Dressed as the Cannon Fodder Ex-Wife of the Regent Chapter 43 – I Am Ignorant

Xiao Yan hurriedly waved his hand, “You do not get angry ah, those words didn’t come from me. I only heard them. You don’t even know how you are being talked about outside right now.”

“Si Yi!” Gu Lin Chao voice was sullen, his eyebrows had been covered with frost.

The next moment, a sword was placed on Xiao Yan’s neck.

Xiao Yan gulped and used his fingers to push away the blade of the sword, “Let’s talk properly, move the sword away, what if you harm our peace. I didn’t say those words, I also heard them from the outside. Didn’t I come to tell you right away?”

Gu Lin Chao glanced at him and instructed Si Yi, “Go check!”

“Where is the need for such trouble, you can just go directly to ask your Royal Consort.” Xiao Yan said in the manner of an elder teaching his junior.

Gu Lin Chao was stunned, “What do you mean?”

“It is said that you can’t do that kind of thing, naturally it was your good Wangfei herself who said that.” Xiao Yan said as he watched the hilarity.

Gu Lin Chao examined him, saw that he did not look like he was telling a lie, contemplated for a moment, then towards Si Yi said: “Go and invite the Princess Consort.”

“Yes.” Si Yi received the order and left.

Seeing this, Xiao Yan was just about to sit down, but he heard his good nephew give the order to expel the guest, “Someone, send the guest away!”

“Alas, it’s almost dinner time. At least let me finish my meal before leaving.” Xiao Yan hurriedly said. Later, there is a hilarious event to see, he does not want to miss it.

Gu Lin Chao faintly glanced at him, “You can stay, but tomorrow, I will ask the Emperor to give the decree for you to marry. You choose yourself.”

As soon as Xiao Yan heard this, his handsome face collapsed, “You are cruel!” Saying that, he reluctantly left.


When Wen Qi Qi followed Si Yi to the study, she was still a little confused.

Gu Lin Chao asked her to come over, what was the reason for this?

“Si Yi, what does your Master want from me?” Before entering the study, she couldn’t help but ask.

Si Yi turned around and looked at her with a cold expression, “Your Highness, go in and ask him Yourself.”

Seeing that there was no point in asking, Wen Qi Qi had to go into the study.

In the large study, Gu Lin Chao sat behind the desk to deal with government affairs. Wang Hou De respectfully stood to the side.

The whole room was quiet.

“Your Majesty has asked me to come here, is there something important?” Wen Qi Qi bowed somewhat perfunctorily, and then immediately straightened up.

Originally, she was drinking tea and eating snacks in her courtyard, having a good time, but Si Yi suddenly came over to invite her, interrupting her leisure time, which made her a bit annoyed.

It’s a good thing that we don’t interfere with each other, right?

Gu Lin Chao swept his gaze at her and looked at Wang Hou De, “Stand down.”

Wang Hou De originally wanted to give some hints to Wen Qi Qi, but when he heard that, he had to withdraw.

Wen Qi Qi looked at Gu Lin Chao with some uncertainty.

What did he mean by sending people away?

“Wen Qi Qi, this King thought you were a smart person.” Gu Lin Chao slowly spoke.

Wen Qi Qi thought, “Nonsense, of course I am intelligent.” But on the outside she said, “I am ignorant. I don’t understand what your Majesty means, please let me know.”

As Gu Lin Chao remembered what Xiao Yan said, his handsome face was a bit dark. Unexpectedly, this woman, who actually had a loose tongue, was talking behind his back and ruining his reputation. 

“You should know that it is not the King’s intention to marry you, but the Grand Empress Dowager’s gift of marriage. But since you are already the King’s wife, the respect that you deserve, this King will also give you, but only if you follow the rules and behave yourself.” His cool voice rang out slowly in the room.

Wen Qi Qi frowned, “I have always been very peaceful and self-disciplined ah.” Saying that, she stopped and watched his somewhat unhappy face before adding, “In the six months that the Regent was away at the border, I have always followed the rules and kept to my place, not once did I dare to discredit the Regent……”

The original owner’s elopement was automatically ignored, and the words were extremely natural and unforced.

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