Dressed as the Cannon Fodder Ex-Wife of the Regent Chapter 37–Smart But Not Flashy

At these words, Wen Qi Qi’s heart was relieved, and she looked at Lu Ying Ying with appreciation. This sister-in-law was born soft, but she was a thorough-minded one.

She didn’t even need to tell her the plan, but when it mattered, she was a great help.

Although Old Lady Wen valued Wen Ruyi, she valued her descendants even more.

Now that Lu Ying Ying is pregnant, it means that the legacy of the Wen family can continue, and in the eyes of the Old Lady, that was naturally more important than anything else.

All the people were relieved.

Old Lady Wen’s face looked a little ugly. She said she was tired, so she held the maid’s hand and went back to her own courtyard.

“Sister-in-law, let me help you go back to your courtyard.” At this time, Wen Qi Qi diligently went forward and held Lu Ying Ying’s arm.

Lu Ying Ying was a bit flattered and looked at her blankly.

Wen QI QI winked at her.

Lu Ying Ying came back to her senses and smiled before she got up and followed her out.

Xu Shi was pleased to see the harmony between her daughter and daughter-in-law.

Wen Ting Xuan looked at their backs and thought deeply.

When they came out of the front hall, Wen Qi Qi held Lu Ying Ying’s hand and said heartily, “Sister-in-law, thank you for what you did just now.”

“I didn’t do anything.” Lu Ying Ying looked confused.

Wen Qi Qi smiled and said teasingly, “Why do I only now finally know why Big Brother loves you so much?”

Lu Ying Ying blushed and lowered her head, “You, what are you talking about……”

Wen Qi Qi looked at her beautiful and gentle face, haloed with red, sighed in her heart, and thought, ‘This is a true Lady of the house, right?’

The manners are elegant, the temperament is gentle, the beauty is bright, intelligent, but not flashy.

“What are you looking at?” Lu Ying Ying noticed her gaze and was a bit puzzled.

Wen Qi Qi blinked her eyes and said with a smile, “I just think that my eyes were not very good in the past. I mistook fish eyes for pearls and wolves for sisters! I stayed away from such a good person as Sister-in-law but got close to that Wen Ruyi, that kind of person. Now, I finally know who is the good guy and who is the bad guy. Sister-in-law is very good, I like Sister-in-law very much.”

Lu Ying Ying first froze, then her face flushed and she looked surprised, “Qi Qi you ……”

“Just now in the front hall, I think Sister-in-law must have guessed what happened. That Wen Ruyi was superficially good to me, but secretly set me up, fortunately, I kept an eye out, otherwise, I wouldn’t be able to stand here peacefully at this moment.”

Wen Qi Qi sighed and said, “But Grandmother is still bent on protecting her, and at this time, she still wants to bring her back. Fortunately, there is a Sister-in-law, otherwise, Grandmother would have been determined to bring Wen Ruyi back to the house, and there would have been trouble again.”

Lu Ying Ying listened quietly and truly felt that her sister-in-law had changed a lot.

Her face is still the same, but her temperament has changed from the north to the south.

To put it in a bad way, the old sister-in-law was really unpleasant. She spoke and acted without thinking. When compared to Wen Ruyi’s temperament which was warm and caring, it was very lacking.

She is a good first daughter, but she has been reduced to a companion of others.

She actually has long felt that Wen Ruyi was not as simple as she appeared, but this sister-in-law has always disliked herself, so she did not say anything more.

Now, seeing the little girl change and be honest, she is very happy.

However, if she hadn’t just seen her confront her grandmother with her own eyes, she would have thought she was faking it to tease her.

And it seems that in just one year, the little girl has grown up.

Her words and actions are different from before, making people like her a little bit more.

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