Dressed as the Cannon Fodder Ex-Wife of the Regent Chapter 72 – Gu Lin Chao’s Mistake

Gu Lin Chao glanced at the roast chicken in the servant girl’s hand, thinking of what had just happened when he went to Shen Xiang courtyard. Wen Qi Qi’s small face had a forced smile on it, and the corners of her mouth curled up, and there was a hint of laughter in her eyes.

The girl has the courage to draw a picture of a bastard and send it to him, so it’s not too much to demand a roast chicken from her.

“This roast chicken, I’ll reward you with it.” Gu Lin Chao openly said.

The servant girl then handed the roast chicken to Wang Hou De, and withdrew.

Wang Hou De was overjoyed, “Thank you for the reward, Master.”

“Go down.” Gu Lin Chao said indifferently and sat down again to deal with government affairs.

Wang Hou De carried the roast chicken and joyfully went out of the study. He looked at Si Yi at the side and said somewhat proudly, “Old Yi, the Master rewarded me with roast chicken, how about it, do you want to sit down and drink two cups together?”

Si Yi held his sword and turned his head away, “No.”

Wang Hou De sniffed, shrugged and left the study with the roast chicken.

“Her Highness must be having a miserable time now that she is confined to Shen Xiang Courtyard, why don’t I go and find her to eat with me?” Wang Hou De thought he had a great idea. The Princess Consort would definitely be grateful to him.

Shen Xiang Courtyard.

Wen Qi Qi was still depressed about the roast chicken that had flown out of her mouth, and was in no mood to copy the scriptures, when Lu Qiao came in with Wang Hou De and an odd expression.

“Your Highness, Master rewarded this servant a roast chicken, but this servant thought of you at first, and specially brought it to you.” Wang Hou De looked pleased with himself.

Wen Qi Qi’s eyes fell on the roast chicken in his hand and the corners of her mouth twitched.

Gu Lin Chao’s calculations must have failed to anticipate that Wang Hou De would send the roast chicken back.

Her mood changed for the better, and she jumped off the chair with a glowing smile, pulling Wang Hou De in with her.

“Eunuch Wang is so kind to me, I am hungry, Eunuch Wang is really sending charcoal in snow, let’s eat together.”

Wang Hou De’s whole body seemed to be floating up.

The Princess had even taken his hand.

His face was red with excitement.

In the end the roast chicken was eaten by three people, Wen Qi Qi, Wang Hou De and Lu Qiao.

Wang Hou De burped and went back to the study, with a satisfied face.

Gu Lin Chao saw him coming back and asked, “Finished with the roast chicken.”

“Thank you for the reward, my lord, this servant ate a lot today, the roast chicken was too delicious.” Wang Hou De said gratefully, thinking of what Wen Qi Qi said when he came back, he added, “But the servant couldn’t eat a whole one, so he went to Shen Xiang Courtyard to look for Her Highness. This servant ate with Her Highness, and Her Highness also ate very satisfactorily, and asked the servant to bring word to thank Master for the roast chicken.”

Gu Lin Chao lifted his eyes immediately and stared at him.

Wang Hou De was stared at by him at once, and his whole body seemed to be immersed in ice water, with a bone-chilling feeling.

What is wrong with Master?

Why did it turn cloudy all of a sudden?

“Since you’ve had enough, go and clean the toilets of the Royal Residence.” A long time later, Gu Lin Chao said coldly.

Wang Hou De’s face stiffened. Now it was not just like being immersed in ice water. He felt that he had just eaten that roast chicken for nothing.

It turns out that Master was suddenly so good to him because there was a later trick.

Wang Hou De wanted to cry. He would not have eaten the roast chicken if he had known.

Master is too evil!

He hid his face and ran out.

Gu Lin Chao rubbed his brow. He really wanted Wang Hou De this stupid person to die.

In the end, the roast chicken still went into Wen Qi Qi’s stomach.

He could almost see Wen Qi Qi’s smiling face as she ate the roast chicken.

This time it was really his mistake. If he had known, he would not have rewarded Wang Hou De with it.

Gu Lin Chao’s lips were pursed into a tight line.

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