Dressed as the Cannon Fodder Ex-Wife of the Regent Chapter 47 – Scheming Against Gu Lin Chao

Only when the voices of the two maidservants talking were far away did Wen Qi Qi and Lu Qiao come out from under the flowering tree.

“Miss, the Mei Yan they were talking about just now, that the maid beside His Majesty the Regent, right?” Lu Qiao asked in confusion.

“Yes, yes.” Wen Qi Qi’s eyes blinked and she was a little sheepish.

She didn’t expect Gu Lin Chao would lay such a cruel hand on Mei Yan. She only thought that she would just be taught a lesson, but she didn’t expect ……

She pulled a leaf and rubbed it in her hand.

Gu Lin Chao is really cruel.

She couldn’t help but feel a little guilty in her heart.

Lu Qiao noticed her strange appearance and said worriedly, “What’s wrong, is your body uncomfortable?”

“No, nothing, it’s late, let’s hurry back.” Wen Qi Qi said.

The master and servant had just returned to Shen Xiang courtyard when Wang Hou De came over.

“Why is Eunuch Wang here?” Wen Qi Qi asked without a trace of emotion.

Wang Hou De gave her a complicated look and did not hide anything from her, “Your Highness, did you say something to Mei Yan in the evening? The Regent wants to invite you over for questioning.”

Wen Qi Qi’s heart thumped, ‘No way, was Gu Lin Chao’s mind so sharp?’

“No.” She blinked her peach blossom eyes and said innocently.

Wang Hou De saw the situation and had some hesitation. Could it be that Si Yi had spoken nonsense?


“It’s late at night, I’m going to bed. If there’s anything, let’s talk about it tomorrow.” Wen Qi Qi yawned and quickly interrupted his thoughts.

Gu Lin Chao was looking for her because of the matter of Mei Yan, then there was definitely nothing good about her going over there.

Maybe, Gu Lin Chao is not happy and wants to punish her?

After all, she has schemed against him.

Thinking, she did not give Wang Hou De the opportunity to speak. As she walked inside, she untied her belt.

When Wang Hou De saw this, he didn’t dare to stay any longer and hurriedly retreated.

As soon as he left, Wen Qi Qi sighed with relief.

Lu Qiao looked at her with some confusion, “What’s wrong, Miss?”

Wen Qi Qi thought for a moment, and then she leaned into her ear, “The beating of Mei Yan was because of me.”

Lu Qiao was surprised.

But when she thought of the pitiful Wen Qi Qi, she didn’t feel surprised anymore.

“She was given to His Majesty by the Empress Dowager, but she was very proud of herself in the house, and she was also a bully. Once Miss wanted to eat the dishes made in the kitchen, and when this servant went to fetch them, she made things difficult for me. His Majesty was right to beat her!”

Lu Qi said with a sense of relief.

A mere servant, who dared to ride on her Young Lady’s head, deserved a severe beating.

Hearing her say so, Wen Qi Qi was much relieved.

Although Mei Yan spoke to her with a hidden edge, with provocation, and even urged the underlings to give her a hard time, but in fact she did not do anything to hurt her. So today when she caused her to be beaten, she was a little uneasy in her heart.

After Wang Hou De left the Shen Xiang courtyard, he went straight back to the West Garden where Gu Lin Chao lives.

However, tonight Gu Lin Chao did not enter the main house, but went to the side room.

When Wang Hou De entered, Gu Ling Chao had already finished bathing and was sitting under the window reading a book.

He was wearing a white bedclothes, his long hair, which had not yet dried, was draped over his shoulders, and a few strands of mischievous hair slipped down from his shoulders, making his whole person look less majestic and cold, but a little more lazy and casual.

“Master, the Princess Consort said that she did not say anything to Mei Yan, and the night is late. The Princess Consort said that she is going to bed, so if there is anything to say, it will be said tomorrow.” Wang Hou De relayed Wen Qi Qi’s words.

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