Step-Mother has Given Up Chapter 1 part 2

The attitude of the Marquis of Wuchang made her the joke of the Marquis Manor. Even the servants looked down on her, not to mention the large and small masters of the Marquis Manor. Shen Yan Mo did not care, as if she had already guessed her situation.

Half a month later, there was an emergency at the border, and the Marquis of Wuchang went to the border. Since the Marquis of Wuchang left, Shen Yan Mo’s days in the Marquis can be described as walking on thin ice. Every day she had to obey the rules and serve her mother-in-law. If she makes a mistake, or the rules are not appropriate, the old lady will be displeased and she will be punished. If lightly punished, she would have to copy the Buddhist scriptures and if it was heavy, she would kneel in the ancestral hall. She also scolded her for being from a small family and not knowing the rules at all.

For Shen Yan Mo, no matter what she does, the old lady looks at her and thinks she is greedy for glory and wealth, has a deep heart, and married into the Marquis Manor with ulterior motives. Shen Yan Mo was unable to change this extreme situation. She can only tolerate it, thinking that when the marquis came back, she would change everyone’s opinion.

A year later, the Marquis of Wuchang triumphantly returned. He was still as cold as ice to Shen Yan Mo. Suddenly, one day, the Marquis of Wuchang was enthusiastic like fire. He pulled Shen Yan Mo to complete the wedding ceremony and woke up with contempt for her, leaving her courtyard without saying a word.

Shen Yan Mo wanted to cry but swallowed her tears into her stomach and still did what she had to do as if the incident had not happened.

The people of the Marquis of Wuchang knew that she and the Marquis consummated the marriage and mockery, contempt and slander came one after another. The first daughter of the Marquis of Wuchang, who is only eight years old was bruised and battered. She pulled the arms of the Marquis of Wuchang and said with tears that Shen Yan Mo had secretly abused her, and those marks were the evidence.

Shen Yan Mo was unable to defend herself. The marquis of Wuchang did not allow her to defend herself, and directly sent the person to the village and left her to fend for herself.

In her dream, Shen Yan Mo found herself pregnant and asked Qiu Yue to return to the house to report the news, expecting the marquis to listen to her defense for the sake of the child. But who knew that after waiting for nearly ten months, there was no sign of the marquis. Then the child was dropped to death, and she vomited blood and died.

She woke up from a nightmare and was still alive. This time, she will not repeat the dreams scenario.

Qiu Yue saw Shen Yan Mo dumbfounded and guessed that she was startled by the nightmare, and proposed: “Madam, the day is good today, let’s go out for a walk. It’s boring to always stay in the house.”

Shen Yan Mo nodded and got up to walk out. She stood at the entrance of the house and looked at everything in the courtyard. It felt so familiar and strange. In her dream, she had lived here for nearly ten months. It was just ten months, but it felt like a lifetime ago.

At this time there was a sharp knock on the door outside, Shen Yan Mo turned a deaf ear to it, but Qiu Yue was full of smiles. Her steps were very light and fast, she walked outside and said: “Did the Marquis send someone to take Madam back?”

Shen Yan Mo whispered, “The greater the hope, the greater the disappointment. How could the marquis come to pick me up?” That person wants her to die, and everyone in the Marquis Mansion wants her to die here.

A little bit later, Shen Yuan An came in with big steps. He saw Shen Yan Mo standing in the courtyard looking into the distance and his heart ached. He wanted to smile but could not pull his mouth to smile, so he sighed and spoke in a soft voice: “Mo Er, you have suffered.”

Shen Yan Mo turned around to see her brother. She was not surprised at all, smiled, and said, “Brother is here, come in and sit down.”

The two entered the house one after the other and sat on the couch. Shen Yan Mo ordered Qiu Yue to pour tea and said to Shen Yuan An, “I made brother worry, it’s all my fault.”

Qiu Yue did not leave. Her crimson mouth opened and closed, and she began to complain about the people in Marquis Manors’ shortcomings. She did not miss out on anyone who treated Shen Yan Mo badly. From the old lady of Marquis Wuchang to the following housekeeper maids, no one is good. They all saw Madame’s soft nature and wanted to step on her.

Shen Yan Mo looked at Shen Yuanan and sighed: “It’s not as serious as Qiu Yue said, I just don’t want to take it into account.”

In the dream, Qiu Yue also said the same thing. She also cried and cried and washed her face with tears. Shen Yuan An looked both heartbroken and remorseful and regretted that he should have tried his best to stop the marriage.

How did it turn out?

Her brother left the village to go to the Marquis Mansion and was thrown out. Not to mention, he was beaten up, broke his leg, and had to recuperate for half a year. He was also handicapped and could not take the examination. It is said that the house leaks in the night. Her brother’s fiancée comes to withdraw from the marriage, and her brother became depressed. It’s all her fault.

Now that she knows the ending, she will not allow this to happen. In this life, She can only wish the people she cares about a peaceful life.

Shen Yuan An knows that Shen Yan Mo was comforting him. His eyes were slightly red, and his hands were clenched in his sleeves. He thought of going to the Marquis Manor to find out whether the big family could bully people. Although the siblings have no parents, they are not easy to bully.

Shen Yan Mo glanced at Shen Yuan An and immediately saw his thoughts. She thought about it and said, “Brother, I want to divorce.”

In a few days, what she wants should arrive.

There are people in the marquis who want the lives of their mother and son. The enemy was dark and she was in the light. There was only being a thief for a thousand days, not a thousand days to guard against a thief. The only way to save the child’s life was to leave the marquis manor completely.

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