?”

Wen Qi Qi wanted to say, “Of course, it is gold and silver,” but she could not say this directly, so she turned her eyes and said modestly, “I dare not take credit for it, so Your Imperial Majesty does not need to reward anything. On the contrary, Princess Tuo, who came all the way here, has just fought with me again, and has made a lot of efforts, so the Empress Dowager should reward her.”

Empress Dowager Guo paused and said, “I will not leave Princess Tuo’s reward behind. You are not short of money and wealth, so I will give you a set of Buddhist scriptures.”

Wen Qi Qi was depressed and thought, ‘I might as well not be rewarded, who would want that set of Buddhist scriptures?’

This Empress Dowager Guo looked kind and gentle, but she always felt that she did not have any good intentions.

She only mentioned her reward, but did not mention anything about Tuo Jiang Hua, who is the Princess of Huijiang, and had to be reminded by Gu Heng before she remembered, which always seems to be intentional.

“Thanks to the Empress Dowager for the reward, I will definitely read it properly.” She saluted with a bow and returned to her seat.

Looking at her back, Empress Dowager Guo narrowed her eyes.

She had never imagined that this Wen Qi Qi was not only a pretty face, but also had a powerful mouth, and she could even do martial arts.

Looking at the two sitting together, Empress Dowager Guo clutched the handkerchief in her hand.

Just before Wen Qi Qi sat down, Wang Hou De diligently took a handkerchief to her, “Your Highness has worked hard, wipe your sweat.”

“Thank you, Eunuch Wang.” Wen Qi Qi said gratefully.

Translators Note: Imagine lusting after someone close to your sons age 🤢

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