Stepmother has Given up – Chapter 2 Part 2

“You are relaxed, but I do not know that I pretend to be you, not only to deal with your mother’s questioning but also to deal with those of your angels and swallows. The world says that you are sentimental, but I would say you are the most heartless.” The man in white walked past, picked up the tea and drank it all, still not happy, and refilled a cup for himself.

The man in black wanted to say something, but covered his lips and coughed: “If I hadn’t been seriously injured and afraid of my mother’s worry, I wouldn’t have done this, you and I are cousins, not only are our bodies similar, even our looks are somewhat similar, you pretend to be me and no one will suspect.” After saying that, he coughed heavily again.

The man in white pulled his body and frowned in disgust: “Your body is even weaker than mine, when can you revive your power?” The two looked at each other and laughed when the man in black looked over.

The man in black said, “How can you compare with me? I have not yet recovered from a serious injury, and you are suffering from a fetal deficiency.” If you are not born in a wealthy family and raised well, you will be thrown away at birth. After saying this, he saw the man in white look unhappy, his face said: “I said wrong, you will be able to live a long life.”

He almost forgot that Ye Shaofu hates it when people mention his condition.

Ye Shaofu hid his displeasure and said with a smile on his face, “Shaoyi, I heard that you don’t like your new wife, so you haven’t had sex since you got married. Could it be that you can’t do it?” His sharp eyes looked up and down at the man on the other side.

If the marriage was consummated, how could there be blood on that night?

Gu Shaoyi felt uncomfortable when he looked at him and coughed sharply. His cheeks were red, and it was unclear if it was due to shame or coughing: “What are you talking about? If I couldn’t, where would my first son and daughter come from?” Glancing at Ye Shaofu, his eyes flashed and he had a meaningful smile: “You are twenty-six years old, no wife and concubines and no children. I heard that you have not eaten any meat, it is you who can’t do it, right?”

Ye Shaofu stared at Gu Shaoyi before looking straight into Gu Shaoyi’s eyes. Gu Shaoyi was somewhat absent-minded and picked up a cup of tea ready to sip to moisten his throat when he heard Ye Shaofu say: “You have a green hat on your head.”

The young master Gu had just taken a sip of tea when he spurted it out. He looked at Ye Shaofu incredulously and said apprehensively, “Ye Yunlang, what do you mean?”

It’s not what he thinks, is it? It is impossible, how is it possible? They agreed at the beginning that Ye Shaofu would pretend to be himself for some time and go back when he was better so that his mother would not worry.

A few months ago, he was ambushed chasing after the Xiong Nu leader and finally killed the enemy. He rushed out of the way and took the Xiong Nu leader’s head, but he was also seriously injured and fainted when they found him. When he woke up in the barracks, his internal organs seemed to be displaced and he could not move his limbs. In order not to worry his mother, he asked for Ye Shaofu and came up with a plan for him to pretend to be himself.

He was not willing to deal with the Marquis family’s yin yangs and servants. But Gu Shaoyi begged and pleaded with him before Ye Shaofu agreed and jokingly said, “I heard that your step-wife is so beautiful and graceful. If you want me to pretend to be you and finish your wedding ceremony, I can barely accept it.”

These words were right on the money

“It’s not what you think.” Ye Shaofu coldly snorted: “I have not yet complained about your step-wife. At such a young age she has a deep mind. She even gave me a drug, and it is the strongest aphrodisiac in the world that cannot be solved without the blood of the virgin. Fortunately, you have not consummated the marriage, otherwise, this king would have died.” He threw back his sleeves and said with a cold snort, “The king did not die, but lost his innocence.”

“She drugged you?” Gu Shaoyi coughed violently a few times, not daring to believe.

In his eyes, Shen Yuan Mo was coy and soft-spoken. She would tremble when he spoke loudly, typical of someone raised in a small family. She was unable to scheme and struggle which was the reason his mother liked her. For the sake of his first son and daughter’s safety and success, his mother chose her on purpose. However, could she have drugged herself in order to get pregnant with the heir of the Gu family? This may be possible.

He understands the type of person Ye Shaofu is. He doesn’t lie, and he doesn’t care to lie. The number of noblewomen in the capital city waiting for Ye Shaofu’s favor was uncountable, yet he did not even look at them. Not to mention his disdain for a married woman. Princess Ming Xia was bright and beautiful and her heart was with Ye Shaofu. Where there was Ye Shaofu, there would be Princess Ming Xia. She could not impress Ye Shaofu, let alone the Shen family.

“What, think this king is lying?” Ye Shaofu put the cup heavily on the stone table and his tone was cold and hard. When he thought of that night, young master Ye’s teeth clenched, he could not wait to eat Shen Yuan Mo.

Gu Shaoyi stopped coughing and a trace of blood spilled from the corner of his lips. He raised his hand and wiped it coldly and said, “What do you want me to do?”

Brothers are like hands and feet, women are like clothes. The hands and feet cannot be broken off, but clothes can be changed at any time. Without Shen Yuan Mo, there can be Zhang and Liu. Moreover, he had no feelings for Shen Yan Mo, especially after she schemed against Ye Shaofu.

In case you couldn’t tell, I absolutely hate the current husband. He’s not quite scum, but I still don’t like him. Male lead is also a lil grimy too ngl.

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