Dressed as the Cannon Fodder Ex-Wife of the Regent Chapter 36–Being Given a Bewitching Potion

Old Madam Wen was stunned and had a complicated feeling in her heart.

She naturally knew that Qi Qi and Ruyi had a good relationship, and in the whole Wen House, beside herself, only Qi Qi was the best to Ruyi.

It’s just that although Qi Qi was the first daughter of the Wen family, she was very petty in her dealings with people. On the contrary, despite being an adopted daughter, Ruyi was generous and unpretentious, quite like the Old Lady when she was young. Plus Ruyi often served her, accompanied her to relieve her boredom, and was very filial and respectful to her, so she couldn’t help but be partial to her.

Wen Qi Qi looked at the complicated change of expression in the Old Lady’s eyes and continued to sob: “If it were not for the love of the past, with what she has done to me, this time it would not be as simple as sending her away. Did it not occur to grandmother that by harming me, the Third Sister was provoking the majesty of the Royal Family?

If something happened to me last night, the Regent’s reputation would have been damaged, and the Regent still has her handwritten letter. This time, if it were not for my sake, the Regent would not have let her go, and our Wen House would have been implicated by her.”

She said it naturally on the surface, but in her heart, she couldn’t help but think, anyway, Gu Lin Chao is not here. If she puts gold on his face, it doesn’t matter, right?

Old Lady Wen was visibly shaken and was unable to say anything for a long time.

Naturally, she had thought about these issues, but she thought that there was nothing wrong with Qi Qi after all, so why make things so difficult? What’s more, Ruyi was injured and had lost her memory. She didn’t remember anything.……

After a long time, she sighed and looked quite helpless, “As the saying goes, who can be without fault if not a sage? Besides, Ruyi has lost her memory, and she was raised by our Wen family, so she should be given a chance to reform.” After a pause, “If you agree, I will take her back, put her by my side, and personally teach her to correct herself for good……”

Wen Qi Qi’s eyebrows knitted imperceptibly.

The Old Lady Wen was still trying to protect Wen Ruyi after all.

She laughed coldly in her heart, the Old Lady was really enchanted by Wen Ruyi. The facts were all laid out in front of her, but she was still not dead to Wen Ruyi.

“How can Grandmother be sure that she has really lost her memory? People say that mountains and rivers are easy to change, but a person’s nature is hard to change. What if Third Sister refuses to change? People’s hearts are separated, no one knows what is in her heart.”

She paused and said, “In fact, whether she comes back or not, it has nothing to do with me, I have married out, she can’t get in my way. However, Sister-in-law is different, she is pregnant now. In case Third Sister has evil intentions, she might harm Sister-in-law ……”

Before she finished speaking, Xu Shi’s face changed and she quickly agreed, “Yes, Mother, Qi Qi is right, Ruyi was really too disappointing and cold-hearted this time. If we bring her back and she has any bad intentions towards Ying Ying, it will be too late to regret it.

I’m just going to keep her in the village. I am still going to feed and clothe her as I did in the house. Why should I bring her back?”

Lu Ying Ying put her hand on her belly and said worriedly, “Grandmother, I’d better go back to my mother’s house and live there. Then…”

“Nonsense, you are our Wen family’s daughter-in-law, how can you go back to your mother’s house to wait for the birth? Where does this put the face of our Wen family?” The Old Lady Wen frowned, and at the end, with a sullen face, she said unhappily, “That’s all, Ruyi did something wrong and deserves to be punished, just let her stay at the village.”

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