Dressed as the Cannon Fodder Ex-Wife of the Regent Chapter 73 – As Long As She Slips Away Fast Enough, He Has No Evidence

Wen Qi Qi has been bored in the courtyard for many days. Apart from copying scriptures, she still copies scriptures every day, and her words have become better. Still she is also bored in the courtyard and felt herself getting moldy.

On this day, the weather was sunny, she decided to sneak out and go for a stroll to get some fresh air.

She asked Lu Qiao to get her a servant boy’s costume, and after changing into it, she swaggered out of the Shen Xiang courtyard.

She crossed the corridor and went to the front yard.

She was looking at the gate when a voice came from the gazebo next to her, “Go, make a pot of tea for this Lord.”

Wen Qi Qi was startled. She looked over there and was shocked to see that the person who spoke was Xiao Yan, who was sitting in the gazebo with a lazy look.

“My Lord, wait a moment, I’ll go now.” After saying that, she lowered her head and walked quickly towards the outside.

Xiao Yan inadvertently turned his head and saw the servant, surprisingly, walking in the direction of the gate. He froze and took a glance at the servant, and suddenly found something interesting.

“I say you there servant are not new. I asked you to make a pot of tea, why are you still running towards the gate?”

The voice was very close and seemed to be right behind her. Wen Qi Qi was taken aback and dashed outside with her feet pumping.

Xiao Yan’s eyes flashed with amusement.

A few leaps and bounds later, he was in front of Wen Qi Qi.

Wen Qi Qi ran so fast that she almost didn’t stop her feet and ran headlong into him.

Xiao Yan turned around at this time and met her face to face.

Wen Qi Qi was startled and quickly dropped her head.

Xiao Yan froze and said to Butler Chen who came up behind him, “Uncle Chen, this servant is quite pleasing to my eyes. I need to go out to buy something, so let him run some errands for me and carry some things.”

Butler Chen was going to reprimand Wen Qi Qi. Which servant was like her, rushing around the house like this?

But after hearing Xiao Yan’s words, he didn’t say anything else and explained to Wen Qi Qi, who was hanging her head, “Since the Duke has taken a fancy to you, do as the Duke commands and don’t do anything to damage the face of the Royal family, otherwise you will not be forgiven lightly.”

Xiao Yan laughed lightly, “Uncle Chen is just too strict, don’t scare the little houseboy into tears.” After saying that, he even put his hand on Wen Qi Qi’s shoulder, “Let’s go, little houseboy, with this Lord covering you, you can walk around the Regent’s house.”

Wen Qi Qi was just about to brush his hand away, when he grabbed her neck.

Butler Chen looked aside and the corners of his eyes jumped.

This Duke Xiao was really loose, he was hooking up with a kid so it was really eye-catching.

But he has always known Xiao Yan’s nature. He only sighed in his heart, but did not say anything more.

Xiao Yan grabbed Wen Qi Qi’s shoulders and took her out of the Regent’s Residence.

When she reached the door, Wen Qi Qi’s eyes turned around and suddenly pulled his arm and gave him an over-the-shoulder slam while he was unprepared.


Xiao Yan’s eyes went wide for a moment, unable to believe that he had been thrown by a skinny houseboy.

Seeing that the other party was going to run, he suddenly turned around on the ground, “You try running one more time, I’ll go tell Gu Lin Chao right away.”

Wen Qi Qi didn’t care about him, as long as she slipped away fast enough, he had no evidence.

Xiao Yan was dumbfounded. He didn’t expect her to be able to ignore his threat.

“If you don’t stop, I’m going to call your name …… niece-in-law.” He gritted his teeth and leaped up from the ground like a carp.

He had to catch her this time.

Little brat, she even dared to throw him, her uncle. She was really lawless.

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