Dressed as the Cannon Fodder Ex-Wife of the Regent Chapter 91 – Wen Qi Qi Wins

Perhaps there is a god in the darkness that is blessing Qi Qi and the family.

It allowed Qi Qi to know in advance what was going to happen in the future, and gave her a martial arts skill?

The Wen family was surprised, but Gu Lin Chao was not so surprised.

Yesterday at the Royal Residence, when Wen Qi Qi chased Xiao Yan with a spear, he knew that this girl should have some martial arts background.

It’s just that he didn’t expect that her martial arts was not weak. Although she didn’t have internal strength, her body was agile and her moves were flexible. On the contrary, the Princess of Huijiang was already in a disadvantageous position, and she was just struggling to support herself.

The envoys of the Huijiang side, including Tuo Qingye, were astonished.

The Princess of Huijiang, a girl who could fight with the warriors of Huijiang and had never lost a battle, was forced to retreat by Wen Qi Qi, and was already in a losing position.

The Princess of Huijiang was already sweating through her clothes, and her heart was shocked.

She did not expect that the weak-looking Wen Qi Qi could fight with her, and not only that, every move she made was full of power and flexibility.

As she threw another punch, sweeping her fist towards Wen Qi Qi’s face, she was caught by her fist, and then suddenly spun around and held with her back towards her.

The Princess of Huijiang only felt her arm being held, and in the next moment, her body lost its weight, and her whole body was actually lifted up.


The Princess of Huijiang was thrown to the ground by an over-the-shoulder slam of Wen Qi Qi.

“Your Highness!” Wang Hou De was the first to shout out, followed by the others.

“The princess Consort is mighty!”

“Yes!” The military generals also pulled out their voices and shouted.

The Princess of Huijiang was still frozen on the ground when the girl’s hand suddenly reached over, “Princess of Huijiang, please forgive me. The ground is cold, get up.”

The Princess of Huijiang looked at the girl from above, her eyes blinked, and finally took her hand back.

With a slight effort, Wen Qi Qi pulled her up.

The Princess of Huijiang said curiously, “That move you just did, what was it? Why did I not feel much pain when you threw me to the ground?”

“That’s called an over-the-shoulder slam. You didn’t feel pain because I didn’t use force when I put you down. If I used force, it would have hurt a lot.” Wen Qi Qi explained.

“You are too powerful, I am willing to accept my defeat.” The Princess of Huijiang said from the bottom of her heart. She was not the least bit annoyed by losing this match, and she looked at Wen Qi Qi graciously.

“It was Princess who has went easy on me.” Wen Qi Qi said with a smile. Then she made a gesture of invitation, “Let’s go back to our seats.”

The Huijiang Princess took two steps and suddenly turned her head, “My name is Tuo Jiang Hua, your name is… what is your name?”

“Tuo Jiang Hua?” Wen Qi Qi froze, thinking that giving out her name like this was too casual, and the other party was still the Princess. She curled her mouth, “My name is Wen Qi Qi.”

“Nóng nóngi? The one that flows pus?” Tuo Jiang Hua looked at her in surprise, “Why did your parents give you such a name? How strange.” (She’s mixing up the characters. 脓 instead of 秾)

When she was in Huijiang, she had actually studied some Chinese characters, but she had learned them rather roughly, so when she heard Wen Qi Qi’s name, this was the only word that came to her mind.

The corners of Wen Qi Qi’s mouth twitched, “Of course not. It is word of lush flora.”

Tuo Jiang Hua tilted her head and thought for a moment, but could not think of the word she said, so she shrugged her shoulders, “It doesn’t matter, but today’s battle with you has made me change my thoughts a bit.”

“What thoughts?” Wen Qi Qi was curious.

Translators Note: Me realizing that I might have fucked up translating Wen Qi Qi’s name (It should be Wen Nong Nong) but loooool we’ve come to far 😂.

My good editor, I leave it to you🥲

Ellie: *slides in* There is no war in Ba Sing Sae…

Edited by EllieKit

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