Dressed as the Cannon Fodder Ex-Wife of the Regent Chapter 44– The Reason Why This King Did Not Consummate The Marriage With You

Gu Lin Chao’s face was dark, and his voice was as cold as ice, “Is that so? Then how can you explain why you ruined this King’s reputation outside?”

Wen Qi Qi was still applauding her acting skill. When she heard these words at first, she froze, “When did this Consort ruin your reputation?”

Gu Lin Chao pursed his lips, with hidden displeasure, “You know clearly in your own heart.”

“I am not clear!” Wen Qi Qi refused to acknowledge this kind of falsehood, “I have not corrupted your reputation, Your Majesty don’t put random labels on me.”

When Gu Lin Chao saw that she still didn’t admit it, his phoenix eyes narrowed slightly, his hand suddenly slapped on the table, and he spoke in a deep voice, “How dare you defend yourself now!”

He suddenly slapped the table, which startled Wen Qi Qi. When she saw his cold and angry face, she was also a bit annoyed, “No means no, how do you want me to admit it? You said that I have ruined your reputation outside, then you should tell me clearly, how have I ruined your reputation?”

When Gu Lin Chao thought of what Xiao Yan said, his brows knitted together and he didn’t say anything.

Seeing that he was silent, Wen Qi Qi thought he was in the wrong, so she said, “Your Majesty listened to the words of the villain outside and didn’t even clarify them, and then came back to question me, don’t you have a guilty conscience?”

Gu Lin Chao’s phoenix eyes narrowed, “You really didn’t do it?”

“No, you have wronged me, Your Majesty.” Wen Qi Qi clutched her handkerchief and lightly stamped her foot with a look of aggravation.

The corners of Gu Lin Chao’s eyes twitched and he said patiently, “No? Then why are there rumors……outside?” Here, there was a pause, but it was a little difficult to say.

“What are the rumors out there?” Wen Qi Qi asked curiously, how can Gu Lin Chao look like it is difficult to talk about?

Gu Lin Chao’s eyebrows knitted together and he was speechless for a long time.

Seeing this, Wen Qi Qi became even more curious.

“Why is His Highness not speaking?”

Gu Lin Chao raised his eyes, and saw that she looked like she had no idea. His eyes narrowed, and his fist on his knee clenched, and only after a long time did he say, “You said outside that this King did not consummate the marriage with you because he was tired and had no strength.”

Wen Qi Qi was stunned, why did this sound so familiar?

Wasn’t it the same words she said to Lu Ying Ying yesterday at the Wen Mansion?

How did it get to Gu Lin Chao’s ears?

Because she was too scared, she subconsciously covered her mouth.

When Gu Lin Chao saw her reaction, he knew that what Xiao Yan said was true, and that he had not wronged her, and that this woman had really said such things outside.

When he thought that she was still acting as if he had wronged her, he laughed instead of being angry, “Wen Qi Qi, what else can you say now?”

It is really unexpected that this woman has a good-looking face, but behind the scenes, she has such a broken mouth.

Wen Qi Qi’s heart was indeed weak, after all, she was the one who said that.

But looking at the man’s cold and angry look, this is something that she absolutely cannot admit.

She coughed lightly, “That……matter, in fact, is a misunderstanding.”

“Misunderstanding?” Gu Lin Chao looked at her coldly, “How is it a misunderstanding?”

Wen Qi Qi fluttered her handkerchief and simply said directly, “It’s all because of Your Majesty.”

“Is it still this King’s fault that you ruined his reputation outside?” Gu Lin Chao tightly pursed his thin lips with a cold intent.

Wen Qi Qi felt cold even before she got close. She couldn’t help but rub her arms and said, “After all, I have been married to the Regent for more than half a year, but we have not yet consummated our marriage, so when my family asked about it, of course I could only say that the Regent was exhausted from the hard journey and had no strength. This is just a pretext, how do I know, it will be spread like that?”

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