Stepmother has Given up – Chapter 2 Part 1

When Shen Yuan An heard this, it was like a bolt of lightning hit him from a clear sky. If his younger sister hadn’t suffered a great deal, how would she have divorced? When he thought of the suffering of Shen Yan Mo in the Marquis Residence, Shen Yuan An instantly got up with red eyes and wanted to leave.

Shen Yan Mo quickly tugged his sleeve and said softly: “Brother, I know you love me the most.” She got up and sat Shen Yuan An on the couch, picked up a cup of tea, and handed it to him: “Brother, you calm down, you let me finish my speech.”

“Those bastards from the Marquis Mansion are bullying you, I’ll tear them up.” Shen Yuan An gritted his teeth and pointed to the outside. His hoarse voice carried a bit of oppression, and his eyes were red as if he was looking for someone to kill.

The sister that he and his parents have held in their hands since he was a child, how much aggravation had she had to suffer to get a divorce. If there was no way out, she would not want to divorce.

Although it is said that the Song people’s culture is open and that women can establish their own female households after divorce, he knows that this road is extremely difficult. Who would be willing to take this step unless it was the last resort?

Shen Yan Mo pressed Shen Yuan An’s shoulders: “Even if you go after them, will they treat me well? After the death of our parents, we were living under our aunt and uncle with no one to turn to. Didn’t uncle and aunt agree to this marriage because they wanted to cling to power and wealth? The marquis family thinks that I am greedy for vanity and I am the stepmother of someone else. If you really want to do me a favor, you should study well and get an official position in the future, so that I can really rely on you.”

“Your brother is incompetent, I’ve let Mo’er suffer.” Shen Yuan An choked back tears and said.

“I have my brother to protect me, I do not feel wronged.” Shen Yan Mo took a sip of tea, glanced at Qiu Yue, and said, “I need to talk to brother, you go out to help Zhang Ma cook.”

Qiu Yue answered and went out, walking to the door and closing it. Shen Yuan An was so engrossed in his anger that he didn’t notice Shen Yan Mo’s movements, let alone the fact that Qiu Yue had gone out.

“Brother, last night I had a dream. It was so real that I was afraid.” Shen Yan Mo said.

Shen Yuan An then asked, “What did Mo’er say?”

“I had a dream last night, and I want to talk to my brother.” Shen Yan Mo looked solemn.

“What kind of dream?” Shen Yuan An saw her seriousness and knew it was important.

“I dreamed that brother came to the manor and found out what had happened to me. He was so angry that he went to the marquis to argue with the men. Words were exchanged and a fight broke out. My brother was beaten and his leg was broken. Lan Ling Wang used this as a reason to withdraw from the marriage with my brother. So, I do not want the dream to become reality, brother do you understand? If something happens to you, who will protect me?” Shen Yan Mo spoke very slowly. She was in a trance, full of grief and tears flowed down her cheeks, as if she had experienced it herself.

Shen Yuan An was grief-stricken and hurried to comfort her: “Don’t worry, I’m not going to the Marquis Mansion.”

At this moment Shen Yuan An made up his mind to be the best man in the world so that those people will never dare to humiliate his sister again.

Shen Yan Mo saw his promise and showed a smile: “Since you are here, stay longer. In a few days it will be Mother’s birthday, let’s go to the Yao Guang Temple together and pray for Mother.”

Shen Yuan An naturally agreed.

The autumn rain continued to fall for several days in a row, and then it suddenly cleared up this day.

Occasional carriages were stopping in front of the Yao Guang Temple, and it looked like they were noble people from the capital.

The house where Shen Yan Mo lives was very close to the temple, and it took one hour by carriage, a day’s journey from the capital. Because of the popularity of the temple, the noble people in the capital would go to the temple to pray for blessings, or marriage, or children, or for their future prospects.

When she got off the carriage, Shen Yan Mo was dressed in thin clothes. Because of the cool autumn rain, she put on a red brocade cloak and stood in front of the temple gate, tilting her head to look at the large golden letters of the Yao Guang Temple and smiling gently.

The Buddha is said to be a bountiful Buddha, who can equalize all sentient beings. But why was it that good people do not live long, while bad people live long and prosperous lives?

“Hey” A carriage slowly stopped at a distance.

Shen Yan Mo was about to leave when she heard a young man respectfully say, “The master has arrived.” The young man pulled the reins, jumped off the carriage, put down a stool, and stood aside to wait for the person inside the carriage.

The man inside the carriage spoke with a mellow, low voice that made people shudder. Shen Yan Mo was surprised: she seemed to have heard this voice somewhere before. However, how was it possible to recognize the voice when she didn’t know him?

Following the sound, Shen Yan Mo looked and saw a long, slender, well-boned man lifting the curtain and peeking out, before stepping out of the carriage onto the stool and standing firmly on the ground. He was dressed in a pure white brocade cloak with a hood which made it hard to see his face, and he was wearing black boots which were spotless. This man was well dressed, his status must be extraordinary, not something they could provoke.

“Mo’er, let’s go, the temple door is already open.” Shen Yuan An saw Shen Yan Mo was dazed and turned around and reminded her before turning around and walking towards the Yuanguang Temple.

“Coming.” Shen Yan Mo retracted her gaze and went after Shen Yuan An.

When the man heard Shen Yanmo’s voice, his slender body slightly pause and he said to the man beside him: “Follow up to see, why is she also here?” Could it be that she knew something and came here on purpose?

The guard did not understand and was slightly stunned: ” Follow who?”

“The woman in the front.” The man prompted.

The guard hesitated for a moment. He was responsible for protecting his master’s safety, so how could he easily leave. The man glared at him, and the guard immediately went after him.

Shen Yan Mo walked into the main hall and knelt down in front of the Buddha, bowing with a devout face. Afterward, she donated some joss stick money and went out to find Shen Yuan An. It was difficult to come here and she wanted to take a stroll and think of it as a break.

In a quiet courtyard of Yue Guang Temple, a man dressed in black fancy clothes sat on a stone bench. He was holding a book in his hand and looking at it intently. On the stone table, there is a cup of tea and the vapor would drift out from time to time, spreading the fragrance of tea.

“You are relaxed, but I am suffering while pretending to be you. Not only do I have to deal with your mother’s questioning, but I also have to deal with your angels and swallows. The world says that you are emotionally obsessed, but I would say you are the most heartless.” The man in white walked past, picked up the tea, and drank it all. However, he was not satisfied and refilled a cup for himself.

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