Dressed as the Cannon Fodder Ex-Wife of the Regent Chapter 46 – Wen Qi Qi’s Performance

Seeing her eyes flickering and wandering, Wen Qi Qi knew that she had fallen for the trap.

She said in a melancholic tone, “Forget it, why am I talking to you so much? Although I am the Regent’s Consort, in His Majesty’s’ heart, I am afraid I am not even as good as a servant.” She seemed to have touched a sad matter and turned her head away embarrassingly. She wiped the corners of her eyes with a handkerchief, making a tear-wiping gesture, then carried her skirt and walked away despondently.

Mei Yan withdrew her gaze, and the corner of her mouth curled up.

It seemed that Wen Qi Qi had hit a wall with His Majesty.

However, what Wen Qi Qi said, is it really true?

She bit her lip and clenched the handkerchief in her hand. Her heart was a little excited and a little nervous.

Her thoughts drifted away and she couldn’t help but think of the picture book she saw in the garden yesterday.

Wang Hou De said, that book of paintings, was prepared for His Majesty.

But His Majesty has been back for a few days, but she has not seen him summon the Princess Consort to his bed. And just now, the Princess Consort has even bumped into a knot in front of him, so he must not be interested in the Princess Consort.

But His Majesty is after all a man, how can he not touch a woman?

She is nominally a maid given to His Majesty by the Empress Dowager. In fact, she is a house maid.

But, after so many years, His Majesty never touched her, and not only that, he has never let her serve close to him.

But despite this, she has not been discouraged, thinking that, one day, His Majesty would be able to see her beauty.

She didn’t expect that the Regent would think of her that way in his heart ……

She bit her lips tightly, and what Wen Qi Qi just said kept replaying in her mind, and for the first time, she felt that Wen Qi Qi was not that repulsive.

When she thought of His Majesty’s different treatment, her heart was filled with joy.

It is said that the clouds have cleared and the moon is visible.

At this moment, she is glad that she did not give up and persevered for so many years.

Now, isn’t her blessing waiting for her?

Carrying the food box, she turned around and walked gently back to her house.

Just now she lied to Wen Qi Qi. The food in this box is not for His Majesty. The Regent’s meals are always prepared by Wang Hou De, not by her.

The dishes in this food box were for her to eat.

She opened the food box, brought out the food, ate some casually, then sat in front of the dressing mirror, refining her appearance.

His Majesty has never had a woman, so he is rather subtle in that respect. Therefore, it’s better for her to take the initiative.


Shen Xiang courtyard.

In the evening, the kitchen made several dishes that Wen Qi Qi liked to eat. She hadn’t eaten them for a while, so she ate up.

After the meal, she took Lu Qiao to the garden for a walk, intending to digest the food.

After a few rounds, she saw that it was getting late, so she was ready to go back to bed.

At this moment, a snicker came from nearby, “That Mei Yan, on the basis of her beauty, she even tried to seduce His Majesty. She is really out of her depth!”

“Sigh, you do not say. I once thought that Mei Yan would one day be the master, after all, she is the one given to His Majesty by the Empress Dowager. Moreover, usually in the house, she also treats herself as the master, and everyone is very submissive to her.”

“If His Majesty had intended to, would he have waited until today? You did not see just now, His Majesty ordered her to be beaten with a cane, and let everyone go over to see. This is to serve as an example to deter the servant girls who have those thoughts. Tsk, the Regent is ruthless enough, Mei Yan was beaten so much that her flesh was split open and her skirt was covered in blood, I don’t know if she can still survive?”

“That’s right, Mei Yan this time, can have no face whatsoever.”

“But how could Mei Yan be so restless this time?”

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